Girls' talk with secret.... Shhh.. you wont know wat comes next ;)

Girls are the most ridiculous creature in the world, agree? Some of them are fragile, but some of them are tough; some of them are pretty while some of them are brilliant. God treats us fairly that we do not own 2 advantages together on the same person. Right?

Some girls are pretty but they are not good in study, some girls are pretty and brilliant at the same time but they do not have a good survivor skill ( except their secret weapons, tears). Some girls are not pretty at all, and maybe even worse, their study are not very good, but they are kind which makes them popular. This is the power of God, create every girls with their own unique features. of course, there are some girls who love to talk. some of them call it girls talk, some of them call it as gossip....

What i wish to ask is, why there are some girls who have so many secret to hide from people? Dont they feel uneasy when they have to secret this and that, deny this and that just to make them.... look mystery?? No offence but this really lead me towards curiosity. Yes everyone will have their own secret, but once you share it out, it is no longer a secret anymore. If you so afraid of it, so why do u share it out v others? Sometimes, tis will increase the burden load of the listener, coz she/he will be the first person to be blamed if the secret was leaked out, accidentally? 

Maybe I'm a big mouth, but definitely I don like to keep secret. the life is bitter enuf, why you want to add more bitter memory into your life? if you love someone, say it out loud like the song call me maybe~ if you break up with someone, admit it, throw tat person away from your life and have your new life! regain freedom!!  I don mean that you have to broadcast your secret, but as an adult, we have to find a way to solve our secret, not hiding it from the surface. 

Girls always like to form a small group and start their sharing conversation, emotional and sometimes.... touching?? 

I tell you you don tell the others ya ~ then next person tell the next person, one by one and tis is how the gossip spread so fast. 
Yes i love to share about my secret also, quite openly since i have nothing to hide from the others. It is not about showing off, it is about expressing. Secret is something very sensitive, depends on how you judge it. Secret makes a woman woman?? No i dont think so. secret makes your life darker, as you have more secret in your life, you will feel insecure with it,  and it reflects that you don have a true friend that you can trust on. you live in your own shadow, creeping all the way just to avoid the eyesight from the others.

inspiration from the the group of M~ 
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