quite a number of couple appears like mushroom around me for tis sem, well, most of them r quite shocking @.@
anyway, still bless them to have a blissful relationship together, as it is not easy to match 2 ppl from different world together
but, if u wish to be in a relationship, plz make sure tat u r really ready for it.
Don't hurt other ppl, as well as u
not trying to make any rumour here or to offend anyone
if u think tat he or she is urs, be brave, be more confident to get her or him
although u might be rejected by someone, but at least u give urself a try and u wont be sorry to urself
trust ur own opinion and ur own point of view, and believe to ur partner tat they are always right
if u depends too much on the rumour or opinion from others, u might get hurt at the last
but tis is depends on situation, depends on how close the fren u r with. sometimes, u might not as clear as the audience.... sometimes, u need to stop a while and judge ur relationship, don just trust ur partner blindly
someday, ur trust towards them will become the best sword to break ur heart

And the most important, if u wish to get some one, go to get it urself
it is not nice at all if u bring trouble to others life or u keep on disturb the ppl in surrounding
Be smart to handle a relationship if u wish it to be long- lasting
puppy love or monkey love is no longer suitable for a mature age group like us
no matter u r gay, lesbian or younger age
as long as u show ur sincerity to each other and they can feel it
it is more than enough than patterns to pikat someone
Give each other some privacy to breathe and rest,
some might put on a mask while face v u, n they might need some period of time to adapt themselves into tat mask, who knows?
N if u wish to stop the negative rumour about urself
then stop to be so high profile, then everyone will just fade off the memory from their mind and start another new topic
U cant blame the others for putting u as the target, ppl always need some entertainment to make the boring life more cheerful and colourful.

nitez nitez
went to Langkawi 2 years ago, and now I went there again for a short vacation ( 2 days 1 night ) during the 3 days holiday for Hari Raya Haji. Last time, i went v my family, my mom planned for everything so i have nothing to worry about, but this time, it is my 2nd time to have a free and easy trip, so it is a nice experience for me to plan for it ^^

well, this are some of the information during my langkawi trip, overall i really have an awesome trip there together v Steven haha. Although we spend quite a number of money there (especially for chocolate), but both of us still feel tat the langkawi trip is worth for everything. At least Steven had a nice rest before he started his pediatric posting =p

since both of us cant drive well and we want to save the time, so we took the ferry directly from Penang Port Swettenham.  We booked our ferry ticket via this website, the agent is Ekspress Bahagia.

we were taking the to and fro package, so total up 2 person is RM230, which cost us around RM115 per person. We redeemed our ticket at the counter and waited for the boat in the waiting hall at 8am, since we were taking the 8.15am boat which will pass by Pulau Payar. too bad we dont have the chance to have a chance to get down to the pulau as the boat was just stop by n dropped those passengers who was going to Pulau Payar for snorkeling.
** overall the trip on the ferry was nice, not as dizzy as i thought before.

We reached Langkawi around 11.35am. And i had my most terrible moment tat time. We were told tat there  was no point station taxi service due to Hari Raya Haji ( maybe all the pak cik went back to sembelih the cows adi TT ). Then a lot of ppl offer us to take a car rental, i was totally shocked. Yes i have a license my skill is really bad enuf to handle the car == but no choice, we had to take the car n start to bargain v ppl. Finally we rent a car from Auntie Travel & Tours at the counter, with the rate at RM100 for a viva for 1 day half ( from 12pm of the first day until 7pm of the next day). It is an auto mode white colour viva ^^ so cute. The car is in good condition and it is the cheapest rate tat v got.

So, i become the driver for the trip n steven be the GPS for me. after we drove out from the carpark, we straight away went to AB motel for the island hopping package booking. Along the road we stopped at a pertol station and add oil (about RM20 we can make our island round half day tour ^^)

In short, for transportation, we spend for RM330 ( not included the deposit payment for the viva)
Rm230- 2 person Langkawi-Penang ferry to n fro
RM100- Viva auto for 1 day half

**the auntie was very nice and helpful, she gave us the map n direction to go to Pantai Cenang. but still i depend on steven's S2 GPS to drive, coz both of us could not read and interpret the map nicely XD

Package Tour
Well, if you r looking for a cheap and nice budget tour, nothing is better than the tour offer by AB motel located in Pantai Cenang near the Underwaterworld.

We book for the evening trip of island hopping, which cost us for RM25 per person, but have the same fun and same experience like the other group tour haha. If I'm not wrong, they offer RM50 for mangrove tour and the the lowest rate for the snorkeling tour (forgot the price). u can have ur water sports games activity here at the rate of RM15 ^^. just a walk-in registration will do, no need any reservation hehe

Well, here is a summary of our total expenditure for the tours include enterance fees
RM25 - island hopping tour ( AB motel )
RM15- Cable car in Oriental Village**
RM28- Underwater World **
total: RM69 per person

**  must show MYkad to get special discount, the foreigner price is so expensive @.@

At first we wish to stay a night in AB motel as they offer at the rate of RM60 per room, but when we tried to make the reservation, it was already full house. WTH ==///

So we go for our 2nd choice- Tropical Resort Langkawi in Pantai Tengah. I booked tis resort 2 months ago via AGODA at the rate of RM120, then the reception counter worker ( i think is owner) told me tat if i send the email directly to them it cost us onli around RM112 for a room with 2 single bed.
Overall, i love tis resort a lot!! It is quiet and peaceful, and nice garden in front of each room, u can have ur full privacy and relaxation here. although they don have a cafe in the resort, but it is closely near to several restaurant such as a Mexican restaurant in front, and a western style Sun Cafe opposite the resort.

We check in the hotel at 1.30pm, the room is very comfortable and spacious. The worker is very helpful and friendly, which he told us the proper direction to reach the restaurant available in Pantai Tengah and gave us a lot of guided map hehe. The alun-alun spa is just in front of the Tropical Resort, and behind the resort around 100m there is a beach available, where u can have a sunset walk there. but due to its high current the worker advise us not to swim there.

**pantai tengah is a very nice place for relax, it is not crowded as Pantai Cenang although they are just separated by a T-junction hehe.

We took some picture with the resort first after we had our lunch at Sun Cafe ( which cost us around RM50) =_= a nice view in the resort and our cute viva ^^
the website for the Tropical resort
just make the reservation via phone or email to get the cheapest rate hehe

well about the food, there was nothing special to talk about, except the dinner for our first day in Langkawi. We had it at the Fei Ma Restaurant in Pantai Tengah. The food is really awesome and at a reasonable price, we ordered for 2 big prawn and 2 dishes of vege n meat + 1 big bowl of seaweed soup, it cost us around RM80++, it just located behind a thai style restaurant. 

For the 2nd day we just settle our breakfast and lunch at McD beside Underwater world due to shortage of time TT but nvm la at least i have tried out a superb seafood dinner in Langkawi hehe. 
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