so, appreciate anyone who is willing to wake u up early in the morning just to remind u to study, don sms u during the class bcoz he want u to pay attention for it, always membebel u to study study study ( although i don like study very much >< hng), n think about wat can bring benefits for u in the future~ <3 <3

i don understand it, i dun even understand u
wat is the hint behind tat u r trying to tell me?
yes thank you for liking me, but do u really know me? do u really know who i m n wat is my real attitude in front of others?
reality is totally different from internet world, everything might change when v communicate to each other
n so, when u say u like sumone, please do make sure tat u understand her well
know wat he want, wat she usually dislike, know her habit, know her temper n everything
u no need to really know her, (tat is stalking), but at least some basics ( name of coz)
maybe b4 tat my style make sumone misunderstand or sumthing
i dunno, bcoz i dunno who u really are yet, mayb time will prove everything

go back to cny everyone r discussing a rumour between me n him
well is it a real or a truth? i can only say it has been a long time i din contact him after the met during x'mas
but v r still very good frens, but not yet tat kind of relationship
well boys n girls deserve a pure frenship among each other wat
feel so funny look back to the comments about true or fake between me n bunny in fb haha, poor us both of us kena attack so gai
mayb next time v should shut up for it k=liao
well dunno y qutie mood-less to update my blog recently ( im a lazy blogger haha)
mayb when i go back for a long holiday i will update it as frequent as i can
It feel so lifeless here

Robinson Crusoe lifestyle, no food, no light, no entertainment
luckily i no need to find a volleyball n talk with it, wat a pity i m
during the 3rd day of cny, while my frens were having crazy party, gathering, nonsense talk together in butterworth
hate it la, tat day i adi come back to tis isolated ghostly place for a stupid assessment
n i did not well for it i think ( of coz la i not yet finish my study n i go inside liao, how brave i m ==)
yyyyy, medic students doesnt deserve a nice holiday is it?? y u treat us like tat
u r making us lagi kolian here u know?
at least u provide sum food for us ma, v eat sand every nite, ish

well at last here, happy chinese new year everyone
may ur wish come true ya ^^

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