Recently i was addicted to a series of cute cartoon, which caught my eyesight during my first view of it. OMG I must must must watch it everyday during my meal~ sorry Runningman, i will watch u at night time before i sleep ya hehehehe. Larva has took over Runningman as my most favorite video clip recently muahahaha. 

They have no script, so dont worry about the language barrier. why is it?? becoz bugs can't speak at all muahaha. It is actually a korea cartoon clip, since one year ago~ and i found it recently via FB, coz i saw my fren shared it as his status and i think it is very funny, since then..... I addicted to it @.@

Runningman also not bad in fact, but it updated once a week and i had to wait for the translation and subtitle ( which takes around 3 days), and every episode last for an hour. sometimes i had to spend a lot of time for it. Larva is just nice for a 2 minutes short clip and it is enough to make u laugh XD

Family of Runningman~ 
Kim Jong Kok the Lion ( Sparta)
 Lee Kwang Soo the giraffe ( love him the most haha, the Betrayer leader hahahaha, he is around 190++cm, OMG so tall =.= compare to my bf 170+, haiz..... Now he is so famous and named as Prince of Asia)
Haha the Haroro ( playboy of the team and love to flirt the female guests XD)
Jae Suk the grasshopper ( well known by Jackie Chan and he always hunted by Min Soo hyung, haha pity him, coz he always wear in green)
Suk Jin the gazelle~ coz he is good in escaping, he form a team v Kwangsoo~ the EASY brother during a spy game coz they always easily get caught by others
Gary and Ji Hyo~ the Monday couple
well I grouped both of them together becoz they are so lovely!! **not sure whether how was it in real life la haha. Gary is the pity one, always bullied by Ji Hyo. Ji Hyo ( also named as Mong Ji), is the ACE in the team coz she is good in completing the mission given, FYI, she was the ballerina in the famous Korean drama GONG, I cant believe it!! muahaha

One of the latest episode, and the special guest is Jackie Chan!!! haha their expression were so funny especially Kwang Soo XD His chin almost dropped to the ground adi. This episode is quite funny, actually every episode of RUnning Man is funny and interesting~ especially when kwang Soo betrayed the whole team, make me burst into laugh 

And now, my latest favorite short clip
LARVA =)))

Family of LARVA~ all the bugs with 2 stupid and funny worms who love sausages the most, they always fight for sausage XD and the yellow one is the one always kena bullied, pity pity =p
The horn beetle is the dai lou in these videos, coz he is very powerful and  strong. everyone scare it
The yellow worm love to fart around XD

They accidentally kissed when they fight for food during the ICE CREAM episode, funny!!

Larva~ always fight for food. 

and here are the link of the videos which bring me a lot of fun and joyous moment!

Well beside LARVA, there is another cartoon which is my all time favorite
ARRRR so cute!!! I wish to have one! no resistance to it~ yeah i sound childish but tis is me hiak hiak

Family of Spongebob Squarepants lelelele, they always have fun and they seems like they don have any trouble at all in their life! Aiyo Spongebob, u light up my world like nobody else haha

And tis is it, I am a girl who love cartoon so much although I am 21 years old~ who care how old am I, as long as I love it and it is not a criminal, then i will continue it. Never get bored with cartoon ^^ but not anime plz hahaha

**Last but not least,
happie birthday to my dearest BF!! 

bought him a cake when im on the way back from pudu to k17 in bread history, nice?? hehe we love it

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