After our tiring cycling trip in Botanical Garden Putrajaya, we wished to take a bus of Nadi Putra back to Putrajaya Sentral so we can go back to K17. Then accidentally we hopped on into the wrong bus ( L10, we should take L05) and like tat accidentally we got a chance to visit to Seri Gemilang Bridge. thank you to the bus uncle so much as our tour guide!! so nice!! we actually got a free trip to go back from Seri Gemilang Bridge to Putrajaya town before we went back!! 

Putrajaya is famous of 7 bridges, which includes Seri Gemilang, Seri Wawasan, Seri Bestari and many more. Yesterday we got the chance to visit Seri Gemilang Bridge. Most bridges are accessible by Nadi Putra bus ~

 Seri Gemilang Bridge is a ceremonial bridge in Putrajaya, Malaysia. It connects Heritage Square with Putrajaya Convention Centre.
The bridge has a main span 120 metres (394 ft) long, with a 60-metre (197 ft) span at each end, for a total length of 240 metres (787 ft). There are six traffic lanes, each 3.5 metres (11.5 ft) wide. The deck level above the water is 36.75 metres (121 ft) at the centre of the bridge.
The road from the bridge leads to the Putrajaya International Convention Centre at the end.

Along the way to the Seri Gemilang Bridge. well Putrajaya was the first planned city in Malaysia ( look at Georgetown and notice the difference, hmm more neat and tidy, but still I preferred Georgetown, Putrajaya is just like a dead city for me in weekend)

Another building that we passed by when we were on the bus. Im not sure about the name of the building, but most of them are government office. 

Uncle bus just dropped us at Seri Gemilang bridge and promised to pick us up again in 20 minutes time. Too bad there was a convention in PICC and we could not get into it to have a full view of Putrajaya. Still, excited to walk on the empty bridge with no traffic XD 
background building is PICC~ Putrajaya Internation Convention Centre. 

Really no traffic leh beside the Nadi Putra Bus haha. Lovely blue sky and a beautiful bridge. With just a little edit in the brightness!! my camera was not working well that day, emo. 

The look of Seri Gemilang Bridge, the skyscrapers behind with the Putrajaya lake. 

Khai Sien on the bridge with the blue sky. Look like a poster isnt it haha. There is a small garden underneath the bridge that connect two sides together. 

My photo with the Butterfly Bridge behind ( dunno what is the real name haha). Im a happy girl =))

The real look of the Seri Gemilang Bridge with the beautiful blue sky. I love blue sky so much~ 

Skyscrapers opposite the Putrajaya Lake. 

Me with the ukiran under the bridge. LOL my hair looked so messy all the time. Time for a nice hair cut. 

Lake View from the left side. The white clouds were so soft and beautiful like a cotton candy!!

View of the small garden with the jogging/cycling track. It should be fun to have a jog or cycling at night here. think of buying a folding bike for cycling in future hehe. 

Seri Gemilang Bridge with the skyscrapers from the left. Im still a beginner to learn how to shoot beautiful photos, and save money to buy a DSLR haha. Nice place to take photos!! even the " vege bird" like me also can take nice photo adi, expect more from those professionals!

Spot the girl?? haha cute and tiny Khai Sien from the bridge

So we hopped on L10 Nadi Putra again after 20 minutes. arg, feel so alive again with aircon!! 外面简直是热死了 muahaha

Continued our sight-seeing tour in the bus~三剑客



So the Bus uncle just dropped us in the Putrajaya City and reminded us to take bus L03, L04, or L05 to go back to Putrajaya Sentral. Thank you uncle so much!! 

**the public bus in Putrajaya is very convenient and frequent. There is a bus tour in every weekend in Putrajaya which I read from Internet. going to try it out when I got chance and free time then. Goodbye Putrajaya ^^

Guess this is my last post about my Suan Pheung trip in Bangkok last year? haha I love travel so much, but I always face a big problem for travelling: No partner T..T my mom wont allow me to have a backpack tour by myself. But adi have a few plan for next year, hope that I can really have it!! 

Basically the scenery vintage farm is not as popular as Swiss Sheep Farm in Hua Hin/ Bangkok, it is more to a local tourist attraction than international. But something good about it, it is less crowded!! and we had all our fun time there, which was our focus in this trip. Thanks to daddy and mummy for the trip, love it so much and i wish to have another one in Hua Hin next year. ( gosh pray i can have holiday together with daddy mummy). Highly recommended place!!! 

For the entrance fees, I was not so sure about it as my daddy was paying for it XD but it was at a reasonable price as I know. For me, money is not the problem, since we had the ability to travel overseas takkan waste this beautiful chance to have a close contact with sheep?? yea sheepp!! I tot i will see them from the TV, internet,or have a chance to travel to New Zealand, but I was so close to them once just in Thailand!! fantastic experience hehe. 
family photo in the farm~ and bla bla black and white sheep as the background haha

playing with the teapot before the feeding time~ 

This photo is so cute with my cute sister and cute mummy!!

More photos with the farm house~

I just rode on a fake sheep haha. this place is just more than just a normal farm. wish to visit the real big sheep farm in New Zealand, which I plan for my graduation trip in 2016. wish my dream will come true!! 

sister on the swing with a beautiful hut~ everything was beautifully decorated here. Nice place for shooting, and wedding photos haha. 

Sissy love~ Love my sister so much hehe

Mummy imitate the cute gingerbread haha

Beautiful picture with sheep before the feeding time!! credit to my mummy. I cant take good pictures that time haha. another thing in my bucket list next year: buy a DSLR. 

**we were only allowed to enter the sheep farm during feeding time. If im not mistaken the feeding time lasted for around 30 minutes in each session. The gap is around 2 hours a section. Please get more information about the feeding time at the counter during the visit =)) Food are provided by the authorities, don feed the sheep with outside food. and don worry they were so tame and wont bite ppl, just enjoy!!

mehhhh looks like u enjoy the food ya sheep~ and look!! there was a lamb with the sheep~ so cute!! 

lots of sheep, a cute little lamb manja to its mum, and a black sheep. really a bla bla black sheep adi. haha. they were so fluffy and so adorable!! 

sister with the sheep~ the compound was quite big and all we need to do was trying our best to catch their attention to eat the food haha. 

Me surrounded by sheep~ I looked like dancing haha. But i really enjoyed!! although some of them climb up on my clothes for food, still they were so cute haha. 

so close to the sheep haha. 

more and more sheep~

sheep on the green grass. well this place of coz not as spectacular as New Zealand one, Im not sure with the Bangkok one. Will go for a visit if I got time and money then haha

with cute pony~ not available for riding, just for display in the farm haha. 

even the shop also have beautiful decoration!!! the food and beverage here a bit expensive compared to the price in the town in Suen Phueng, but still OOK for us. don forget to try the ice cream!! what is so special?? try it out then haha

Love Suan Phueng so much and I wish to have another visit in future. Thailand had a lot of nice place yet to be explore, so i will just wait for more and more surprise =)

一直以来,都很喜中国的一本畅销小说~ 致我们终将逝去的青春。这本书,后来还被赵薇拍成了她的处女电影。可看完电影后,却觉得,自己还是比较喜欢书里的故事。 书里的背景,自欺欺人些,还比较贴近自己的生活故事。同样是大学里的生活,同样是失恋,呵呵。 就连故事里的人物,也是那么地相似。陈孝正,郑薇,林静….

故事里,林静是郑薇一直以来想要嫁的对象。为了林静,郑薇不顾一切地考上林静附近的大学,却在迎新会里, 发现被林静辜负了。后面,遇上了林静,两人重新在一起,但林静已经不是郑薇心底里最爱的那个人了。我的生活里,没有一个像林静这样的人,却有一个所谓的“标准男友”的例子。他,是我其中一名男性好友。是谁就不是很重要了。 生活里我们很好,但是就是和他完全没有火花。这样也好,省下了许多不必要的口舌。流言蛮语往往都是恐怖的,恐怖到曾经谣言我是一个第三者。冤枉….


生活里,有哪一个女生不会遇上这样的一个陈孝正。我那个曾经的他,就是陈孝正的翻版。严肃,拘谨,自信,沉稳,呆板,不会耍浪漫,孝顺。 呵呵,这是怎么样的一个形容排版。他了解自己的生活目标,拥有自己的理想,对自己要求严格。陈孝正因为前程而选择与郑薇结束,那一位,也差不多是因为工作,使我们走上这条路。原本以为可以为他分担工作上的压力,结果我却成了他生活中的负担。 以后我们还会相遇吗?我不了解。往后的日子里,我已经没有选择,只能够咬紧牙根自己一个人继续往前冲。未来同一个职场里,谁能够预测他会不会成为我的上司?




不过真的要谢谢这一位陈孝正。他让我爱过,哭过,笑过,幸福过,虽然最后,和郑薇一样遍体鳞伤,但至少我的青春,曾经有过这么样的经历,这么样的一个人。他让我懂了什么是爱情,什么是深爱, 什么是失恋。 放手很艰难,有时候自己都不知道是不甘心,还是心底仍然保存着那一份爱。她其实也感到由衷的挫败和无力,不知道是不是太害怕失去,她总是不由自主地去揣测他心中所想,可很多时候,他明明就在他她的面前,但她就是不知道他在想什么,也许正因为她爱他,所以爱情更让她看不清。我以为我很了解他,结果到最后,发现身边最陌生的人,也是他。也想谢谢他,曾经努力地让我幸福过。以往的种种过去,只剩下缅怀。人生最痛苦的事不是心碎,而是心碎后,要亲手把碎裂的心,一片片地捡起,一片片地凑成一个不再完美的心。曾经我以为只要耐心等待,就会有转机。事实证明,一切都已经成了过眼云烟。



This is going to be just a short post about the famous Mugshot cafe in Chulia Street in Penang. It has been a mainstream for all food hunter all the time. especially when our CM Mr. Lim Guan Eng paid a visit to this cafe haha. What makes this cafe so special is their bagel and yogurt!! Don miss it out, faster put it into your checklist if you wish to have a food hunt in Penang haha. 

**There is less photos in this post, becoz it was too crowded on the day I visited the Mugshot and I could not take good photos becoz I sat at the wrong place >..< the photos were so blur, and I decided to upload just a few of them. We stood for around 15 minutes for an empty seat, just imagine how popular and how big the crowd was. 

So, what is bagel? I had no idea about it until I visited Mugshot, and here is the info I copied from Wiki:

bagel (also spelled beigel) is a bread product, traditionally shaped by hand into the form of a ring from yeasted wheat dough, roughly hand-sized, which is first boiled for a short time in water and then baked.The result is a dense, chewy, doughy interior with a browned and sometimes crisp exterior. Bagels are often topped with seeds baked on the outer crust, with the traditional ones being poppy or sesame seeds. Some also may have salt sprinkled on their surface, and there are also a number of different dough types such as whole-grain

And I still had no idea what is the proper way to eat the bagel until today. haha, can anyone teach me??

Served with the yogurt with Mango and Walnut ( RM10)
this is a wonderful appetiser while waiting for our bagel. They made and baked the bagels on the spot in front of customers, as the kitchen is located in the counter. This yogurt tasted different from others, it tasted like a milk jelly something like this haha. The walnuts were crunchy, and I love it!! for the quantity, it was just nice for two.  There were several choices for the yogurt, such as Gula Melaka and Kiwi. I heard that gula melaka is very popular among the yogurts. 

Bagels were ready to be served!!! it was so tempting!! I was so hungry that time, becoz I just sat in front of the counter haha. There were several choices such as cream cheese ( RM 5), smoked salmon, bacon & egg, turkey ham and corned beef & rocket ( RM10 each). They don have a menu, everything was written on the board haha. 

we ordered a bagel with bacon and egg. they arranged the bagel nicely with an O shape, which the egg was surrounded by bacons and mayonise. ya, the whitish thing in the middle was mayonise!! And you know how I love bacons~ that is y I love this bagel too!! The bagel was different from the normal bread, it was crispy in outside but soft in inside. 2 different taste in my first bite. The bagels were heated up in the oven. 

Another thing that we should never miss in Mugshot~ photo shooting session with the board!! I dunno how to call this, but it looks like a prison photo haha. like what policeman did when they caught a ppl with crime haha. 

Cute Patricia with a cute charge haha

Me~ too outgoing? Ya i admit that. That is y my fren asked me: ppl study medic u study medic, apa pasal u look so free? 
one simple reason: becoz I love to explore and widen my view to this wonderful world. before I die lo haha. y strangle our life in a small world when this world is so beautiful? hmm, should make a bucket list to places that I wish to travel next time. 

The Mugshot Cafe
302 Chulia Street, 10200 Georgetown, Malaysia
012-405 6276
Monday to Sunday: 8am till 9pm
Nice place for lunch/brunch/high tea!! but maybe not a nice place for chit-chat as it was too crowded with ppl due to its high popularity haha. 

thanks for reading ^^ 

Finally I come back to my bloggie again! after I almost got hematemesis with my case write up. LOL. maybe I should blog something more about my life in hospital?? haha but wait the, today Im going to blog about another Penang trip again. yes, mural trip again. But what is so special this time?? it was a cycling trip!! Basically it was a short break during Hari Raya this year and I invited Patricia ( Pat) to stay overnight in Penang and had a tour together. Do I get bored to blog about mural for 4 times?? erm, partly yes, but partly no becoz I always surprised with unexpected discovery during my mural trip!! 

For more information about my mural trips, plz click HERE. Actually I was thinking to delete this previous post, yea since I broke up and I think this post looks so sarcastic to me. But since most of my readers love this post, I decided not to delete any post about me and him. just as a memory and a lesson, 

I always want a cycling trip but always failed =..= since the number of murals is increasing and the distribution is getting wider, it is quite hard for us to visit murals by walking recently. Trishaw is another option to visit murals, with RM 40 for one round of heritage trip and sometimes can get a free tour guide too haha. There were a lot shops and stalls provide the service for bike and motor bike rental, so have no worries about it. We rent our bicycles at a stall behind the Kwang Hwa Yit Poh in Gat Lebuh China, location for the basketball siblings. The rental fees are standard, RM10 for a single bike for whole day ( until 7pm if not mistaken?). Don you think it is worth for it?? and some stalls provide city bike too, which is 2-3 persons in a bike like a trishaw. Will get more information when I get back to Penang then ^^ 

For the parking, I parked my car at the roadside of Gat Lebuh China. FYI, sunday is no car day in Georgetown Heritage Zone so make sure you park your car nicely then ^^

So, here is the route map of my cycle trip that day. The blue one is the 1st part of the cycling route, the green line is the 2nd part, and the red one is the 3rd part of the route. Green colour mark is the location of murals, and pink colour one is the landmark of the location. What is so special about the orange landmark?? it is the most famous mural in Penang!! The cycling siblings in Lebuh Armenian. 
A~ the basketball siblings
B~ Siblings on the swing
C~ 101 lost kittens
D~ Trishaw uncle
E~ Kungfu girl
F~ the kicking lady
G~ Wall climbing kid
H~ Wedding couple
I~  Minion c u ^^
J~ The kid with dinosaur, teen on bike, Bruce Lee with cats
K~ Collection of Cats, the giant cat, the blissful cat
L~ The happy grandparents 

1. Standard Chateterd Bank
2. St.George Church
3. Penang High Court
4. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion
5. Penang Camera Museum
6. Mugshot cafe and Rainforest Bakery
7. The owl shop
8. Khoo Kongsi
9. 14 lifestyle art gallery
10. Penang Peranakan Mansion
11. Penang secret garden

For couples, can take this bike ^^ RM30 for the rental fees if not mistaken. I did not take this one before, since I ride it with Pat it looks so awkward if we do so haha. My parents rent this bike and had their 101 lost kittens hunting before haha. 

Ok, let's start our journey then!!

Pat with the basketball siblings in Gat Lebuh Chulia~ 

cycled to the opposite 'step by step lane' and we found a funny quote from the owner of the shop. It means that if the tauke ( owner) cannot sleep at night then he wont close his shop. But if he woke up late then he will open his shop late too haha. 

Me and Pat with the siblings played the swing together~ wee ^^

We then cycled to the opposite road in Lebuh Victoria and found our first mural in the project "101 lost kittens". it was the main attraction for the Penang Georgetown Festival 2013 too. Can you count how many kittens were in the mural? Pat is cuter or the kittens are cuter? haha

We cycled to our next stop~ Lebuh Pantai ( Beach Street). I love this street so much with all its European style buildings. It looks like we were in overseas haha. Look almost exactly the same like York Town in Perth!! haha. should be a nice place for photoshooting ^^

From Lebuh Pantai, we passed by the Standard Chartered  Bank office and turned left into Lebuh Light, which was opposite to Esplanade Park. We turned into Lebuh Farquhar  at the third junction, which the Penang High Court was on our right. We crossed the road to reach to our next destination, St George Church. 

The beautiful of St.George church. Peaceful in this noisy town. everything look so synchronise here. It is one of my favorite photo when I edited them. Love this feel~ here is some information about St.George Church from the internet:
St. George’s Church is set next door to the Penang State Museum & Art Gallery. Built in 1817 by the East India Company using convict labour, it is Southeast Asia’s oldest Anglican church and one of the oldest buildings in Penang. The architecture and design is largely Greek and relatively unpretentious.

The gracefully proportioned building was designed by Captain Robert Smith (a military engineer) whose beautiful oil paintings still hang in the Penang State Museum. The interior is a cool pastel blue with marble floors and outside the main building on the church grounds is a memorial to Sir Francis Light in the form of a Greek temple – an elegant pavilion with definite Victorian style to it. It was built in 1886 on the centenary of the founding of Penang; just down the road is the double-spired Cathedral of the Assumption.

forgot which church was this, but it just located next to St.George church. Not sure is it opened to public or not, so we just had a quick peek into the interior design of the church. Both of us are catholic ^^ 

We turned left into the next second junction into Lebuh Leith. Had a stop to have beautiful pictures ^^
me with the beautiful Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. I went for mural trips for 4 times but I never get into it LOL. But nevermind, becoz I planned to bring Pat to another beautiful heritage house~ Baba Nyonya mansion in the evening. Will visit it if I really got time then haha 

Pat was so excited with the trishaw outside the mansion. Trishaw was one of the trademark for Penang too!! If you are not local, having a tour with trishaw is not bad and recommended. 
**this trishaw is not permanent display, we just so lucky to have one outside while the owner waited his customers in the mansion for a tour. 

Opposite the mansion, it is Obake-Ya restaurant. Heard about it before, it is a prison-theme restaurant. Hmm mark it down into my cafe bucket list haha. 

From Lebuh Leith, we turned right into Jalan Penang at the first junction. Becoz we just wanna took picture with the BULE House. Our next destination, is the biggest mural in Jalan Penang, located inside the carpark in Red Garden food court. It is located just oppostie to the CITITEL Penang. 
Pat with the bicycle and the trishaw uncle. The biggest mural in Penang!!!

Since there was no cars in the parking lot in the early morning, there were a lot of pigeons inside. Pat was so excited with such a big flock of  pigeons and went to kacau them with her bicycle haha.

From Penang Road, we cycled into the Lebuh Muntri ( first junction on left side). 
and here we are!! the 'Kungfu Girl' on the wall of Moontree 47 cafe. 

we were so surprised with the launching of Penang Camera Museum! For more information about my visit to Penang Camera Museum, plz visit my previous post ya. 

End my 1st chapter for our mural and cycling trip here with an awesome pose from Pat!! haha. Awesome kick huh. Located at the road junction between Jalan Muntri and Love Lane. don miss it out!!

Some tips if you wish to have a cycling trip
  1. Make it as early as possible. No one wish to cycle under a big hot sun with sweat haha. Best time for cycling is from 8am onwards until evening. If not planning to visit all murals ( only those famous murals by Mr. Ernest), can consider to start the tour around 4pm.
  2. Again, sunblock is so essential together with a cap. Just pray more to the God so it wont rain la haha. Wear appropriate attire for the tour. Don suffer yourself with mini skirt haha. and shoes too~ sport shoes is the most ideal one, although I was wearing sandals that time. No difficulty to me haha.
  3. Book the bicycle with the owner first if the mural trip plan is on weekends or public holiday. just for in case, who knows?? If don wish to book, better come earlier in the morning haha. FYI, Sunday is no car day in Penang Georgetown heritage zone, which we can have a better bike route then. Obey all the rules and regulations on the road is the most important. Don expect those drivers will give way to you becoz Penang had the worst driving attitude in Malaysia XD
  4. When comes to cycling, safety first is the most important. Double make sure that the bike is in good condition, especially the gear, and the brake. Remember to get the key and chain from the owner too so we wont lost our bike for safety precaution. The place where I rent my bike was nice and recommended ^^ Don worry if you dunno how to ride 2-wheels bike becoz they got 4-wheels bike too. and also city bike haha.
  5. Bring as little as possible in backpack, and a convenient camera. Well DSLR is the most ideal gadget to take beautiful and awesome photos, but how are you going to handle the bike with a heavy DSLR?? instead of DSLR, bring more water then to prevent dehydration =)

That is all, hope you enjoy the reading =)) thank you for visit ^^

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