Since im still in progress to edit the photos of my Singapore trip, I would like to write something else first hehe. Today I'm gonna share my favorite android games in the phone~ POU!! haha it is so cute until i cant resist with it. I deleted it once, it was an accident, made me emo for one week leh. but now, i created an account for my pou so i can get it back via my email if i deleted it again hehe

*me and my frens love tis games so much, like fanta, ruyi, hui ching, sin yen etc, but those ppl who dunno tis games always curious y v play with shit, wth X..X

It was really a nice game for relaxing when im bored, wu liao, emo watsoever. Yes i also addicted to several games before, such as Temple Run, Subway surf, Angry Bird, Hardest Games Ever bla bla bla, but i found that they are not as interest as Pou haha. I didnt play candy crush~ whenever u feel bored with the latest games, pou is always the best reliever. Just download it from the android or google play market and start playing hehe. 

My pou when it is small~ so cute and chubby hehe. I need to feed them around twice a day, bath it, give it health portion, play with it, let it sleep haha so cute! and i can change its outfit with the money i earned from games and level upgrade hehe. got hat, mustaches, eyeglasses, eyeliner, eye lashes, outfits, wigs bla bla. plenty of variety and i love it

My pou got a name: BUBU ( also the same name as my teddy bear hehe). from the left to right: the bedroom, the hall with microphone and the kitchen. u may see a lot of small pou at the left right? haha it was actually pou's shit. i was competing v my fren to see whose pou can shit a lot last time XD now my pou is already level 41~ while most of my frens reached 60++ ( i deleted it once)

what was so nice about pou? it always got new games occasionally when i update it. never get tired or get bored with it hehe ^^

free fall games~ don hit the clouds haha

connect~ it was actually some kind of apple's games but pou modify it. i reached level 80+ for this game

Sky jump~ my favorite games haha. i reached 486 for the score, 14 more to 500 and i can unlock another achievement, arrrrrgggghhhh

pou sounds, this one it test my memorizing ability a lot~ there is another games named memory in pou haha

pou's garden, i need to water flowers with the cloud to make it bloom hehe

pou with the goal~ ole ole ole ole, but im so poor in this games lo

pou popper~ it just like another android games~ bejeweled.

there is a lot of games more such as sad tap, colour tap, find pou, tic tac pou etc. Im gonna play it again now hahahaha. nice games! 

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