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I always want to go for a nice cafe shops in Penang Heritage area but I do not have which idea I should go for. Actually, after i saw my fren posted photos about de yard and the mugshot, I want to go there so much. but when i was reading some blogs yesterday, a cafe caught my eyesight with its beautiful and unique dessert, written by blogger I found it is very interesting so i decided to give it a try, and hold on de yard until next week when im having an outing with my frens. 

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So, I met my boyfren Steven in KOMTAR and we drove to Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling for this special cafe shop~ Sip & Chew cafe. and surprisingly, de yard was just next to it. It just located nearby to Guan Yin Temple 观音亭 and 华人大会堂 ( where you can find some parking lots over there). It was easily spotted actually. When i read the reviews from bloggers, they recommended the carbonara spagetti, the brown sauce chicken chop, the mille crepe and also the most important: HAPPY POT PLANT. muahaha 

**No need reservation, just walk in and order the meal will do. The service was nice and they served our food very fast. I love the atmosphere of the cafe, The decoration was simple and nice, not very complicated and with some surprising elements. They played some relaxing music in the environment, very comfortable and i really enjoyed my meal there.  overall, i really recommended ppl to dine over here~ hehe

The outlook of the cafe, look simple and ordinary, but it was totally different when we stepped in hehe 

I would like to share some photos of the decoration in the cafe, which i really love it~
wall decoration~

isnt it nice to have a cup of coffee while chit chat with frens in the evening?

this thing really gimme a lot of surprises! They had comic books here like Doraemon so the children will have something to do while waiting for food =)

Really cute and nice decoration!

This is a wall in front of the cashier counter. I love this design

Something more about the Sip & Chew cafe~ 

little cafe~ oh yeah, they wrote their password and username on the memo board on the wall and it was FOC. feel happy finally i can find someplace to online haha

decorations on the rack. British soldier toys~ nice collection!

After around 10 minutes we made our order, they started to serve us the drinks and food. Since I was not having enuf sleep so i wish for a cup of coffee~ driving later @.@
my hot latte with the brown sugar. RM 8.90 
the latte was quite bitter but still tasted nice to me. 

deng deng deng deng! here is my lunch of the day~ the brown sauce grilled chicken chop ( RM11.90)
 I love the bread and the sauce, the bread was so crunchy, while the french fries was really awesome to eat together with the brown sauce. The chicken for me was quite satisfactory =) as i was having problem to chop it into pieces LOL.

Steven's Bolognese spagetti ( RM10.90 ). Actually we want to try out the Carbonara Spagetti but it was not available. I guessed it was sold out since it was Saturday? i saw a lot of tourist around lol haha. But anyway, the Bolognese Spagetti taste good also. 

Me and steven together~ he was going for induction and then his working life soon so we just dated before he becomes busy and no time for me T..T huhu

Our dessert came after we finished our meal, so it wont look too much for us. After our meal, the worker just cleaned the table for us and served us with the dessert. Felt so excited that time haha!

Our oreo mille crepe ( RM 9.90 ) the butter layers were so awesome and I felt so.... blissful!! You have no idea how much I love and hate mille crepe at the same time. love it becoz girls love cakes and dessert, so do I. hate it becoz I had sensitive teeth and i easily got toothache when i ate something cold/sweet. 

and our main target today~ Happy Pot Plant ( RM 9.90) !!! don think it was just a pot and a rose, it was actually a ice cream!! 
there were 3 flavors available: vanilla, peppermint, and green tea. We chose for the vanilla. It was so pretty haha. basically it made up of 3 layers, the first layer was the cookie crumbs, the second layer was the vanilla ice cream and the third layer was the cake. I love this the most haha. We ate it fast first before it melted. Really taste good. Must try in Sip & Chew!

before we left the cafe I just found this accidentally. LOL it was on the table behind me. I'm so.... speechless i din noticed it at all when i took pictures on it. LOL haha

You think just like tis, no lor, there were a lot more haha
I love the bo jio the most muahahaha

and here is the menu of the Sip & Chew for a reference. i can really appreciate the effort of the owner of this cafe and definitely I would like to visit it more next time. Me and my boyfren really enjoyed our time here =))

Address & Contact Number
No. 72, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling
Georgetown, 10200
Tel:  +6017-531 3480

Business Hour
Tue to Sun 12pm to 12am

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