Oh gosh, what happen to those ppl nowadays? where is their brains? Being eaten by zombies or they don have any brain at all?? you may have your flag war but not like this plz!!! it is now a flag whore than a flag war!!! disturbing and distracting, bring so many uncomfortable situation to the public, what the fuck are you doing ha?? you are good at spoiling the image of the city but not helping ur candidates to win the heart of the ppl. shit you, make me rude and burst up with mad today when i saw these pictures appear on the street and my beloved Penang heritages!! 

and plz play it clean, why you can have ur flags all around in such a disorganised form while you vandalise others parties' flags, posters and models? what is ur motive ha? you wont win any extra votes if you kept on your vandalism like tis,  where is your moral teacher??? do you really pass your moral exam in SPM? or you are actually one of the new races in Malaysia?~ The satu Bangladesh??? Not trying to side any of the party but this is really over!!! As a Malaysian, do you want your country become like this?? this can cause accident do they really have any idea about it or not isshhhh. 

Furthermore, they are using 1 Malaysia flag for the flag war. what the hell is the connection of 1 malaysia flag with the general election 13 this time? u represent nothing and totally meaningless for these actions but wasting our money!! 
vandalism at the playground in Putrajaya, this place belongs to the children, not you

the street with flag war in Penang, you expect the road users to reduce the accidents on the street by using this kind of blocking is it? They don have idea how dangerous it is to those road users especially those motorist!! one flag sweep over their face and they can have accident anytime. Brainless!!

now the government adi dibubarkan and our previous government cant do nothing about it. 

This one I beh tahan!! shit you this is one part of the heritage ok?? not ur flag holder, dn spoil it with your ugly and dirty flagsssss

stop vandalism the heritage, give us back our street look for the tourists. everyone is complaining now. they come here to take nice photo of Penang but not all this stupid 1 Malaysia flags. 

can someone just burn all these flags?? cant stand it anymore!! If they make it nicely we wont have much comments, but now you are doing vandalism! stop it!

** i just got a news that these flags are actually weapons, if they lose that particular area, they will just took the stick from the flag and start hit ppl and destroy things. plz be careful about it!!!

And what the fuck they played it dirty again, so many news are appearing on how they cheat on the web. took ppl IC then change their location or even remove their name from the voting list, so those ppl are unable to vote, then SPR can take their name to vote for the party they like. Aboleh jiu make the vote invalid becoz of stain or damaged vote. cant they just make it clean?? neh, said undergraduates students cannot take part in the politics, then what have you done to my university campus?? y i saw blue colour everywhere??

I hate i don have the right to speak or to take the stand on politics.....I  hate that stupid law that will bring me to the jail if i involved in politics or mogok. Where is my kebebasan bersuara? Why we are restricted from discussing this kind of topic?? it is not fair at all. I want my country to be better!! stop corruption, stop dirty tricks, stop cheating!!!!

Since i was so sick with the food from cafe, I learnt how to cook with the mini rice cooker ( from my housemate) in order to survive in hostel. with the rice cooker we can cook many things such as spaghetti, macaroni, green bean and red bean soup, fried eggs, tomyam bihun with vege soup bla bla bla. I believe most of us cant cook very well ( me too haha), so i just wanna share some simple steps here to make ur dinner =)) 

So i decided to cook red sauce macaroni today in order to clear my fridge. Wish to buy more variety of food actually haha. it just took an hour time to prepare and cook for it, and between u got plenty of time to do others things. hehe

Simple steps to cook
1. Prepare ur ingredients. it is depends on what you like to eat. basically these were the food i left in the fridge. should add broccoli to make my dishes more interesting >< oh yeah i cooked for 2 ppl servings here
here are my ingredients:
  • macaroni 1 pack ( depends on how much you eat)
  • mushrooms ( watever mushroom also can, i used 冬菇 here, actually i prefer 草菇 lol haha)
  • a can of Prego traditional red sauce
  • a piece of cheese
  • some salts
  • side dishes such as sausages, 竹轮, crabmeat, ham, bacon watever bla bla bla
    ** here i labelled the mushrooms and all the sausages i had as Ingredient A

the mini rice cooker that i was using, multipurpose haha

2. put the macaroni into the rice cooker, add some salts so it wont sticky. ( recipe from Joyce) cooked it until it boiled and keep it warm for around 5-10 minutes.

3. while you are waiting for the macaroni to be ready, chop all the Ingredient A into smaller pieces like this. 

4. when the macaroni is boiled and kept warm, filter it into the cold water, we called it 过冷水 to make the macaroni QQ haha. 

5. after washed the rice cooker, use the can-opener to open the red sauce can and poured it into 

6. don waste the hot water from the macaroni just now, poured it into the can ( half of the volume of the can), mix of the remnants in the can with the hot water. be careful the can might be very hot

7. pour the hot water into the rice cooker. ( if you don like ur sauce too watery, you can add some tepung jagung). mix the sauce well

8. Next, put all the chopped ingredients into the sauce, and start cooking ^^ 

9. When the sauce is boiling, add some cheese into it to make it tastier. if want to add the broccoli, cook the broccoli with hot water and oil first to make it looked green =) and put it together with the sauce

10. and at last, the food is ready to be served ^^ just simple 10 steps and you can enjoy your home cooked macaroni ^^ my dishes looked ugly without the crab meat and the broccoli lol ><

Plan to cook green bean soup tomoro for detoxification, I ate too much unhealthy food recently and gained a lot of weight >< huhuhuhu

and last, i would like to recommend a facial wash off mask from Nano White Hydrating Whitening Mask~ it is really nice enuf to make my skin smoother and remove all the black spores on my nose.  argh they are really irritating enuf.  This mask can restores skin's optimum moisture balance and helps to reduce minor marks, revealing a fair and translucent texture for ur face. 

Good day and Good rest ^^ enjoy my dinner first haha

LAst weekend, I went to a private college with my sister and family to listen for a talk for a Bursary program, and the director of the college pre-u program was really good in persuading the parents to send their children into that particular private college. Well she did a very good job with super fluent English and a very broad knowledge on programs offered to them, in order to send ur children to the overseas. there were many students get an excellent result for their future, and get a place in Havard, Cambridge, bla bla bla

But the problem is, look carefully, Bursary program took a 24 months course ( start from July 2013 to July 2015, and the result for A level is going to be announced on August 2015), but for the international university, their school admission is usually fall in late August and early September. which means you need to apply for that uni quite early if you wish to get in. Do you think you are able to register yourself to get a place in University during mid of August? FYI, according to my frens, several interviews and paper works are required for the selection ( not even admission), unless you are a superman, if not you are not able to finish them within a month.

Furthermore, Bursary scholarship only targeted at world TOP 10 university for medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, engineering bla bla, which means you have to go through a very fierce competition to get a place for the interview with thousands of elites all around the world. Do you have the confident to do it? for me, this programs doesnt show any sincerity to the students. Limitation is there, and it does not sound fair to everyone. Y cant i choose for other universities in overseas which i have more confident with that i can get a place? If a student want to enroll themselves in Top 10 university, they have to be really outstanding in academic, co-curriculum, leadership and most important~ proficiency in English. and here, English is a very big trouble to most of us especially Chinese educated students as it was not our mother tongue since young and we do not speak it everyday. Even now I try to speak English everyday in my life, my English still beyond the qualification level.

For those who are wealthy enuf, you may think that it is not a problem at all for you to give up Bursary scholarship, and enroll yourself into any college for overseas program by using your own money, and maybe apply for scholarship in future. But what about those ppl who cannot afford the fees? study in overseas for medicine need around RM 1 million for the study fees ( not included living cost and rental fees), if pharmacy and dentistry maybe around RM 600k, it is not a small amount but a very huge number to most of the family. That is why these students with excellent result need to have a scholarship from government, to support them for a better education. If the scholarship is offered without a secure guarantee in future, what for you take for it? JPA is no longer available for SPM students, this maybe a heartbroken news but sorry, the chance you get medicine, dentistry and pharmacy for ur degree under BURSARY program is very low. ( according to the lecturers and some students from previous batch of Bursary program)

My sister is one of them who fall into this dillema, whether to gamble her future life or not. If she choose for A level under Bursary program, she might not get what she want in future and end up with disappoinment; if she choose for matriculation, she will have a better chance to get dentistry ( this is what she want). actually my sister deserved for a better education, not in Malaysia local public university but some overseas uni which offered good courses. But she don have the confident to fight for the top 10 university in the world.

So, why most of the good students in our country wish to go overseas for further education but not staying in Malaysia? look at our ranking, is it a good and wise choice to stay here? I have no choice becoz my result was not that excellent enuf to get the chance, but my sister is really an excellent student! Malaysia public uni-s world ranking keep on dropping year by year without any improvement. And our government deny the statement that our universities have bad ranking in the world, by using the reason the organisation who ranked the universities is using a different concept for judgement, which do not reflect the education system in Malaysia. But why our university had such a bad ranking if they think we are qualified enuf to compete with the world?

Look at the chart, for the following link and photos from several sources, no matter who is doing the arrangement, our universities ranking are really bad enuf compared to the others countries like Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar. The best ranking we had is not enuf in the list of top 100 in the world. what a pity news!!! what is the reason? is it becoz of unfair education system in Malaysia? i don wish to mention much here as it is a sensitive issue, you know what do I mean. In my course, there is only 50 chinese out of 130 ppl in my batch, and 3 indians. for my juniors, the number is worse, around 40 chinese in their batch, without STPM students. There are a lot of elites in our country couldn't get what they want in their life, the courses that they wish to get so much; while there are some ppl who is taking the course that others want it so badly, and gave up in the middle of the study journey.

Malaysia uni world ranking

for those who are interested to do medicine for their degree, here is some of the list for public uni and private unis. of coz, public uni had better lecturers, education systems and facilities compared to private uni. 

List of Public University that provide medical courses
  1. University of Malaya ( UM)- KL ~ MBBS
  2. University Kebangsaan Malaysia ( UKM)- KL Cheras Campus
  3. University Putra Malaysia ( UPM)- in Serdang 
  4. University Sains Malaysia ( USM)- Kelantan campus
  5. University Malaysia Sarawak ( UNIMAS)
  6. University Malaysia Sabah ( UMS)
  7. University Technology Mara ( UiTM) 
  8. University Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)
  9. IIUM
    **Source from Medical schools in Malaysia 2012 and wikipedia
List of Private University that provide medical courses (21 in total)
  1. International Medical University ( IMU)
  2. Monash University Malaysia Campus
  3. Penang Medical College ( PMC)
  4. Melaka Manipal Medical College
  5. AIMST
  6. Royal College of Medicine Perak
  7. University College Sedaya International ( UCSI)
  8. Allianze College of Medical Sciences ( ACMS)
  9. Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences
  10. MSU-IMS
  11. Mahsa University College
  12. Taylor's University College
  13. Newcastle University-Medicine Malaysia
  14. UTAR
  15. SEGI University College
  16. Asia Metropolitan University
  17. Insaniah University College
  18. Perdana University, John Hopkins
  19. Lincoln University College
  20. Quest International University Perak
  21. University College Shah Putra
    **Source from list of medical private uni
and you know what is the consequences of having so many medical programs in Malaysia? we are facing the problems of Doctor over flood in our country, and during my year, the ratio of doctor : patients will be around 1 :2, which means 1 doctor with only 2 patients. we will have more doctors compared to patients in future, yes patients will have more medical attention from the doctors, but the bad outcome is this trend will produce a lot of unskilled doctors as they are not well-trained in handling situation during their houseman-ship. we will have less chance for being exposed to variety of cases, less practice and less confidence in case diagnosis and management. what i saw in hospital nowadays is a bunch of doctors surrounding only a patient, and only of them had the chance to treat the patient while the others just stood and watched.

seriously government should limit the numbers of medical programs offered in Malaysia, limit the number of medical college ( abolish those colleges which do not meet the qualification) or limit the number of medical students enrollment for each year with a fair system. yes we need a lot of doctors, but we need to emphasize on the quality and not the quantity. what is the point if we had a lot of unskilled doctors to put our life on risk? and this is one of the reason why our university had a bad ranking in the world list becoz we produce unqualified graduates. 

Choose your life wisely and with a smart, rational thinking. Your path should be chosen by you without being influenced by others, bcoz no one can control ur life beside urself. if you don like it, don choose for it. 

so hey, what is the latest news for Malaysian's Facebook nowadays?? yupp~ Malaysia 13rd general election is coming soon on 5th May 2013!!! Yesterday was the nomination day, and it break the record of previous general election for having the most number of candidates ( 1900 ppl in total) and the most number of independent candidates ( 270 ppl), which means they do not side for neither BN nor DAP.

well im not going to talk more about it becoz my freedom of writing is actually restricted under AKTA MAHASISWA, which means i will get caught if i comment anything or side to anyone in my writing. if I want to do so, yes i may but i will lose my qualification as a JPA holder and the worst outcome, kicked out from medical faculty of UPM ( well i haven get my JPA although my new sem adi started since last month, im super poor now =_=

I am a Penang lang ( proud to say that). 我所居住的地方有一个很棒的国会议员~ 槟城首席部长林冠英先生, 很负责任的州议员林峰成先生。yes, i am a bagan ppl. As a penang ppl, most of the students was exposed to political issues since secondary school and we are aware of what is happening around us ( don think we are nerdy, some ppl said teenagers nowadays all 政治冷感,but we do care about it, not becoz we want to become a politician in future, but we do care about our country.)

Nomination day in Penang for Mr.Lim Guan Eng, with a super big crowd of supporters from DAP, PKR and PAS, or we said, Pakatan Rakyat. He is really a very successful ppl to get all the Penang Langs' hearts although it was some objection towards him during last election becoz he was not borned or lived in Penang. but he proved that although he was not a Penang lang before, he can still live as a Penang Lang and understand what we want for our future. Good job =)) ( no political offend, just appreciate what he had done to us for the pass 5 years time, Penang really improved a lot from the previous)

while BN government introduced a lot of international artist to have a concert in Penang, first is PSY during CNY, and now is 黎明,谭咏麟 bla bla bla. but tis concert got a lot of offensive voice from the public becoz we need to pass up our IC copy if we wish to get the ticket. I don understand y? sincerity is not there for me, if u want to open for public it should not have any rules or regulations. thanks for bringing them here, but too bad u bring them at the wrong timing. They said there was 60k + ppl attended the concert yesterday, Im not very sure about it. but at least we can see some effort from them. 无功也有劳

Before that, most ppl who lives in outstation or overseas would not like to come back to vote, it is a responsibility as a Malaysian to vote for our country during general election but the awareness is not there. But for this year, something changed a bit. those who lived in overseas try their best to come back, getting tickets, by all mode of transportation. the awareness is really high enuf. and the local restaurants also give some sort of support as a salute to those who come back far away to vote. 

I don have the chance to vote this year, i am a 92 kids. yes i am 21 but i haven pass my birthday yet TT so sad so emo.... 

**one thing I would like to beg to both party, plz la reduce the amount of flags, posters or banners on the street for election. If u want to do so plz make sure that u do not block the view for the road users. so dangerous and can cause accident anytime

finish first part for general election, there is some point of view from me about our current social issues. 

First, students for undergraduate should not be restricted from politics, freedom have to be given with certain limitation but not totally banned. we should be given a chance to walk on the street, said out our hope for future without being scared of get caught and expelled from the school. We are mature enuf to have rational thinking, we know what are we doing and most important, we know what we want to fight for our future. We are no longer 3 years old small kids to get influence easily by other. We might not get to vote but at least we can have the freedom to speak. I don understand why certain politician are so afraid to let the undergraduate students to have such an opportunity? We are uni students. politics should be exposed to us since secondary school, if not like some of my frens, they cant even named out who is our Timbalan Perdana Menteri, and they have zero knowledge towards the background of our country. In short, they dunno what is happening around them. stop being fooled by those fake manifesto from some immoral action from some party!!! tis is really ashamed enuf to play dirty during election just to win. 

Second, apart from general election, all the "candy" given show their sincerity, but not give just becoz we want to run this project, without any proper planning. Most of the collaboration partner do not aware of this program and confuse with the service that they should provide under this program. Kad siswa for undergraduate students is a failure I could say. I can do nothing with it except to get a 50 cents discount when I had my meal in Marrybrown in Pudu before I on board or when I reached.
 A&W yes, buy one free one for only regular cups for root beer; 
KFC, 10% discount with not exceeded RM20 per receipt; 
KL rapid card, I have no idea how to relate it with kad siswa; 
Dubu-dubu restaurant, only with one set of selected meal, and that food taste suck;
Mydin shopping, I wont go that place, it totally crowded with foreign labours and it is unsafe at all....
the others? sorry I dunno what can i do with it. 

Beside the kad siswa, i woule llike to say about the education in Malaysia. I went to an open day in a college with my sister yesterday, and no offend to anyone, private college organization you all really look mata duitan in my mind. You should brief the students about what is the A-level programs and courses provided under Bursary scholarship from KPM but not brainwashing the parents to send their children into the private college and started to suck their money like a vampire. Obviously, this is not a good scholarship offer at all without a good planning ahead. What is the point to send their children in if they know that there is a high chance they cannot fulfill the dreams and ambition in future? Actually I would like to suggest for not taking A level with Bursary coz I don think it is worth for it. You have to fight for a spot in the top 10 uni in the world with over thousands of elites from other countries. You are actually gambling ur life without a safe guarantee as a backup. 
as a small advice here to parents and students who wish to get medicine for their uni course, 
DON TAKE IT if you have no interest in Medicine.
For the parents, don force ur children if they don wish for. For the children, think it twice, is it your real interest to be a doctor? As a current medical students, I would like to say that life is totally not easy at all. Will share more info about how to choose a right course especially Medicine in my coming blog post if I have the time. 
**I blog my life as a medical students before, check the lable on UPM student life and a link of life as medical student

Let us pray for Malaysia, no matter who is going to be the next government in Putrajaya, We hope that our leaders can have a good planning for Malaysia to make it better, and for a better tomoro in ahead. Im not going to side on any party, just let the ppl to judge and vote for it. Although the current government had a lot of things need to be improved, but still they did build our country in certain degree.

Love to eat lobster!! I ate it for the first time when I went to Taiwan, it tasted so delicious~ well since i went Taiwan a long long time ago until i forgot about the details haha, I would like to share another two places that you shouldnt miss the chance to taste the lobster food there!!! 

In local Malaysia, most of the lobsters are imported. Tambun in Perak, Pulau Langkawi in Kedah and Pulau Aman in Penang are some of the places that is recommended by the other of my frens. But i never tried lobsters in local coz it was so expensive. How about overseas?

I ate awesome lobster during my vacation to Cape town, South Africa and also Perth, Australia. personally i still prefer the lobster from South Africa haha. Let's see how special the lobsters are

Comparison of Lobsters from 2 different countries with two different cultures~ the above one is from Perth Australia with cheesy grilled Lobster ( freshly cooked, yummy yummy) while the below one is the lobsters from Cape Town South Africa, which is larger in size and more juicy hehe. Both of the lobster meals came in set with french fried. while the South Africa served a better meal with mushroom soup and dessert ^^ 
**my dad told me that Perth's Lobster is more expensive, im not so sure about it.

Now we look at the Perth Australia first, we ate it during our journey to the Grand Pinnacles in Perth. Usually it is included in a package tour. It is named as " LOBSTER SHACK" and it is located beside the Indian Ocean i think? coz the wave current was super big. wow

Me with my mummy at the lobster shack for photos, haha we became lobster jor

FYI, the lobster shack from the Perth is actually a kind of factory. they kept the freshly caught live Lobster from the deep seas into this factory for labeling and marketing. they got several grades from A to F according to size. the A grade is the largest and most expensive. we ate the grade C and grade D lobster that time. Public are allowed to visit the factory and translation machines are provided to visitors =)) 

the lobster shack provide a picnic spot for visitors and we all had our meal there, with a relaxing mood. Actually the trip that we took provided picnic style lunch for everyone, with typical western food ( not chicken chop but ham, sausages, fruits and mash potato)

The outside scene from the lobster shack. looks like a war zone haha. 

After describe about Perth, now we go to Cape town, South Africa. We had our meal in Cape Town after we visited the Table Mountain, the restaurant is located beside the Indian Ocean, sometimes if you are lucky enuf you can see whales from the restaurant. such a good spot!! but I forgot its name adi haha.

The sea view from the restaurant, I picked the seat next to the window ^^ the restaurant was very famous and crowded. Oh yeah, for the Perth tour and Cape Town tour, both we took the package from Super Tour Sdn.Bhd and they offered good packages with good food. 

There were a lot of sea birds on the beach. we fed them with pieces of bread after our meal when we went for a walk on the beach. The beach was super pretty and the ocean was super stunning. 

The dessert after the meal. well it was a typical western meal, first they served us with appetizers~ the mushroom soup and garlic bread. Then they came with the main course~ the lobster meal!!! after the meal they served us with chocolate vanilla ice-cream with a cherry on top. 

And at last, my picture together with the blue sea+ snowy white sand ^^ I love both of the places, they are really awesome!!! and of coz, I love lobster too hiak hiak

My friends found that I was quite quiet recently, without any reasons I just feel like I have no mood to talk and no space for happy. He is leaving me, yes he is going to leave me here and march forward to his success life, while I still need to struggle for 3 years more to get out from this school. Im gonna miss him a lot…. Boy just passed his professional exam and going to be a doctor very soon in June, I shall feel very happy and proud of him, but I found that this feeling was just a temporary moment. I don wish him to leave me, seriously, but at the same time I have to let go, so he can chase the dream that he want so much all these years~ become a doctor, and then proceed to be a pediatric specialist, and sub summore into the cardiologist for pediatric group. While me?? I’m just a normal ordinary second year medical student waiting for professional 1 exam without much effort, yet ( I promise I will study hard soon)

I should not have any negative emotion on this matter, but I just cannot control my emotion. Every time when I think of he officially graduates from this medical school and gonna leave this faculty forever until his convo during October, I felt loneliness….. I wish he can stay with me longer but at the same time definitely I don wish him to get any extension because of failure in the examination. He is a smart person and a very well-organized ppl, and this is the reason why he is attractive. I just don wish that the gap between us is getting bigger and bigger…. Yes my knowledge is not there, not as the same level as his, but im improving. Plz slow down ur steps to wait for me, look behind to make sure that im still following you, but not missing my direction to somewhere else…..

The future is just a very far topic and idea to me, what I see now is how am I going to pass my prof, but I cant predict how long this relationship can sustain and how long both of us can be together. Well of coz I wish to be with him forever, but who knows? Life is totally unpredictable, and this is a long distance relationship, much effort and sacrifices are needed from both of us to manage the relationship well. I have confident with him, but I just don have confident with his surroundings. (well forget about me, I have no market value here at all). What if someday he met another girl who is even better than me, maybe a new houseman like him or a nurse? I cant kill and chop that girl into pieces for bah kut te, so I just pray hard this situation wont happen to me ( it did happened in reality among my frens)

I will miss every moment of us, the time we studied together in the faculty until midnight time; when we jogged together in K17 to Bukit Ekspo; Dined together for dinner in the café while complaining the food was totally tasteless; walked one round and round in the faculty area at night time….. after this Friday, Im gonna study alone in the faculty, without ur voice as my companion, and no ppl will eat the food I cooked for special. No ppl will bear with my bad temper when I was frustrated, no ppl is going to cheer me up when I was in a bad mood….

This Friday is the last day he stay in K17….and after this Friday, I am going to be alone, neither single nor available =)) 

First of all, I got a good news to share here. I got a Doctor Boyfriend adi ^^ weeeeee, and he is..... deng deng deng Dr Steven ^^ haha congratz to my boy for passing his prof 3 exam with excellent performance and become a good doctor in coming 3 months time. Feel proud of him ^^ 
so as a promise, we went to KLCC together last week. **promise him long long time ago adi. 

How we went there? from KTM serdang, we bought tickets to KL sentral, and bought the Kelana Jaya line LRT to KLCC. so easy right? the transportation is improving recently, due to election?? muahahaha

me and boy in the LRT, cheeeezzzzzz so excited haha

we reached KLCC around afternoon time, in less than an hour time. so without wasting our time, we bought the tickets for the sky bridge KLCC at C floor. Our mission tis time ^^ FYI, KLCC petronas tower is the tallest building in South East Asia, there is 86 floor in total, and the bridge is at 41-42 level. The skybridge was closed on Monday, so for those who are interested plz check the schedule first ya haha

About the price of the ticket, for the adult, with mykad is RM25, without Mykad ( foreigner) is RM80, for the kids, is RM30 for foreigner and RM12 with MyKid hehe. for more infomation plz visit petronas sky bridge tickets

Me with the Petronas twin tower as the background ^^ hehe

one of the exit at the KLCC suria shopping mall, there are 4 exits in total, each exits got different view for photoshooting ^^

See a handsome there? he is Dr.Steven ^^ haha boy with the fountain and the pool. 

**a tips here, if u dunno how to go to the ticket counter, you can enter the KLCC Suria via this door, turn left and you will saw a sign board written SKY BRIDGE and GIFT SHOPS, there is a counter for customer information too. it is a G floor once we enter, so we needed to take an escalator to go down to C floor to the ticket counter. 
There are a lot of session slots, from morning until night time. Mine session is 2.15pm, while my sister went there last time for night session after X'mas. If you wish for a morning/evening session, weekday is a better choice. =))

The KLCC tower tickets ^^ cant wait to get up to enjoy the view. 
The marker on the ticket can be used for visual game at the pinnacles of the KLCC twin tower later. 

OUr lunch before the sky bridge session. Our session was scheduled at 2.15pm, so we searched for lunch. Initially we wish to try for Little Penang Cafe which was recommended by the other bloggers, but it was to crowded then we had to leave. No a good timing that time, everyone was coming out for lunch. So we just simply chose a restaurant and had our meal there. Both of us ordered for white sauce spaghetti with beef  and we shared a cup of cendol together. not bad

Then we walked to the opposite gate to enjoy the park view. nice right?? ya I was amazed by the scene in the park. never expect for a beautiful park in this crowded urban area 

The twin tower ^^

The twin tower model in the waiting room at C floor ticket counter. The twin tower project started during 1992 and the concept for the design was a Islamic flora shape. There was an introductory video in the room so we can understand more about this building. It is a 525m tall building and has 86 floors for each of the building. It was built during the Tun Dr Mahatir ( our 4th prime minister in Malaysia) time. 

outside the twin tower in the garden with a very European feel restaurant, actually it is a high class japanese restaurant if im not mistaken hehe. the food here were really expensive enuf, poor me poor student, JPA belum masuk lagi summore @~@ 

inside the waiting room, played with the visual games first with my tickets ^^ 

Drinks, food and backpack bags were not allowed to bring to the skybridge, of coz, strictly non-smoking area. we had to put our beverages at the luggage counter at the check-in counter beside the gift shops ( free of charge, but have to make sure we remember to claim them bag after the visit). but luckily that shopping bags were allowed ^^ 

We have to Q up for check in 15 mins before our session. since we Q up quite early, we can start our journey slightly earlier together with the previous session. We were recognized by different colours of the bands, so they can gather us easily when time's up. 

Took picture together with the poster behind. 
My outfit of the day~ dress from Kitschen, shoes from Opera, bags from Bangkok and necklace from Forever 21~ I got them all at a very cheap price during sales!!! muahahaha i love sales

First we need to pass thru a screening check before we entered the lift to make sure we did not bring any harmful weapons. Then we will took the lift to reach 41st floor for the skybridge. There are at least 3 polis bantuan ( or we called as visitor police) along for each trip of the lift. No choice as KLCC Petronas Twin Tower was once the target for those terrorists after the incident of 911 in USA. So serious security check was taken to keep us safety. Good Good, but maybe they can arrange more police on the street than the lift?? 0.o feel so unsafe nowadays while walking on the street >~<

And yes, we reached the sky bridge!! we were given 10-15 mins to take pictures on the sky bridge. The sky bridge was suspended at the level of 170m away from the street. 
Hehe tis picture is BF with the KL view =))

KL view from the sky bridge. My sister told me that the night view was much more better than this with all the lights on, but last time they forgot to bring a proper camera so they cant really take a good quality pictures. I love my canon Ixus 130 =)) although there is upgraded version but i think this camera really have good colour quality compared to the others. 

another side of the sky bridge with the KLCC park and the water park. I used to play in the water park ( the pool side with the light blue colour) and it was really fun that time ^^

together with boy on the sky bridge +))

act cute time ^^ hehe do i look cute here? i think my boy was much more cuter than me lol

tickets together with the sky bridge =)) a lot of Caucasians came here for a visit.  

We then proceeded to the pinnacles of the twin tower at 86th floor. wow it is really high enuf haha. 

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