Last stop for food hunt~ 55 cafe & restaurant and Spade Burger

So here it is, finally I had some time to write the last chapter of my food hunt experience with bestie~ and yaya plz stop seducing me to go back Penang with all ur foods and nice places in Penang in insta XD. missed the chance to go back last week due to AMSA Diabetes Week event and it was a successful one!! 

So, without a lengthy introduction, the last 2 stop for our food hunt day: 55 cafe & restaurant and Spade Burger. We went to 55 cafe & Restaurant for a high tea while had our dinner in Spade Burger before we departed back to Butterworth. Everyone was so full that time!! my glucose level shoot up so high until I almost fall asleep while driving ( so dangerous??!!) muahaha. 

So, let's start with 55 cafe & restaurant. actually tis was our second stop during the food hunt. We walked from Kwang Sang House to 55 cafe & restaurant since it was just a short distance. it was so crowded upon arrival until we were arranged to have a seat at the 2nd floor. But we felt unsatisfied with the location and service ( she was like shouting at us so we can make our order faster) so we decided to go down and wait. then we grabbed the nicest spot in the cafe haha. 
Say cheeze my girls. Love you all haha 

Some painting on the wall and antique decoration. I noticed there was quite a number of painting in the cafe but I don have the time to really appreciate them one by one ( ok i admit I don have the art sense la )

With my bestie yaya at the backyard. nice place to snap some photos actually. 

We ordered some snack and coffee for our tea time ( early tea time actually haha). Maybe due to the crowd the serving was quite late. 

Omlette with baccon and onion RM16.00
ya tis is one of the cheapest food that we can spot from the menu. Generally the food here was quite expensive compared to others, that is why we chose for a light meal here. felt a bit simtia for price of the food. The omlette tasted a bit weird than the usual one but still OK for us. Should listen to yaya to order dessert instead of omlette. based on appearance it really looks like ho jian ( fried oyster haha)  

And here is the focus!! What is so special about tis cafe?? Instead of normal coffee, they came out with 3D coffee. But they did not written down in the menu about which coffee is available for the 3D effect, just find the ** mark and ordered for double shot for the coffee. 

basic chocolate, double shot with coffee art 3D ( RM12.00)
cute hippo with the 55 haha. felt so cruel to destroy the hippo in just a few seconds haha. they used the milk to produce the 3D effect. So creative!! this chocolate drink end up with so milky at last lo haha. Personally I don like chocolate so I cant comment much on this drink 

mocha with double shot, coffee art 3D ( RM13.00)
Ya here comes my favorite~ mocha!!! I cant really express my love to mocha lo haha. the cat was so cute!!! like it was waving to me asked me to drink it. for me the mocha was just a ordinary one, not really impressive to me that " yeah I want a second cup plz". overall still satisfied with the drink =))

Me with the cute cat mocha~ 

Our mouth with all the milky bubbles!!!! This is wat we always do when we hang out with besties la haha. lots of fun and we chatted a lot ( non-stop too) haha. should have more gathering like tis next time. I really miss my girls >< 1 more in German, 1 in India, 1 in Russia, 1 live in the jungle in UTP, and 1 more no news at all after enter uni although I know she is in UM now. Girls, I guess you know who are those ppl that I miss ya? hahahaha. faster come back and have a date!

We then chat chat chat in La Vanille before we proceed to our dinner. Take note that Spade Burger opened at 6.30pm. so don go there during lunch time like my fren ya haha. Spade Burger is so famous in Penang with their charcoal burger ( like the Burger Lab in KL, which I don have the chance to try it out yet). Finally we got our first burger in Spade Burger then haha!! In fact we were the first customer of the day lo 

Spade Burger sells handcrafted burger with awesome patties ( 100% meat free from MSG and preservatives) with their own sauce. they got a lot of choices in their menu and always come out with new idea. I will go back and try for their Ramen Burger someday!! 

Photos with the girls with our burger!!! muahaha pampered ourselves with the tasty and juicy burgers which made our day so perfect!! yummy!!! I wish to have more! must come to have a bite if you visit Penang

charcoal burger with chicken patty. I was not sure with the price but the price was reasonable and ranged from RM10-RM15. It comes with french fries and a can drink for the set. my saliva is drooling again when I see this picture haha. how should I describe it?? totally awesome than any of the fast food burger. the chicken patty was so juicy and delicious. We can really enjoy it with all the hard work from the owner. The bread was really crunchy and soft at the same time. It was like a double sensation haha. 

Our pork patty. well it does not look like a pork burger in this photo haha. Too hungry adi so I don really take much photos that time lo. I love pork!! fully pork muahaha. How should I express the feeling? hmm why don you just try it out then?? haha. Highly recommended from all of us to have a nice dinner in Spade Burger. And we even ordered for take away after our own meal haha. 

55 Cafe & Restaurant ( Coffee Atelier)
53 & 55, Lorong Stewart, 10300 Georgetown, Penang  ( Behind Kwan Yin Temple)
04-262 2611
Monday to Sunday: 8.30am to 10.30pm

Spade Burger
2-G-8, Pekaka Square ( Bangunan Lip Sin), Lebuh Pekaka 1, 11700 Penang
016-209 5789
Friday to Wednesday ( closed on Thursday) : 6.30pm to 11pm

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  1. Such foods are good to eat but I recommend to eat them not in excess, for they are full of high quantity of calories and may make you fat. Loved the blog post.

    Arnold Brame

  2. Hi Arnold Brame, thanks for the advice and your visit. haha no worries, they just part of my life, but not daily life =)) hope you enjoy the reading ^^

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