Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Planned for it since a very long long time ago to have a trip to Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, and after non-stop jio here and there, finally I went there together with my besities~ Goo, Wei en and Sien ( ya she appeared again haha). 

FYI, this is the 5th hot air balloon fiesta in putrajaya and here is the link for it http://www.myballoonfiesta.com/
They released around 20+ hot air balloons per day into the air and 5 riding hot air balloon for RM 20 ( and you have to Q up as early as 4am =_=) The entrance is totally free and it was located in Persint 2 Putrajaya this year, from 28-31 March 2013, from 7am-9pm

The balloon show got 2 session, one is as early as 7am-9am while the another one is 6pm-7pm. well we woke up quite late that day and we reached there aroudn 10am, so we missed out the show TT but i still manage to get some photos from my frens who went there during the next day. It was really crowded enough with lots and lots of ppl!! 

Since wei en said her house is nearer to the venue and she can watch the balloon show for free from her balcony ( her house is in Cyber Height Villa and she owned a very nice lake view from the balcony, oh yeah wei en is a medical student from Perdana University ^^) She told us that her apartment cost around 580k, OMG!!!! very jealous lar she got a very nice house here, very high standard living style. 

Hamsters in the house~ Hi Foxy and Jerry!! hehe Foxy is very plump lor, Wei En fed it too much adi but it was super cute!

The interior view of her house, due to privacy reason i din took any picture in her bedroom~ but her bedroom is the most awesome one and she got a bathtub inside the bathroom @.@ 

the outside view of the apartment~ well each block of apartment got a security guard so it is very safe enough ^^ love the environment there

And the next morning, we departed from Cyber Height Villa at 9.30 am, without breakfast =ppp the taxi costed us around RM 12 to reach to Persint 2, just beside the Putrajaya Lake. It was super crowded that time, oh yeah we reached there around 10am, luckily I brought my umbrella coz the weather was unbearably HOT!!!

The most cutest Hot Air Balloon I saw in the Fiesta, they released around 23 Hot Air Balloon in the morning session, missed it out huhuhuhu

A hot air balloon which just landed at the blue zone of the venue

The first Hot Air Balloon we saw when we walked in, the balloon from OREO for 100th anniversary in blue colour hehe

Since i cant watch the flying show, so I get some pictures from my frens as compensation haha, they went there in the midnight as they wished to have a ride on the Hot Air Balloon so much~ hehe i wish to ride too, but I want the free flying one, and my destination will be New Zealand!! hope my wish can become a reality one day in future ^^ of coz la i wish to ride it together with my boy hehe

The flying show in the morning, do u saw the SMURF?? hehe

wow so many different kind of patterns of the hot air balloons, got so many cartoons ha ^^

the preparation from the participants to light up the fire to create enuf heat for the balloon to fly 

**The hot air balloon sessions were closed in the evening due to the hot weather~ they said they cant fly coz it was too dangerous TT_TT

But we are lucky enough to have a walk in the hot air balloon, the cold inflation!! a very interesting experience for us to play inside and it costed us RM 2 only!! of coz there was time limitation la hehe

We then walked to the red zone and found this interesting photo-shooting session as a memorable souvenirs~ it is free of charge, hehe i love FOC

And we paid for RM 5 for this photo-shooting with the bakul of the hot air balloon haha

There were 5 zones in total, yellow zone the helicopter area ( RM130 per seater ) and bazaaar area , blue zone the free flying area and tethered area, green zone the extreme park ( i love it the most), red zone the corporate area, and purple zone the Food and Beverage area ^^

we then continue our journey to the green zone, sponsored by mountain dew, so you can enjoy as many mountain dew as u like for free!! There were a lot of extreme games available and we really had a lot of fun in the park~

The KMX bike from UK for RM15, we didnt take it hehe

The famous SEGWAY for RM 25 ( personally i think it was not worth as it traveled for a short distance only)

Paintball for RM 20 ^^ "pain" ball for my last experience in Malacca haha. but it was not a war game style but just normal shooting games, we loved their outfits so much so just took photos la hehe

Kids Orb for RM 10~ only for Kids huhu

This was super funny~ the bumper orb!! it costs around RM 10 per orb, same goes to hamster orb. we didnt play this one coz it will only be fun if u play it together with ur big gang of frens~

But we chose for the most interesting one~ the water orb!! RM 20 per ball, but a ball can fit 2 ppl, so 4 of us played for it. It was a super exhausting games seriously, I was to tiring after staying in the ball for just around 5 mins until I cant move at all, coz we need to crawl like a hamster in the ball on the water, how to balance? so we just smashed on each other in the ball haha

Before me and goo started our crazy journey in the ball~

and this is wat happened next......

both of us look like ghost having a fight in the ball hahahaha, kept on falling on each other and screamed for help~ laughed until no energy at all

They thought their condition will be different from us.....but in fact......

not at all XDDDD
wei wei en played until she cant move at all when she came out from the ball hahahaha

After the tiring games we continued to walk down to the Millenium Monument which recorded the history of Malaysia from the past till the recent =))
Group photo session together ^^

Crazy photos with the monster poster of Mountain Dew

and last, the leng lui photo with beautiful lake view In Putrajaya on the Monument ^^

We then had our lunch in the purple zone and departed back to Putrajaya Sentral for bus via Nadi Putra bus ( 50 cents only haha), here ends our storied in Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, hope to go for it again next year!!

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