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woohooo~ had a wonderful gathering with my dearest old frens in Tao cuisine restaurant in Autocity last Friday night haha. actually I'm going there for fire rescue team == as one of my fren cant make it tat day n they need one more person to get the discount, then they found out tat I'm actually come back from Perth adi, so i go along lo haha.

Tao have a promotion of "5+1 package", which means u can have 6 ppl for a dine n the 6th person will be free of charge, the cost is around RM53++, but after tax n all each of us have to pay around RM51 ( include the 6th person). the tax is so expensive @@ thanks to miss phuah for the reservation haha, as v might have no seat at all if v choose for walk-in dine.

there is 2 sessions available for the buffet, so v choose for the 5.30pm sessions which end around 8pm. the another sessions will be 8.30pm, which is quite late for us. so we reached there around 5.30pm n start our fabulous dinner gathering.

our 5+1 gathering: 5 girls +1 gentleman haha, most of us know each other for more than 5 years adi, especially zhen yin n chin kwang who i know them since standard one ( more than 10 years adi)
v took a lot of funny pictures while waiting for the food hehe

leng lui and boss d gathering, 2 goddess was having anothr round of gathering together again haha.

after 2 and a half hours of battle, we were so fulled and satisfied with our dinner haha. Since the night was still very young yet, we decided to have a photo shooting sessions outside the restaurant. the night scene in autocity is really pretty enuf. of coz i passes them their souvenirs which i bought from Perth. We really love the environment there, relaxing and romantic haha.

here is the food!! top 10 choices in the tao restaurant. Not bad, but i wonder y there is so many fishes there? i ate 3 different kinds of fishes, n still i love salmon fish the most. v ordered 3 rounds of scallop ( order 1 wrongly, should be cheese scallop, ooozzz yummy) and 2 rounds of abalone. another of my favorite food is the cheese oyster, gosh i feel like dining in heaven tat time.

then our beautiful miss goo was craving for sashimi tat day, n ya v ordered for 3 rounds of sashimi too, containing red and white tuna, abalone and one more i dunno wat is tat. the beef also not bad, the handroll soso ( sakae serve the best handroll).

overall, their top 10 choices not bad, but too many fishes adi TT

another photo of our buffet tat day, the salmon fish ( middle bottom) was awesome, same goes to the tempura prawn. the middle scallop is the best!! some of them are top 10, i think v mixed up all the food together adi =pp v don care so much, v just ordered watever v like haha.

for the drinks, some of us ordered for green tea, while me, boss n zhen yin ordered for ice peach tea. well it really taste nice haha.

we took some photo first in the autocity shopping park before we went back to Butterworth, Jillian was the driver tat day haha. unfortunately we didn't have much time to shop around tat day coz boss was rushing home to do his packing back to KL the next day.
love you all girls n boys, i really had a great day with them tat day. recalled all the funny action we did in CLB, revealed the truth of some nickname behind, everything was funny until i couldn't stop laughing tat day.

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