Kuching Fairy cave and Tasik Biru~ 仙洞与碧湖

Hehe, last update of my Kuching trip during my vacation~ the destination of the last day ~^^~ the Fairy cave and Tasik Biru, which is 30 mins away from the city of Kuching. Actually we planned for another cave named the Wind cave, but due to time constrain we had to sacrifice it ( the first reason we sacrifice it is becoz of the bats, yea Wind cave is the habitat of bats and we all very scare to kena their shit muahahaha)

We started our journey quite late at 9.30am that morning, and had breakfast form Joyce' mummy, get the torchlight from the house and departed. ** the torchlight was super essential for the journey!!
And girls, it is a journey for discovery, so plz wear suitable attire for it ya. Dont wear slipper like my fren haha. and skirts also hehehe

well the GPS brought us to the wrong direction so we reached there around 10.15am. there is a mini zoo nearby where you can have your meal there and enjoy the cute animals in the zoo ( i just passed by to ask for direction only). The parking in Fairy cave is free, and the entrance is.... FREE!!
So the pic above is the entrance of the Fairy Cave, it was around 4-5 storey high?? we had to climb up the stairs to reach the real entrance, huhu exhausting. But the view along the stairs was really amazing enough.

Me took picture with the Fairy Cave signboard before we started the journey ^^

4 of us reached the real entrance of the cave finally!!
Well it was extremely dark at the entrance of the cave until we nearly gave up to climb the staircase which we thought was very slippery and haunted XD Yes we brought the torchlight but unfortunately the light was not strong enuf >~< but at last Sien decided to climb up to the stair and we just followed her. And guess wat, the view after the staircase is totally Amazing!! we all rated it as 10/10 when we saw the view, cant believe that there was such a beautiful scene in Malaysia. 

One of the scene in the cave. 有很多漂亮的钟乳石, 和一个很神奇的采光洞

posing with the 采光洞 in the cave which serve as the source of light in the cave. I had been a lot of caves before but I think tis one is the best compared to Gua Kelam, Gua Tempurung and Batu Caves

The path in the cave are well maintained, good news for it so we did not faced any problems to walk to every single angle and direction in the caves. Just beware that the path is quite slippery and sometimes you may accidentally step on the bats' shit, EWWWW haha

the most amazing part in the cave~ 采光洞

Khai sien and soo ling walked to another side of the cave to discover its beauty

Me with the super pretty background haha. Oh yeah there were alot of wooden platform provided at several amazing spots for u to take good picture for a good memory
**when we went to the cave, there is only 4 of us haha. but when we went back we met with a big groups of  family members with kids. It is a very nice place for family day interaction =))

Do this limestone look like human? LOL the local Chinese people tied up a red cloth on it, so they can pray for 4D numbers. actually there is a small water pool there but i forgot the name 

With another unique limestone in the cave

Another side of the caves, we did not enter it as we were having shortage of time and we did not bring a good torchlight for it. I read some blog articles before said that if you wish to discover the whole cave it will take up to 2 hours for it. 
hehe since we were lazy we just stayed there for around 45 mins 

the view in the cave, the staircases is heading to the another end of the cave and there was a platform for the cave view. it is really breathtaking~ love this place, rank it as 3rd coz i love Damai Beach and the Semenggong Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center more haha

the view from the entrance when we walked up to the stairs

another view on the stairs, felt so reluctant to leave this place leh

the old version of stairs, so dangerous yerrr so geli. if we had to climb for it, i swear i will shiver the whole journey haha. 

After we came out from the Fairy Cave, we drove ourselves to Tasik Biru. Oh yeah forgot to mention, both of the destinations located in Bau, a small town near to Kuching. There was a tragedy happened before in Tasik Biru, where around 20+ students and a teacher were met in an accident and fell into the lake....
The distance between Fairy cave and Tasik Biru wasnt very far, just around 10 minutes time for it

Along the way heading to the Tasik Biru

Here we are!! Tasik Biru, nice view hehe. but also very hot arrrrr

I was totally amazed by the beauty of the lake. it is really blue enuf , and tis is how it got its name: Tasik Biru ( Biru=blue in malay)

Took picture with the sign board again. first time i saw Chinese signboard in Kuching haha

Appreciate the beauty of the lake, blue water, greenish plants, beautiful sky, everything is in a very harmony mood and mind relaxing

end my story here with the last picture of the lake ^^

Goodbye Kuching, love Kuching a lot, in love with the nature =))

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