UPM life part 5~ Medic night year 2

Before I write the blog about my semenggoh trip, I wish to share about my UPM life here. Yes after one year, I pass all my exams and become a second year medical student ^^ weeeeeV

What had changed between first year and second year? erm besides than bullying the junior ( kekeke), we also change our status during the Medic Night from performers into tutors. Tis year, our previous modern dance group leader Kok Onn had became the President of the event, named Nostalgia. While Im in charge to train the modern dance juniors ( 8 of them in total) with the other friends too. 

To view the performance during the medic night, plz view it in youtube as i cant upload it here, sad. will update the link later haha. The medic night this year was hold in Swiss Garden Hotel Grand Hibiscus Hall, on 5th of January night. We started the preparation since October 2012 and undergo at least 5 times of rehearsal to make the things perfect =)

So what is so special about the medic night this year? the Committee decided to change the traditional style of performance and add in some drama sketch + video which made the event more cheerful and interesting ^^ We got 8 performance in total:
the opening dance
chinese traditional fan dance
Malay traditional dance
Indian traditional dance
The band team
Chinese Modern dance
Malay modern dance
and finallyyyy.....
Flash mob!! 
well the flash mob is the hardwork from the committee team to unite all the 1st and 2nd year medical students as a surprise to our 5th year seniors and all the lecturers. We kept it as a secret for 2 months during the practise haha. And it really brought the atmosphere to another peak 
The songs we used are: Marry you, I need a girl, I don't need a man, I do and Like this 

During the performance, we took a lot of pictures too ^^ 

Took picture with the twins ( top student in my batch ) and also siao tiing, we sat together that day with some of my housemates too. 

With the princess of the event, oh forgot to introduce, the sketch was about nostalgia, the story begun with Paul ( the male lead character) who fall in love with Ming Rhee ( the girl beside me) and how they start their life in UPM medical school life since first year until 5 year, and graduated. And proposed in the medic night!! woohooo, don misunderstand, tis is all about acting haha

With AMSA Health Day 2013 Programmer Team. well that time actually we were busying with another event named AMSA Health Day too, which was 2 weeks after the medic night. It was a health screening community event, which enable the medical students to serve the community during study life. 

With St.Anne Chapel CSSUPM members, actually there were 5 of us, but Paul and Patricia were not around that time. On my right is Joyce and Left is Diana Hon 

3 sampat housemates~ sin yen, soo ling and khai sien. They always appeared in the blog d haha

Pretty Sin Yen <3 and="" best="" friend="" hehe="" housemate="" in="" k17="" my="" of="" one="" p="" upm="">
She cut her hair before the medic night until very short and she was so regret about her decision!! muahaha

With my malay fren ^^ They look gorgeous with their special Baju Kebaya that night

Cheezzzz ^^ the 2012 Chinese modern dance group and the tutors of 2013 chinese Modern Dance group for the event. the one with grey bow tie is Kok Onn, the president of the event. Proud of him for the success of the event. 

And here, the gathering of first, second year medical student Chinese Modern dance Group + Alistair, the third year medical student from Chinese modern dance group too. took it after their performance, good jobs to the juniors, they were really stunning on the stage! Best performance of the night hehe
LOL the juniors sprayed their hair into different colours, reminded me of the Big Bang fantastic Baby haha. 

with 2 pretty white angels ^^ 

KMPP reunion photos, well actually I din receive much guidance from KMPP seniors when we enter UPM, **actually i dunno which of them from KMPP too. But tis year, 3 of us guided the juniors since they knew they were coming into UPM, helped them to be recruited in a good buddy line. Hope that they will lead the next batch of KMPP juniors well too. 
The KMPP juniors were involved for the Chinese yoyo show tis year, and the one with blue gown is the leader of the team. Awesome solo performance and great teamwork 

Yeah Yeah my Monday couple Fantasia!! We have non stop topic to be shared with hehe

And of course, how can i forget my beloved housemates?? Thanks to them for the support during the study week and all the discussion. although sometimes we will quarrel la ( small matter among girls hehe). Are they pretty? for me, YES!!

My beloved roommate, she is a very low profile girl. feel sorry to her as i always not in the room, as I always went out for the meeting for activities ><

My buddy line. well this is a combined line ^^ since our big buddies are couple. Buddy don forget to invite me to your marriage party =p  They look blissful to each other 
the middle one with green shirt is the shinning star of the night, the group leader of Opening dance. lol i didnt expect he can actually dance very well haha 

Little Cobuddy from Lok Yee's line, Eric Ng
Upload this coz i love the masks from the opening group so much~ very special haha 

with little buddy again. 

of coz...... My bf!! He is one of the 5th year seniors who attended the event too and praise that we organised it very well this year. Thank you bi ^^ 
He was so handsome like a prince charming that night hehe

Look charming leh, don jealous me hehe

And here, the class rep of this sem~ Mahen!! He is an Indian but he mixed well with everyone. He is one of the vice president of the event too. Rocker style haha

My neighbour in k17, we stayed on the same floor. also the house of pretty in the batch ^^

bye bye medic night 2013 ^^ with a cute pose from Mr Pan Kok Onn haha. 
The dinner ended around 11.00pm but we went back around 12am for the cleaning and photographing session. So tired!! until i din wash my hair and just went to bed like that after removing all the make ups and changed my clothes XD but it was a wonderful experience

For the performance, you can view it in youtube ^^ and here are the links 

Love the medic night tis year, looking forward for the next one!! hehe

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