Bako National Park, place to fall in love with nature

Here comes the day 4 of my Kuching trip, and we went to Bako National Park, one of the oldest national park in Malaysia, with abundant of living creatures+ resources in the park. One of the place i love the most beside the Damai Beach in Santubong. 

Since my fren warned me that it was a tiring journey, we decided to take the bus so our driver of the trip~Joyce can have a rest for that day. We were told by the Hotel Magerita workers that the Rapid Kuching bus no.1 is the bus that we were looking for, and we can board on the bus from Restaurant Khatulistiwa, which is just a few meters apart from Hotel Magerita. BUt they told us tat usually the bus was not punctual la =0=
The bus scheduled as 8am, 9am,10am and etc. So we departed from the house around 9.25am and waited for the 10am bus. it did not appear until 10.15am, and we were sicked of waiting, so we just board on a van which charged us RM50 for 4 person to Bako. It took us about 40 mins to reach Bako National Park entrance from Kuching waterfront. 

Obviously it was not our day at all. When we reached the entrance, we were told by the rangers that we could not go to the park until 1pm due to low tide and it was very dangerous for us to take the boat unless we wished to get stuck in the mud. oh yeah we reached there around 11am, which means that we need to wait for 2 hours before we could start our journey TT. No choice, but we had to wait.

We registered ourselves with the rangers first and booked the boat for the trip. the entrance fees is cheap with Mykad, RM10 per person?? i cant remember the exact no >~< for the boat, we took the journey from the park entrance to Teluk Pandan Besar and dropped by at Teluk Paku, which cost us RM129 in total. ( RM94 for to and fro to Bako jetty, extra RM35 to Teluk Pandan Besar for the cobra stone view =) ). They suggested us to take a local tour guide at RM 100 but we rejected. 
The boatman there also suggest another trip for us to the upstream of the Sarawak River at RM100 per boat  , what is it?? A trip for wild crocodile~ I wish, i really wish to go for the trip but my frens all said no. 

There were a lot of trails in the park, since we cant do anything for the low tide, we just asked the officers at the entrance for the best route that we could take so we can save time with the best view. We wished to take the Teluk Pandan Kecil route, but one of my friend still sick, so we chose for the shorter route, Teluk Paku trail ( and luckily we chose this trail) For more details about the route can refer to this website:

The view from the jetty of the Bako National Park entrance, saw the signboard? there are crocodiles in the river, dont play play ya. But so far they said the river is very safe from the crocodile attack, unless you bath or play in the river. Low tide view~

the largest 娃娃鱼 i saw in the park during low tide at the jetty. cute cute hehe

The boatman there explained the poster to me, it was about the crocodile attack in the Sarawak River recently. Most of them happened in Sri Aman and Semarian River and the victims were mostly Iban who don have fresh water supply to their long house. 
**According to him, the famous killer Bujang Senang was released into Bako river, a branch of Sarawak River few years ago, but then he died under the guns because he attacked human again. 

After 2 hours of waiting ( we had our lunch in between first hehe), finally the boatman said we can start our boat ride to Teluk Pandan Besar for the stone view. weeee so happy ^^

Yeah finally we can start our journey, the boat can fit 4 ppl in maximum for safety reason. And we need to tell the boatman about the estimated time we wish to go back to the park entrance. They will leave their phone no during your registration. The last trip back to Bako entrance is 4.30pm and extra charge will be added if you wish to go back after 4.30pm. 
Well, 3 hours in the park is more than enough for us, very tired and exhausted after that haha

See the difference of low tide and high tide?? scary.... can you believe that both of the woods are actually the same thing? 

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