So here is the part 2 of my USS trip ^^ Gonna finish this and start to write about something else, this will be the last post for my point of attractions in my Singapore trip I guess?? haha. My previous post is about 4 interesting zones in USS, which are Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away Land and The Lost World. So now I am going to finish the other 3 zones, which are the Ancient Egypt, Sci-fi city and New York zone. 

We had the craziest day ever in Singapore in these 3 zones!! Thrilling and exciting rides, street shows, food~ we just pampered ourselves to the maximum after a month of hard-working~ Yeah we passed our final exam, which is our first clinical examination too!! small congratulation to myself for a good performance hehe. 

at the entrance of the Egypt zone, we just made a lot of funny pose like how the mummies did behind haha. 青春就是要拿来疯狂地挥霍

me posing with the guardian of the pyramid of Egypt. This is the entrance of the indoor roller coaster~ Revenge of Mummy. Let me tell something here, NEVER NEVER NEVER miss out this games. and here is some tips that I would like to share about this ride.
  1. no bags, camera, phone or watever belongings which are hanging is allowed in the ride. Thinking of taking photos during the ride? save it pal, just scream
  2. They have lockers provided beside the entrance, which is free for the first 45 minutes. The locker is big enough to put 2 backpack bags ( normal size) together. just go to the machine and key in the password and detail and a locker will be provided. Must get things back within 45 minutes if don wish to be charged.
  3. What is the queue is very long and the waiting time wrote: more than 45 mins? don think so much, get the single rider lane. But wont get the chance to sit together with frens. Who cares? we can still scream like nobody even we were alone in the ride haha. It saves a lot of time instead of waiting. 
  4. For those who extremely afraid of darkness, feel uncomfortable in a closed area, dizzy easily, small heart aka coward ( like me), just stay outside and take care of the bags. Save money like what I did when my frens took the ride for twice instead of one in the evening without my notice. LOL
  5. Take the ride before the meal, or else you will waste your lunch or brunch or breakfast whatever. 
In short, just enjoy the backward roller coaster during the ride ( just a short distance). I nearly had a heart attack at the end of the ride becoz the speed was just too..... FAST! but this is one of the most exciting roller coaster that I ever ride. just blame myself for being too coward for the second ride TT..TT

Photo with the army of Anubis aka guard of the pyramid! OMG he is so muscular and he will "kek" haha squeeze his muscles in a very handsome way. Until we almost screamed and fainted, well this will happen on P I guess haha. 

The girls with the story of the pyramid~ The Mummy ( i just watched it few days ago haha) 

mimic the pose of the statue~ yes everyone was looking at us like we were the alien haha. 

Next Stop:
Sci-Fi city
We were so disappointed that this duo-roller coaster Battlestar Galactica  Cyclon and Human was closed and not available in the park T..T my frens told us that this is the most amazing ride ever, and he got 6 rides for the red and 5 times for the blue in the same day ( Damn jealous wei). But even if it is open, I wonder if I have the guts to try it out or nt. haha. 

SL with the beautiful car ( bumblebee)~ haha Im not a true fans of transformer, I came here just to get the ride haha. 

Me with the giant transformer~ I just took it outside of the lane, as I don wish to stuck myself in the long queue. Kids love it. 

So after the photoshoot, definitely we went for the Transformers Ride: The Ultimate 3D battle. Again this is something that we should nt ever miss in the park. The queue was quite long so we decided to take the single rider lane ( finally we are clever enough to take the shortcut haha). How was it?? well awesome, and nauseous ( errrgghh for me coz I cant stay in a closed area too much, not phobia huh!!). second ride? nvm, I will take care of your bags again ^^
Conclusion?? Don miss this ride seriously haha. 

Next Zone:
New York

The Easter Day was approaching during our visit and it is a big day for Singapore, so we can see the decoration of Easter Day everywhere ^^. And I love this building. this zone don have any exciting rides, but got interesting street show. there is some rides, but for us it is not malignant ( not challenging and just for kids) so we just skipped it out haha. 

Got feel leh?? got foreign country d feel leh? haha 

My close look of the day and the street look~ Love my cap from Kitschen and it costs just around MYR 30 haha. 

school bus on sesame street. And yeah guess it right we had Sesame Street Stage Show here

Say HI!! I don get the chance to take picture with it becoz we were too late TT..TT

another foreign feel~ hahaa love the staircase~ and I wish to go for the real one next year 

wild chick on the street~

grumm grumm grumm !! just play with the decorations on the street and have fun!! Photo session ^^ show our creativity hehe 

Most of the visitors get a big headache when comes to food becoz the food in the USS is not cheap and no outside food is allowed. Some of them suggest to have the food outside the USS as there is a Malaysian Food Stall nearby and we can have multiple entry to the park as long as we hold the tickets. But we were so lazy to get in and out again just for a food and the weather was so hot.

We got $10 food voucher per person when we bought the ticket of USS at Chinatown at $60 per pax. Worth it! We can have pizza instead of small hot dog buns haha. We had our lunch at Loui's NY Pizza Parlor. If you don have the food voucher, you can get the family meal around $40+ in total.

For us, we took 4 combo sets which include a slice of pizza and a cup of drinks each. 1 slice pizza is ample to fill up one's hungry tummy.  2 USS combo meal costs about $31.80 in total, we redeemed 2 vouchers in each receipt ( max 2 vouchers per receipt) at $20 so we just need to pay for extra $12, which is $6 per person.
Now, do you think the deal worth? for me, YES

me with the pizzas~ we ordered 4 different types of pizza: Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Margherita and Tandoori. For drinks we took coke. we were sitting outside of the restaurant at the open space area, guess why? HInt: it was 2.15pm that time. 

Show-off-ing with my pizzas~ purposely d haha. It was a crunchy pizza than traditional pan pizza to me. We shared together so we can have 4 different flavor of pizzas at the same time. 

Nothing is more blissful than having a cold drink in a hot day!

The reason y we chose the open space than the indoor seats~ To enjoy the Sesame Street Stay Show at 2.30pm! we got a good seat to sit comfortably and enjoy the food while watching the show than squeezing in front with the crowd. haha pandai enjoy life~ 
and to that orange shirt ppl.... I just noticed u photobomb almost all photos of my Sesame street show ==

Finale of the show!! Great performance from the Sesame Street Gangs! **clap clap clap

Then we walked out to the Skyline luge and Siloso Beach, here is the some photos outside of the park~ 

the colourful Merlion~ 

The candy trees of the Candylicious~ Girls please scream!! yes I did! who don love candy? haha 

Wakaka with Jelly Belly~ 

So we re-entered park again for more visits~ just walked around and took some rides again~ 
Photo with Frankenstein~ Say bye to USS ^^

We spent the whole day in USS and it was exhausting. We missed out some interesting shows such as the Water World Show in Jurassic Park, but luckily we get the chance to watch Sesame Street and The Cruisers~ Do check and get a schedule of the showtime of the day at the entrance of the park so don miss out any shows that you feel interest of. 
And most important:: never go to USS on a public holiday or weekend. weekdays will be just nice for the visit becoz of less crowd haha. 

Click USS official website for more information
Good night everyone~ have a nice kickstart tomoro ^^


在努力不懈地狂刷 agoda 和 这两个主要网站后,下定决心要在两个晚上体验不一样的住宿。由于第二晚只有我们俩要找住宿,所以狠下心,给自己订了青年旅舍,当中又看中了 Beary Best! Hostel, 事实证明这间旅馆真的很不错。当初是冲着旅舍里的 bear bear 熊来的,加上评价不错,地点适中,我们的住宿经验也非常和平常的旅馆不一样啦。

from AGODA
这张照片不是我的,有点朦胧哈哈。一看到Beary Best 时就被她的七彩色外表吸引住了。Beary Best Hostel 坐落于 Upper Cross Street, 就在牛车水唐城坊对面街而已。Beary 对面就有MRT D 出口和 E 出口,非常方便。最重要是,即使在热闹的牛车水,但晚上却非常的宁静,所以不用担心睡眠品质不好啦。 

  • 牛车水主街就在后面一条街而已
  • 对面是购物中心唐城坊,也是我们购票的地点
  • 牛车水美食街 Smith Street 走路约十分钟
  • 牛车水印度庙和回教堂, 步行5至10分钟。 
  • 牛车水 Maxwell Food Court ( 天天海南鸡饭)和对面的佛牙寺,步行约15分钟
  • Clarke Quay 从唐城坊转右直走大约10分钟

晚上的Upper Cross Street~ 十点之后这条街还真的空荡荡的

Beary Best! 的接待处。服务员的态度很好,可是英文带有点腔调听得我有点懵。哈哈记得脱鞋了才踏入旅舍哟~ 要付$30 做抵押金,可以拿回的。 

柜台旁边的公共场间,红色的沙发真的很抢眼! 旁边还有售卖水和快熟面。因为我们还不是很有勇气直接喝水龙头的水啊! 不过建议出去外面的24小时店面买 1.5L 瓶装水比较划算,才 $2.30 而已。至于快熟面嘛,来新加坡吃快熟面干什么?

女生们请尖叫吧! 是不是太漂亮了?很漂亮的客厅啊!!! 最喜欢色彩缤纷的地方了,让人看了也特别开朗舒服。还有,超大只的Bear 和各种玩偶散落在各处~ 还有3架电脑免费上网,和一个超大的液晶电视免费看,总之你想要的服务,这里都会有就对了啦


美美的鞋柜~ 要脱了鞋子才可以踏入客厅和房间。

整齐的厨房还有冰箱。这里有提供免费的早餐,有milo, 咖啡,面包,jam, honey star, 牛奶等等。早餐时间也是大家一起交流的时间,在这里我们认识了一个从巴西来的女人和一个超酷的智利女生。青年旅舍的好处就是可以给大家一个交流的空间,和陌生人睡在同一间房间里互相认识。不错的经验! 

房间里大概内部状况。我们住的是底楼的女生宿舍,大概10张床吧~ 要保护女生们的隐私我就不拍照啦~ 房里有一个共用厕所,不过毛巾沐浴露之类的要自备了。每个床位都有自己的床头灯和一个插头(已经是国际插座的了,不用 adapter, 好贴心 ^^)
安全吗?安全,我们的房卡就好像一张安全卡,进房间和旅舍之前都要scan 一下的   


最后,就和超大只超可爱的熊熊合照啦! 比我的bubu还要大只柔软呢! 
再见啦 Beary Best ^^

Beary Best Hostel
Address:  16 Upper Cross Street, Chinatown Singapore
Phone:   +6562224957
Web:      Please refer to Beary Best! Hostel Agoda
MYR 165 for 2 beds in Ladies 8 Bed Dorm ( 1 night) 
Check in: 2pm
Check out: 12pm

So this will be a very long one, and tis is only part 1 of the trip~ take a deep breath.... lets get started!

So this is the highlighted point of the Singapore trip this time, is Universal Studio Singapore!! This is my 3rd visit to Singapore but this is my first time to go to USS. So excited!! Last year I skipped USS coz I just went to Sunway Lagoon, so this time I wont skip it anymore! 
As the original price for the entrance ticket is too expensive and we were on a tight budget trip, we got the cheaper ticket at $60 ( original price $74) for adult from Skyline Travel in Chinatown, which include a $10 food coupon and a $5 shopping coupon. Really useful to us coz we can enjoy a fabulous lunch in USS!!

There are 4 ways to get to Sentosa from Singapore, and we chose the cheapest one:
  1. By 2-way Jewel Cable Car~~ $26 include island admission. 
  2. By Sentosa Express from Vivo City  $4 per entry
  3. By normal car $6 per entry
  4. By foot from Sentosa Broadwalk~ $1 for island admission via Ez-link
And so we chose the Sentosa Broadwalk haha. Easy and cheaper

Show off my solo photo first with the Universal Studio Singapore Earth logo!! and a bottle of coke which costed my for $3 

This is how the broadwalk look like. the sea water was peaceful and blue~ it took around a 10-15 minutes walk and it is very convenient in fact, y I say so?

Looking at the sea from the Broadwalk~ enjoying the sea breeze to relax my mind after a stressful exam a week before. Thanks GOD everything is overr. 

Look of the waterfront promenade from the broadwalk. Do you see where is the cable car?? hehe

This is the reason y I said the broadwalk is convenient!! The two-way canopy covered travellators~ So it took us about 1km ( or a 10-15 minutes walk ) to reach to the entrance of Sentosa island. Use the Ez-link card for a quick access, which just $1 for island admission. And we save money again ^^V

And here we reached the Sentosa island!! So happy and excited! Cant wait to have a challenge with all the thrilling games in the USS. The signboard on the island is very clear so we walked to the USS by just follow the instruction. This is the reason why I like to walk in Singapore, everything is well-guided. 

Group photo together with the USS LOGO!! since we bought tickets adi so we just skipped the queue. But somethings sounds wrong, although it was weekday ( we went there on Tuesday), there was a big crowd everywhere!! We reached there around 11 in the morning, which was an hour late than the original plan. 

TIPS::  So how to plan the move in the USS??  basically there is 7 zones in the USS, the entrance part will be the New York zone where we can enjoyed a lot of show. ( clockwise) is Madagascar, Far Far Away Land, The Lost World, Ancient Eypt, Sci-Fi city, and Hollywood. According to the sharing from some bloggers, the anti-clockwise move is the better suggestion since those very challenging rides such as transformer and revenge of mummy are more on the right side. No point to come to USS if we don play these haha. 

But now got a bit problem, plan changed. We directly went to The Lost World. Blame us for cant wake up earlier in the morning ><

The popcorn car in the Hollywood zone. So cute!!

A glance of the Hollywood Zone. 
Does it look like the real Hollywood?? I dunno, havent been there yet haha. 

Avoid from the crowd, we walked in the clockwise direction. The next zone that we entered:: 

Does this look familiar??? Ya this is one of the scene in Madagascar 1 !! where King Julien and the gang had their meeting on how to welcome Alex and the gang to scare away the fossa~ 
Too bright?? OK there is a skeleton hanging on the tree, spot my fingers haha

A photo session with Marty, Alex, Gloria and Melman!! Im a super fans of Madagascar LOL haha. Love this movie soooo much and I was so excited in the Madagascar zone haha. 

Took a picture with Madagascar: A Crate Adventure. 
The queue was crazy as long as 40 minutes in the afternoon so we decided to skip this river boat ride. But in the evening when we came back from Siloso Beach, the queue just 5 mins for waiting. So without second thought we just bump into the queue haha. 

TIPS:: some games, we can leave it behind as the crowd will focus more on the street show in the evening and some of them will be so exhausted in the morning so less crowd in the evening la haha. 

Say HI with Marty with his relaxing hut on the beach of Madagascar when they had the first quarrel with Alex. Know this story if you are a Madagascar fans!

Then we move to the Far Far Away land, which Shrek is the main character of this zone. 

The castle was so impressive. Shrek 4D adventure is at here, but due to the tight schedule we skipped the show. Since the review of the Shrek 4D is ::
suitable for kids.........

I took this picture during sunset and some of my frens thought that I actually travelled to Europe! Neh I wish I was in Europe too, but someone please sponsor me money haha. 

We tried out the Enchanted Airways in the evening, which they wrote there as " JUNIOR ROLLER COASTER". but seriously this roller coaster is aint JUNIOR. maybe yes if compare to the Revenge of Mummy,  still I scream like hell. And most of the time I screamed:: WTH this is not JUNIOR Roller Coaster!!

Took some sampat pictures with the decoration outside. Sorry guys, I am not a fans of Shrek so I could not recognise what weapons in which storyline was this haha. 

But I spotted a cute minion bottle on the stall in USS. this bottle is not cheap LOL. 

Took photo with the.... mascot??? coz we missed out the turn to grab a photo with Shrek. grrrr!!!
and I noticed Im the one with the most awkward pose in the photo =..=

Next stop: 

One thing very sayang in Jurassic Park was we missed out both the water show. First time we were stucked in the long queue in Revenge of Mummy, the second time we went out for Skyline Luge becoz we scared of raining in the evening. Aiks >< nvm, I will be back haha
With the scary Dinosaur!! 
They have a food court in the jurassic park and the price is more cheaper compared to other zones. 

The actual first game that we played in the park was actually this>> The Canopy Flyer. Our legs were hanging while riding the roller coaster. First time!! Yeah this was my first time to have such an experience. 
They prepared a corner for us to put our bags and shoes~ so no worries

But we spent about 45 minutes queuing up for this games. Coz we don have enough budget to buy the express pass and they did not have single rider lane for this game. 
Conclusion? MUST TRY
this game is so fantastic. Imaging our legs were hanging in the air and swinging all around at a high speed, accompanied by our crazy screaming. It was so exciting enough during the ascending, my heart was pumping so fast that I actually got a palpitation for that. haha

Without wasting our time, we went to the next ride:
Jurassic Rapid Adventure

We memang wanted to get ourselves wet in this game so we did not buy any raincoat for this. And the raincoat costed $4 per piece, so expensive man. Can get it from the machine or the stall outside. But don worry, unless you were as unlucky as us during the second ride, most of them did not GET WET AT ALL in fact. Yes, we took 1 ride in the morning ( in a long queue) and another ride in the evening. 

This thrilling river raft ride is one of the biggest attraction in the park. Rather than get wet, most of us got soaked, especially those who were not on slippers. Still, we enjoyed it to the maximum. And we can link the storyline during the ride too haha. We got into a tunnel at the end of the ride, lifted up to a high spot and splashed down into the river again haha. And that was the part we got wet. During the ride, maybe becoz of the fast current the raft was spinning quite fast until I almost puke. 

This is how the raft look like. Each raft can accommodate up to 9 ppl~ single rider lane is provided, so be smart if meet with a long queue. Beware that the floor was quite slippery~ 

And they were ready to go to explore in the Jurassic River!!
Photography is not allowed during the ride for safety precaution, so I din take any pictures during the ride and I was so dizzy that time due to the spinning. Gosh. 
But, we enjoyed to get wet during the ride muahaha. 

So here is the end of the story for part 1, such a lengthy one. Will write more on part 2 includes some tips to have fun in the park hehe. More thrilling rides are waiting!! Good night ^^

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