Way to be a Medical Student~

HI, time really fast, and currently I'm a 2nd year medical student in UPM Faculty of Medicine and Health Science. Sometimes I think I'm the lucky one to get a chance as a medical students, joined medical programme ( SIMIC in Bangkok last week hehe =)) ), n I really thanks to my GOD a lot for it. Coz im not a smart student and I fell twice on the path before i enter medical school. 

Maybe someone will ask, y m I in UPM but not UM and UKM. Honestly, i don get a good grade for my PSPM exam in my matric, instead of 4 flat, I was the one got 3.94 for my pointer. My SPM result was full A with only 8A+, which means i missed out the chance for JPA overseas study as the requirement for it is 9A+. Ishhh....
**UPM medical faculty is my first choice university and I got it hehe

But, so what?? I am currently in UPM 2nd year, and i passed almost all my assessments and final exams ( well I missed out an assessment with 49/100 for my hematology 3, I deserved it as I did not prepare well for it). So, even though u don get a good grade for SPM, never give up, there is always a path for u to achieve ur dreams, ur aims. Try it again during ur matriculation and foundation, never stop trying for ur dream. Sometimes u might be a bit low self-esteem when u faced ur frens with a good grade, but it does not signify anything if they don appreciate the smartness that they had. Sometimes, ppl will forget how to appreciate it when they get something too easily. Just becoz u fell before u success, and u know the feeling well u wont allow urself to meet another failure again. 
**FYI, one of the top student, my bestie, she got onli 6A+ in her SPM with a B+ ( others all A), look at her now, she equipped herself well with knowledge that stunned everyone during the class and assessments.

Proud of myself, I nvr think that I can make it so far, the path towards UNI is not as easy as u think. A lot of sacrifices are needed for success...

These are the schools that I had been attended before. I graduated in SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth in Penang for SPM ( year 2009), and I got the offer from Penang Matriculation Collage for a year study. Then finally, I'm here, the most beautiful faculty among universities,
Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, University Putra Malaysia, 
one of the top research university in Malaysia ( currently ranked 2nd place among Malaysia uni, 1st place goes to UiTM) as medical student in year 2011

**FYI, there is 8 STPM students in my batch and they really top enough for it. and UPM medical faculty do accept Physics stream students, around 5 in my batch I think?? 

Some of my frens choose for private uni for the study. Im not very sure about the process, but one of them graduate in Taylor Collage for foundation and currently studying medicine in England; while another of my good fren, Zerga, graduate in Australia Perth Matriculation and currently studying medicine in Irish. Personally, If u can adapt well with different kinds of environment, u may give urself a try for overseas instead of local, as it can broaden ur knowledge and gain more life experience. 

**for matriculation, one of my fren is currently studying Dentistry in Taiwan and my junior is studying Medicine in China. 
**currently there is a fast track program for ASASI university, which some of my 1st year medical juniors enter uni at age of 18, ( normal is 19). well since it is fast, sometimes ur basic is not as strong as others. It depends on how well you can handle ur stress and make ur own study schedule. time management and self-discipline is very important.  
~~ my junior told me that the program is an eight month foundation starting from January till August, and the application was thru skul with SPM trials result. their orientation was held in the end of Dec and they started their class in January. wow, i dunno about this haha

To be a medical student, yes English is extremely important. Although the lowest requirement for MUET to get medical course is band 3, but it will be better if we got band 4 for it. Trust me I cant speak or write English at all before I entered Matriculation. Read my previous posts and you will notice it. I seldom wrote in English before, but now the situation had changed. I preferred to write in English ( and sorry still have some problem with poor grammar and broken English haha) 

Tips to improve English?? speak more, learn more, listen more, and You will surprise that ur English is actually improving. I still need a lot of improvement for English, as my vocab is really limited and I can only communicate with simple English. Thanks to my frens who help me in improving by forcing me to speak in English with them everyday haha

Life as a Doctor is easy?? who said it so?? 

we always need to update ourselves with latest policies and knowledge, but it is fun for new discovery

hahaha medical students always lack of SLEEP!!

Em, agree for it. life for study week really makes me feel like I'm in the hell!!!
mine one is all about sleep sleep sleep....eat eat eat.....study study study......exam exam exam.....dating dating dating muahahaha

=_= LOL 

**Pictures all from Facebook page "Medical Humor", they never failed to make me laugh when I am stress

and last, my favorite quote~ it is the most important on how you judge urself, don influenced by others and stop urself from dreaming. Dream it big and it will be the best motivation for u to success ( well my dream is to become a 无国际医生 in future, doing charity and maybe get a chance to serve in Africa? well it just one of my dream for it hehe)

medical students life is interesting if you really enjoy it~ so think it wisely before any decision is made. Good luck everyone and have a nice day ;)

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  1. Yes agreed with you that life to Uni is not easy...especially you are not from a "special" kind. I thought the education system had changed a lot but until I help my daughter to look for courses and found that it is the same. She applied for the Asasi fast track and rejected. So now in the fighting ring in the UPU to fight for a place in UPM. So now depends on luck already....get it means like striking lottery. She's after SPM but didnt apply for matrics.

  2. Hi, thank you for viewing my blog. For your daughter, which course that she wish to apply in UPM? i was the lucky one compared to my juniors, as they was rejected for medic in UPM even though they got 4 flat from matriculation. but don give up any chance for the success =)) no matter how there must be a way out for us. Good luck =)

  3. If she's in UPM, after her foundation, she want to do biotech or anything to do with bio. Yes, she dont give up and she need all the luck now. Thanks.

  4. can i get your fb and chat with you?

  5. Hey, i got 6A+ 2A and 1B+ for my spm , 2A for english and sejarah while B+ for bm , i didn't get matriculation so i'm doing form6 now , class did not start yet . Just finished the orientation week , is it true that stpm is easier to enter public universities but hard to get the course that we want especially critical courses like medicine , pharmacy , dentistry , law and engineering because they will give more priority to matriculation students first . I was shocked when I heard that , i really want to study pharmacy and be a pharmacist in the future . So is stpm a suitable pre-u for that ? Or should i do something else . Im really scared and insecure now . Idk how hard is stpm yet even though everyone is saying hard but i'll try my best . Can i study pharmacy by studying stpm as a pre u ? Need help ��

    1. There is one fact that will make u even unsecure. Not to threaten u but it is the truth, my frens who r under jpa scholar, from top university pharmacy course such as um, ukm, remain jobless one year after graduation.

      My suggestion? Take something else than those critical courses. Im from medic n i will be jobless for the next 6 months after my graduation
      In short, critical courses are overflooded.

      Stpm is a suitable pre-u and u can apply overseas university. One of my fren is studying engineering In singapore university with his stpm result

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