Hehe, last update of my Kuching trip during my vacation~ the destination of the last day ~^^~ the Fairy cave and Tasik Biru, which is 30 mins away from the city of Kuching. Actually we planned for another cave named the Wind cave, but due to time constrain we had to sacrifice it ( the first reason we sacrifice it is becoz of the bats, yea Wind cave is the habitat of bats and we all very scare to kena their shit muahahaha)

We started our journey quite late at 9.30am that morning, and had breakfast form Joyce' mummy, get the torchlight from the house and departed. ** the torchlight was super essential for the journey!!
And girls, it is a journey for discovery, so plz wear suitable attire for it ya. Dont wear slipper like my fren haha. and skirts also hehehe

well the GPS brought us to the wrong direction so we reached there around 10.15am. there is a mini zoo nearby where you can have your meal there and enjoy the cute animals in the zoo ( i just passed by to ask for direction only). The parking in Fairy cave is free, and the entrance is.... FREE!!
So the pic above is the entrance of the Fairy Cave, it was around 4-5 storey high?? we had to climb up the stairs to reach the real entrance, huhu exhausting. But the view along the stairs was really amazing enough.

Me took picture with the Fairy Cave signboard before we started the journey ^^

4 of us reached the real entrance of the cave finally!!
Well it was extremely dark at the entrance of the cave until we nearly gave up to climb the staircase which we thought was very slippery and haunted XD Yes we brought the torchlight but unfortunately the light was not strong enuf >~< but at last Sien decided to climb up to the stair and we just followed her. And guess wat, the view after the staircase is totally Amazing!! we all rated it as 10/10 when we saw the view, cant believe that there was such a beautiful scene in Malaysia. 

One of the scene in the cave. 有很多漂亮的钟乳石, 和一个很神奇的采光洞

posing with the 采光洞 in the cave which serve as the source of light in the cave. I had been a lot of caves before but I think tis one is the best compared to Gua Kelam, Gua Tempurung and Batu Caves

The path in the cave are well maintained, good news for it so we did not faced any problems to walk to every single angle and direction in the caves. Just beware that the path is quite slippery and sometimes you may accidentally step on the bats' shit, EWWWW haha

the most amazing part in the cave~ 采光洞

Khai sien and soo ling walked to another side of the cave to discover its beauty

Me with the super pretty background haha. Oh yeah there were alot of wooden platform provided at several amazing spots for u to take good picture for a good memory
**when we went to the cave, there is only 4 of us haha. but when we went back we met with a big groups of  family members with kids. It is a very nice place for family day interaction =))

Do this limestone look like human? LOL the local Chinese people tied up a red cloth on it, so they can pray for 4D numbers. actually there is a small water pool there but i forgot the name 

With another unique limestone in the cave

Another side of the caves, we did not enter it as we were having shortage of time and we did not bring a good torchlight for it. I read some blog articles before said that if you wish to discover the whole cave it will take up to 2 hours for it. 
hehe since we were lazy we just stayed there for around 45 mins 

the view in the cave, the staircases is heading to the another end of the cave and there was a platform for the cave view. it is really breathtaking~ love this place, rank it as 3rd coz i love Damai Beach and the Semenggong Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center more haha

the view from the entrance when we walked up to the stairs

another view on the stairs, felt so reluctant to leave this place leh

the old version of stairs, so dangerous yerrr so geli. if we had to climb for it, i swear i will shiver the whole journey haha. 

After we came out from the Fairy Cave, we drove ourselves to Tasik Biru. Oh yeah forgot to mention, both of the destinations located in Bau, a small town near to Kuching. There was a tragedy happened before in Tasik Biru, where around 20+ students and a teacher were met in an accident and fell into the lake....
The distance between Fairy cave and Tasik Biru wasnt very far, just around 10 minutes time for it

Along the way heading to the Tasik Biru

Here we are!! Tasik Biru, nice view hehe. but also very hot arrrrr

I was totally amazed by the beauty of the lake. it is really blue enuf , and tis is how it got its name: Tasik Biru ( Biru=blue in malay)

Took picture with the sign board again. first time i saw Chinese signboard in Kuching haha

Appreciate the beauty of the lake, blue water, greenish plants, beautiful sky, everything is in a very harmony mood and mind relaxing

end my story here with the last picture of the lake ^^

Goodbye Kuching, love Kuching a lot, in love with the nature =))

The fun time always don stay long.... yes it is...... 55555 after my super short sem break for 3 weeks ( deduct one week for kuching trip)... now i start my new sem @.@
4th sem in 2nd year, it sounds nice?? maybe yes and maybe not. What happen during my first week of my new sem?? well many things happened recently, a very busy schedule for everyone of us... =_+ i don have enuf sleep everyday until i cant focus in the class ( but thanks God no assessments for the modules tis sem and it all abouts PROFESSIONALISM, no need to jot down notes during the class hehehe)

I kena fined for RM84 by the office in the collage for not emptying my room PROPERLY. this is really bad enough, they did not give us an early notice before that they will fine us if we keep our things in the room, it just mentioned that if we want ? to stay in the collage during our sem break then we had to pay for RM 4 per day. now what? new rules without notice??
And i swear they put on the notice very late coz i saw the notice only after I came back from Kuching. If we did not return the key, congratulation another RM 100 fine is coming for you. What the hell happen to our office until they need the money so EAGERLY?? **and the office lady flirt my BF in front of me, isshhhhh..... volcano bursting that time.

Start my research project. everyone is talking about research projects around me recently. We have to read endless articles to do our research proposal. My senior said that research: search for ppl's articles and journal and modify it into ur own articles XD...
I got my title already, and mine one is the easy one to be conducted. HPV vaccination KAP ( knowledge, attitude and practise). I don understand why I'm the leader of the research team huhu. A lot of jobs need to be done and i have to keep in touch with Doctor from time to time. Argh I just wish my research project can be smoothly done as soon as possible.

Going to have my first PROFESSIONAL exam in May while my Bf one is next week haha. After his exam he graduate adi lor, so fast >~< so stress until he slept 5 hours per day only. I think i can sell him to the zoo after his exam, THE PANDA?? muahaha. but really pity him. I suffered tis during my CNY for my final exam. trust me medical student's study week is really HORRIBLE. I cant imagine how am I going to pass my study week for my prof exam soon, yerr geli lor.

Some of my frens have relationship problems in this new sem, fall into dilemma, haiz tis is normal la. I also very dilemma now haha. But tis kind of problem is depended on how u trust ur partner, and how much effort that both of the couple had put to sustain a relationship. If you coupling just becoz u r alone and 寂寞, or you just need a replacement to forget your EX, plz don start a new one and hurt the others. Tis is really irresponsible attitude. I don understand what is the situation but quite fed up with it. Once is just fine but TWICE?? hey come on Love is not something that you can play with. The most funny one is when you denied it.

AMSA projects again------ going to have a Diabetes Run and Diabetes Day scheduled around Oct and November and we need to do some preparation for it. There is a neuroscience event during 12 June in Anatomy Museum Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, UPM for FREE for the whole day, open to Public and school children. Usually ppl have to pay for it for a visit, but now it is free. We got a lot of specimens in the museum and a lot of activities regarding to the structure of the brain and neurons, which the aim is to expose the school children to health science and let them have fun with science and love their brain which they cant access it. tis is a very good opportunity for children to have fun with discovery of human body. We will have doctors and medical students around for the tour guide ( XD) and explanation around. It will be fun!!
this is the interior of Human Anatomy Museum in FPSK UPM. but all are plastic made la haha. we got a lot of specimens from skull, skeletons, human organs and muscles. We brought them out once to public before during AMSA Health Day 2013 in SRJK(C) Jenjarom

Feel not real for the plastic one and look forward for the real one? here it is, they got 2000 specimens ( real human body specimens, not the plastic one) but I'm not sure whether they got open to public or not. I went there once last 2 weeks and really Impressed!!

The Siriraj Hospital Parasitology Museum

here is it!! The Congdon Anatomical Museum in Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
there is a specimen for full body Central Nervous System, the only full body specimens in the world. ( told by my Thai frens)

 And last, look forward for a trip to Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Show with my frens tis Saturday morning ^^ woohoo, hope that tis sem will be nice to me =))

HI, time really fast, and currently I'm a 2nd year medical student in UPM Faculty of Medicine and Health Science. Sometimes I think I'm the lucky one to get a chance as a medical students, joined medical programme ( SIMIC in Bangkok last week hehe =)) ), n I really thanks to my GOD a lot for it. Coz im not a smart student and I fell twice on the path before i enter medical school. 

Maybe someone will ask, y m I in UPM but not UM and UKM. Honestly, i don get a good grade for my PSPM exam in my matric, instead of 4 flat, I was the one got 3.94 for my pointer. My SPM result was full A with only 8A+, which means i missed out the chance for JPA overseas study as the requirement for it is 9A+. Ishhh....
**UPM medical faculty is my first choice university and I got it hehe

But, so what?? I am currently in UPM 2nd year, and i passed almost all my assessments and final exams ( well I missed out an assessment with 49/100 for my hematology 3, I deserved it as I did not prepare well for it). So, even though u don get a good grade for SPM, never give up, there is always a path for u to achieve ur dreams, ur aims. Try it again during ur matriculation and foundation, never stop trying for ur dream. Sometimes u might be a bit low self-esteem when u faced ur frens with a good grade, but it does not signify anything if they don appreciate the smartness that they had. Sometimes, ppl will forget how to appreciate it when they get something too easily. Just becoz u fell before u success, and u know the feeling well u wont allow urself to meet another failure again. 
**FYI, one of the top student, my bestie, she got onli 6A+ in her SPM with a B+ ( others all A), look at her now, she equipped herself well with knowledge that stunned everyone during the class and assessments.

Proud of myself, I nvr think that I can make it so far, the path towards UNI is not as easy as u think. A lot of sacrifices are needed for success...

These are the schools that I had been attended before. I graduated in SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth in Penang for SPM ( year 2009), and I got the offer from Penang Matriculation Collage for a year study. Then finally, I'm here, the most beautiful faculty among universities,
Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, University Putra Malaysia, 
one of the top research university in Malaysia ( currently ranked 2nd place among Malaysia uni, 1st place goes to UiTM) as medical student in year 2011

**FYI, there is 8 STPM students in my batch and they really top enough for it. and UPM medical faculty do accept Physics stream students, around 5 in my batch I think?? 

Some of my frens choose for private uni for the study. Im not very sure about the process, but one of them graduate in Taylor Collage for foundation and currently studying medicine in England; while another of my good fren, Zerga, graduate in Australia Perth Matriculation and currently studying medicine in Irish. Personally, If u can adapt well with different kinds of environment, u may give urself a try for overseas instead of local, as it can broaden ur knowledge and gain more life experience. 

**for matriculation, one of my fren is currently studying Dentistry in Taiwan and my junior is studying Medicine in China. 
**currently there is a fast track program for ASASI university, which some of my 1st year medical juniors enter uni at age of 18, ( normal is 19). well since it is fast, sometimes ur basic is not as strong as others. It depends on how well you can handle ur stress and make ur own study schedule. time management and self-discipline is very important.  
~~ my junior told me that the program is an eight month foundation starting from January till August, and the application was thru skul with SPM trials result. their orientation was held in the end of Dec and they started their class in January. wow, i dunno about this haha

To be a medical student, yes English is extremely important. Although the lowest requirement for MUET to get medical course is band 3, but it will be better if we got band 4 for it. Trust me I cant speak or write English at all before I entered Matriculation. Read my previous posts and you will notice it. I seldom wrote in English before, but now the situation had changed. I preferred to write in English ( and sorry still have some problem with poor grammar and broken English haha) 

Tips to improve English?? speak more, learn more, listen more, and You will surprise that ur English is actually improving. I still need a lot of improvement for English, as my vocab is really limited and I can only communicate with simple English. Thanks to my frens who help me in improving by forcing me to speak in English with them everyday haha

Life as a Doctor is easy?? who said it so?? 

we always need to update ourselves with latest policies and knowledge, but it is fun for new discovery

hahaha medical students always lack of SLEEP!!

Em, agree for it. life for study week really makes me feel like I'm in the hell!!!
mine one is all about sleep sleep sleep....eat eat eat.....study study study......exam exam exam.....dating dating dating muahahaha

=_= LOL 

**Pictures all from Facebook page "Medical Humor", they never failed to make me laugh when I am stress

and last, my favorite quote~ it is the most important on how you judge urself, don influenced by others and stop urself from dreaming. Dream it big and it will be the best motivation for u to success ( well my dream is to become a 无国际医生 in future, doing charity and maybe get a chance to serve in Africa? well it just one of my dream for it hehe)

medical students life is interesting if you really enjoy it~ so think it wisely before any decision is made. Good luck everyone and have a nice day ;)

Recently i was addicted to a series of cute cartoon, which caught my eyesight during my first view of it. OMG I must must must watch it everyday during my meal~ sorry Runningman, i will watch u at night time before i sleep ya hehehehe. Larva has took over Runningman as my most favorite video clip recently muahahaha. 

They have no script, so dont worry about the language barrier. why is it?? becoz bugs can't speak at all muahaha. It is actually a korea cartoon clip, since one year ago~ and i found it recently via FB, coz i saw my fren shared it as his status and i think it is very funny, since then..... I addicted to it @.@

Runningman also not bad in fact, but it updated once a week and i had to wait for the translation and subtitle ( which takes around 3 days), and every episode last for an hour. sometimes i had to spend a lot of time for it. Larva is just nice for a 2 minutes short clip and it is enough to make u laugh XD

Family of Runningman~ 
Kim Jong Kok the Lion ( Sparta)
 Lee Kwang Soo the giraffe ( love him the most haha, the Betrayer leader hahahaha, he is around 190++cm, OMG so tall =.= compare to my bf 170+, haiz..... Now he is so famous and named as Prince of Asia)
Haha the Haroro ( playboy of the team and love to flirt the female guests XD)
Jae Suk the grasshopper ( well known by Jackie Chan and he always hunted by Min Soo hyung, haha pity him, coz he always wear in green)
Suk Jin the gazelle~ coz he is good in escaping, he form a team v Kwangsoo~ the EASY brother during a spy game coz they always easily get caught by others
Gary and Ji Hyo~ the Monday couple
well I grouped both of them together becoz they are so lovely!! **not sure whether how was it in real life la haha. Gary is the pity one, always bullied by Ji Hyo. Ji Hyo ( also named as Mong Ji), is the ACE in the team coz she is good in completing the mission given, FYI, she was the ballerina in the famous Korean drama GONG, I cant believe it!! muahaha

One of the latest episode, and the special guest is Jackie Chan!!! haha their expression were so funny especially Kwang Soo XD His chin almost dropped to the ground adi. This episode is quite funny, actually every episode of RUnning Man is funny and interesting~ especially when kwang Soo betrayed the whole team, make me burst into laugh 

And now, my latest favorite short clip
LARVA =)))

Family of LARVA~ all the bugs with 2 stupid and funny worms who love sausages the most, they always fight for sausage XD and the yellow one is the one always kena bullied, pity pity =p
The horn beetle is the dai lou in these videos, coz he is very powerful and  strong. everyone scare it
The yellow worm love to fart around XD

They accidentally kissed when they fight for food during the ICE CREAM episode, funny!!

Larva~ always fight for food. 

and here are the link of the videos which bring me a lot of fun and joyous moment!

Well beside LARVA, there is another cartoon which is my all time favorite
ARRRR so cute!!! I wish to have one! no resistance to it~ yeah i sound childish but tis is me hiak hiak

Family of Spongebob Squarepants lelelele, they always have fun and they seems like they don have any trouble at all in their life! Aiyo Spongebob, u light up my world like nobody else haha

And tis is it, I am a girl who love cartoon so much although I am 21 years old~ who care how old am I, as long as I love it and it is not a criminal, then i will continue it. Never get bored with cartoon ^^ but not anime plz hahaha

**Last but not least,
happie birthday to my dearest BF!! 

bought him a cake when im on the way back from pudu to k17 in bread history, nice?? hehe we love it

17 March 2013, it was the last day for us in SIMIC huhuhu. We really had a lot of fun in this 3 days time. It really makes my holiday so meaningful than playing computer or sleeping all the day. Thanks to my parents for the financial support haha, they always support me for travelling, so I can gain more knowledge and experience before I trap in the hospital in future when I start working T_T

Took picture with my Thailand friends, Aum and Yok =))  
**If you notice yes I wore the wrong attire again @.@

So many envelopes here, but y??? hehehe the staff told me that it was a surprise for all of us during the first day of the event, and yes it is!!! Like this creative session so much hehe

    Me n Yin Yee were the observer that day, together with Michelle from Hong Kong, so we were not allowed to participate for the competition. We just sat in the cafeteria ( with air-con) and online for an hour while waiting for the revival round ^^ 

Took picture with my team with the cute McD uncle outside the cafeteria ( they got a McD in their faculty and they served samurai pork burger =D ) All of us wore the SIMIC t-shirt that day, nice shirt hehe. 

So after an hour break we just went back into the lecturer hall for the result announcement. In total there were 20 teams for the second round competition, 10 groups from the first round ( top 10 for MCQ) and 10 groups from the revival round. The second round competition was a SAQ session, the candidates were required to write down their answer on the i-pad provided ( so high tech leh) 
**and we can watch it live for the competition. There were around 3 judges for the competition from different universities. 

And our teammates, lost in the revival round =_= >>. since they played chor dai di the whole night while the others were studying for the competition. Actually we planned to go out before the second round competition started, but it was too interesting so we decided to stay for the second round and go out during semifinal hehe

Due to copyright issue, we were not allowed to take any photos of the question for any of the competition. But some of the questions were really difficult enough X_X 

Each team can only use one bonus ( X2) for each round. there were around 6 questions if im not wrong, the first 3 questions was a 2 marks Q, followed by 2 questions with 3 marks and 1 question with 4 marks ( wow tis one is really hard enuf). If there was 2 teams with same marks for the no.2 spot, then they will proceed into another round of questions ( onli 2 teams), the one score higher mark for MCQ will get the priority. =) 
*there were 5 groups in total, each top 2 teams from each group will proceed to semifinal round 

One of the scene for the competition. wow sounds so stress >< 

Congratulation to all the teams who made it into the second round competition =)) and the group names were specially designed!! hahaha group candida, group Ascaris bla bla bla 

Our team leader, Mr.Chang received the certificate from the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University. 

And the top 3 winning teams!! FYI, another Malaysia team from AIMST won as the 1st runner up for the competition. Congratulation!! The winner was Khon Kaen university for SIMIC 2013 while Siriraj ( Mahidol University) won as the 2nd runner up. 
**the team with blue formal shirts were the AIMST team. 

The logo of SIMIC 2013 =)) cute cute bacteria

The organizing committee for the SIMIC 2013!! They started the preparation since last year June, and they had a very big committee team for it. A very successful team with a very successful and awesome event =)) I  feel very happy to join the event, and i feel very thankful that I got the chance to join it hehe

The one with the mike is the president of SIMIC 2013~ Vorapat and the girl beside her is the vice president of the event~ Earn Phicharmon. They really got a good leadership for the event, as you know, organize an event is not as easy as you think~ 
The guy beside Vorapat is the next president for SIMIC 2014, if I'm not wrong?? hehe

with teammates together after the ceremony~ yin yee, vince, me, ping an, shan kai and wing liong. 

With the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj, Mahidol Uni. He was a very friendly lecturer and one of the most popular star of the event haha

with Vorapat, the president of SIMIC 2013 =))) 

After the ceremony, we went to another building of the Hospital Siriraj for our farewell party. Actually, we should prepare a short performance from each group, but due to time constrain + most of the team booked early flight and they did not join the event
So, the committee canceled the performance and changed it into a GM performance show, wowowowow!!!

From the balcony of the 12th floor, outside the ballroom of the farewell party. the colourful building is the ward of the hospital. Jealous??? Yes I am!!! our hospital really looked suck compared to theirs one. 
The building is just beside the Chao Phraya River so we can enjoy the view, took a lot of photos while waiting the party to start. 

The view of the Chao Phraya River~ the River of King 

Post tis becoz my fren believed that he was one of the handsome guy in SIMIC too. errrrr..... judge it urself la, personally i prefer the guy behind him haha
**Bangkok really got a lot of handsome and pretty hehhe

During the farewell party, we were served by a lot of nice Thai food and desserts, but I forgot to take their picture =_X And the OC team had a spontaneous dancing show too. But the most epic part was the GM show, where they performed the oppa gangnam style muahahaa. Too bad my blogspot got problem I cant upload the video here.... 555555 emo I 

After the meal and the show, we had a Karaoke session ( like in the pub haha) outside the ballroom. They got the light effect summore!!! OMG we were so high and excited in this session. It was really a party for me!! we sang a lot of English songs like I knew you were trouble, Born this way, Payphone, Hot cha, Toxin bla bla bla. We danced and sang all the way~ 

The international food stalls. SIMIC 2013 involved around 11 countries tis year, so we can enjoy a great variety of food from different country, for FREE!!! hooray oh yeah haha

And these are the msg I received inside the envelope, thanks guys~ Really happy to read all the msg. Although we just knew each other for 3 days, but we really had a lot of fun for it ^^

Pic with the MC of the night in Thai Traditional attire, they can speak fluent English =)) 

And finally!! group photo together with all the candidates+advisors+observers+ OC+GM
11 countries, 135 candidates, 5 observers and many advisors, not to forget our group GM and OC, and tis is SIMIC 2013 ^^ Thanks to SIMIC 2013 committee for giving us a platform to learn and interact with medical students from other country. 
C u SIMIC 2014 !! ** I think is not me anymore, my juniors adi haha

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