watched Pirattes of the caribbean today
an awesome movie, fabullous, five star-rated, wheeee
I love it so much, actually i love the whole series of movie
coz v dunno wat is going to happen next to those main character

like black pearl, took by kapten black blread while Barbossa lost his leg n arm, trying to revenge under the protection of British
While our beloved Captain jack Sparrow??? hehe he met his nitemare, his ex gal fren who is the daughter of the Captain black blread haha, poor him
in order to find the fountain of the youth
he hv to go v the ship of the queen revenge, felt so mad tat Barbossa lost his beloved black pearl

not going to say much, bbut tis movie is really worth to watch
the conversation is so funny n cute, n also their action when they r facing problems
epecially the part when Captain jack Sparrow is trying to figure out who is the imposer, he kissed her!!! oh gosh

wat i can say? Johnny Depp is a gorgeous actor, he is the Captain Jack Sparrow,
he already own the spirit of him, no one is able to take over the role except him
Seohyun like Johnny Depp too until she quarrelled v her dear darling husband in We Got Married

N the mermaid part, it is really outstanding. usually ppl hv the imagination tat mermaid is pretty n nice, not predators who eat human flesh
but, in POTC4, the mermaids r sooo pretty
N i love them so much, feel pityful for them actually
as Syrene said, tis is not the life she want
wat make me laughed was, the mermaids attack the boat like Piranha ( which remind me tat stupid lame porn movie)
it is hard to get a mermaid tears, so she warned Jack so he dont wasted her tears
tis is wat love power is

n tis movie got a moral value behind
v r being tested by a lot of things around us
power, treasure, money, benefits, positon hold....
n black blread showed tis when he asked his daughter to sacrifice herself so he could take over the rest of her life.
n then onli Jack Sparrow told out the truth tat he exchange the water
one will reveal his or her real mask when he or she meets sumthing tat they want so much
greedy, the most evil words in our whole entire life
the most scary motive tat might destroy ur life if u cant controlled it
tis is the part tat i like it ^^ whee

Wat is sad inside? hmmm sad ar, the mermaid n the human ( forget wat name)
n the most sorrow is, WHERE IS WILLIAM N ELIZEBETH!!!!
oh gosh i beg, if they r quiting, at least u give them an ending, a story please
POTC4 looks weird without them, though it is a good movie

so, my frens,
wat r u waiting for if u hv waited tis movie for a long time?
hurry up, get a ticket now n go to the cinema
don wait anymore, u will regret if u missed it
it is worth for every pirates fans after years of waiting
coz v know tat the crew of POTC will never let us down~ ^^
there are two words which is very meaningful in my life
it shows tat i really been here
im existing in tis world
n tis two words, also represent the most memorable moment
the most enjoyable moment tat i would never forget
guess wat it is?

many things happen in my life, for the passed 19 years,
i tried to remember everything, but onli managed to puzzle sum
I felt so happy tat im not invisible during my skul life
at least not like now, maybe i too sensitive
or I get too much attention for the passed 5 years n now cannot used to it
thanks so much to my frens, who introduced me blogspot when i was form 5
it is fun to read back the blog i wrote b4
sumthing childish, but interesting tat could make me laughed out the whole day
n onli I realise how happy I am before

during form 1 time, erm, meet new frens, but nt so fun yet
haha although sumthing sad happened, it does not make any changes in my life.
Im so innocent tat time!! ok im stupid

form 2 time, well meet up v zerga bamboo piggy n the gang
n v had scotison forum,
v the most arguementative issue of who is chloe XXDD
n surprisingly the forum is still there
so i make a visit, cry n laugh mixed together
c all the rude words fly around from page to page, spoilt ur own image inside n say i don care at all
then v had a mogok section, haha Anti-Tupai, feel so fun.

During mid of form 2, if nt wrong then TUNA society appear n take over scotison
in full name, tuna ghost story telling society haha, ghost story was so popular among us tat time, n v had then shen as the father of tuna,
and zerga as the president
too bad v din left down any souvenir, proven tat tuna was existed once
but it was deep inside my mind ^^ love it till now

hmm come to form 3, ok it was a dark period for everyone
dark competition was happening around from time to time
juz for those stupid position in club, society or association
masked ppl were everywhere, n backstabbing happened anytime, anywhere v anyone
Dunno y I have the least memory towards from 3
wat i remembered was onli the dancing competition

wat happened during form 4??
yupp the 4sa1iloveyou blogspot
the mystery group created by the boys, n become han qiang dang at the end
had a big quarrel v zhen yin tat time, sorry yin
n then became best fren v goo goo n shu yin~ ^^ missed u so much dear
oh yea i almost forgot
i had my baptism n comformation tat year, thanks to god
then ar, become the president of the culture nite lor, quite fun, not bad kekez
n hd a crush v sumone for 2 years, haha I wrote about tat person in blog summore

n now, come to the most important year in my life
my form 5 time!!! WEEE
evrything fun happened here
for more details.....kekez read my blog n u will know
coz v were retired from all thse postion in club
then no more nonsense dark competition, n everyone r frens together back
v ponteng together, fight v teaacher together
although form 5 life is nonsense, bt i really do enjoyed it
hahahaha asked me y? i dunno, maybe bcoz it was the last year in chung ling gua
im loving it, haha wish tat i can go back to from 5 life
thanks to all my gang mia kaki, make my life so meaningful
until bow v still hang out together, mayb a graduation trip to hat yai soon
ar popi i can go, i wanna make crazy stuff v u all again
i loved you all my best pal goo, pp, aixin, bunny, bamboo, zerga, pok kai, fei didi, cian yi, milo, peiwei, zhen yin, yvonne, alicia, ee von, doggy, piggy, ang, beh, chin kwang, jjyeap, yongzhuan, shuyin my dear, fish, chicken little, zhong en, hoi min, anxy, bage, sinyen, mei fern, wilson icey, zhangxuan, yaya, simyee n a lot, haha love u all now n forever~ ^^
每次遇上这种事情, 我的第六感就会变得很迟钝
五天下来, 什么都没有发生过
我们之间的对话也很少, 就好像是最普通的普通朋友
为什么会喜欢他? 他也不是很帅气, 但是他的人就是很好.
可是, 我真的是喜欢他吗?
还是, 他其实是那个人的影子?
老婆说, 怎么两个人感觉那么像?不是样貌, 而是从照片上看出来的气质
老妹更厉害, 给她看一张团体照,
不消一分钟, 她已经认出他来. *之前老妹从来不知道他的身份和样子
问她, 做么酱快认出来的
我妹回答说: 容易嘛, 你喜欢的人都同一个样子的, 瘦瘦高高看起来很有领导风范的
然后后面再加一句话, 她是凭着之前的那个他的容貌认人的, 他们两个都很像
三年了, 我以为时间可以冲淡一切,
但其实我知道, 我在欺骗我自己, 因为思绪可以被控制, 但身体却会出卖了你的一切
那天唱少年, 眼泪不知道为什么,
竟然会在眼眶里徘徊…. 是想他吗? 还可能吗??
现在的他对我来讲, 就好像一个遥不可及的事情
不喜欢寂寞的感觉, 思想会变得很悲观, 世界会顿时变得很灰暗….
写在这里其实也不怎么怕, 反正他看不懂华文字~ :p
我只能够在远方眺望着他, 却永远走不进他生活的世界里
为什么每次都是酱? 我只希望任何事情都可以顺其自然
不要勉强, 因为我明白勉强不会得到幸福的这个道理…

其实说他们两个很像, 我不否认
因为气质上, 他们都一样, 身材更别提了….两个排骨 >.<
都一样拥有很强的领导能力, 也是制服团体里的高层
对身边的每一个女生都很好, 都很喜欢刺激的游戏….
而且还是同样的姓氏…..我怀疑我是不是专挑这个姓的. zzz
一个华文厉害到瓜瓜叫, 另一个除了会听会写自己的华文名之外,就好像一个文盲那样不懂得华文
英文呢, 两个就完全倒反…
其实很多人都说, 有时侯真正属于你的人, 其实就在你身边
竹竿和zerga吗? 我们是跨不过友谊这条鸿沟的, 维持现在的关系最舒服.
found back my ballet shoes, finally ^^
whee i thought it was lost, but actually it just slept nicely in my bag haha
since i feel so high n excited today
i dance ballet for one hour like tat n the result is.....
oh my gosh my stamina was such a disaster!!!
no stamina at all haiz like tis how m i going to dance ballet tis coming saturday?? teacher ask me straight go for advanced class summore,
im dying, I really scare liao tis time
looks like tis few days i hv to practise more n more liao
if not i will die very kiao very soon but tis won turn my passion toward ballet down, coz i love ballet so much!! ^^ i will do all my best tis sat, whoo whoo so exciting ( n worrying =.=///) hopefully my toes wont hv blister n i still able to walk then haha still remember when form 4 i dance ballet, my toes were the victims full of blister n nail break *ouch 2 grades one roll tat time, is kinda crazy actually but I do enjoyed the time when dance ballet ( except for piruotte)

n i do love the video above, it was awesome!!!
combination of ballet n chinese dance the jasmine flower i love tis dance so much haha hope tat i can dance v pointe one day T__T
Im still too weak for tat, haiz
time flew so fast, i graduated for almost 2 weeks le,
n now is the time for me to recharge myself once again
1st thing i hv to do is.....clean up my house
yea im the free maid in my house now, wash clothes, swept the floor..
2nd thing is my novel, 2 novel is under progress,
trying sumthing new is nice
so sad to hear from my teacher tat most students nowsadays don like to write anymore for those who r writing their qualities is not good enuf 4 competition
even my own sister, she refused to writ!!!
I want to knock her head lar
i squeeze my brain for her n she told me she lazy
hey im having exam tat time leeeeeh...

3rd n the most important, choreograph dance for culture nite
omg my brain r bursting..
im lack experience in tis lar...i planned dance b4 but they were modern dance ar
haiz i will try my best, give me sumtime
coz the music tempo is hard to catch..n the steps r repeating ( which is nt my sytle at all) but the costumes r pretty
2 dance, musica u promise to help me d har
time is running!! hv to rush for the dance le kekez
if can will post it here when it is finished

listening to sistar d ma boy, n also after school d shampoo now,
2 nice songs, love them so much kekez
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