Sentosa Universal Studio Singapore Part 2~ Let's Get Wild

So here is the part 2 of my USS trip ^^ Gonna finish this and start to write about something else, this will be the last post for my point of attractions in my Singapore trip I guess?? haha. My previous post is about 4 interesting zones in USS, which are Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away Land and The Lost World. So now I am going to finish the other 3 zones, which are the Ancient Egypt, Sci-fi city and New York zone. 

We had the craziest day ever in Singapore in these 3 zones!! Thrilling and exciting rides, street shows, food~ we just pampered ourselves to the maximum after a month of hard-working~ Yeah we passed our final exam, which is our first clinical examination too!! small congratulation to myself for a good performance hehe. 

at the entrance of the Egypt zone, we just made a lot of funny pose like how the mummies did behind haha. 青春就是要拿来疯狂地挥霍

me posing with the guardian of the pyramid of Egypt. This is the entrance of the indoor roller coaster~ Revenge of Mummy. Let me tell something here, NEVER NEVER NEVER miss out this games. and here is some tips that I would like to share about this ride.
  1. no bags, camera, phone or watever belongings which are hanging is allowed in the ride. Thinking of taking photos during the ride? save it pal, just scream
  2. They have lockers provided beside the entrance, which is free for the first 45 minutes. The locker is big enough to put 2 backpack bags ( normal size) together. just go to the machine and key in the password and detail and a locker will be provided. Must get things back within 45 minutes if don wish to be charged.
  3. What is the queue is very long and the waiting time wrote: more than 45 mins? don think so much, get the single rider lane. But wont get the chance to sit together with frens. Who cares? we can still scream like nobody even we were alone in the ride haha. It saves a lot of time instead of waiting. 
  4. For those who extremely afraid of darkness, feel uncomfortable in a closed area, dizzy easily, small heart aka coward ( like me), just stay outside and take care of the bags. Save money like what I did when my frens took the ride for twice instead of one in the evening without my notice. LOL
  5. Take the ride before the meal, or else you will waste your lunch or brunch or breakfast whatever. 
In short, just enjoy the backward roller coaster during the ride ( just a short distance). I nearly had a heart attack at the end of the ride becoz the speed was just too..... FAST! but this is one of the most exciting roller coaster that I ever ride. just blame myself for being too coward for the second ride TT..TT

Photo with the army of Anubis aka guard of the pyramid! OMG he is so muscular and he will "kek" haha squeeze his muscles in a very handsome way. Until we almost screamed and fainted, well this will happen on P I guess haha. 

The girls with the story of the pyramid~ The Mummy ( i just watched it few days ago haha) 

mimic the pose of the statue~ yes everyone was looking at us like we were the alien haha. 

Next Stop:
Sci-Fi city
We were so disappointed that this duo-roller coaster Battlestar Galactica  Cyclon and Human was closed and not available in the park T..T my frens told us that this is the most amazing ride ever, and he got 6 rides for the red and 5 times for the blue in the same day ( Damn jealous wei). But even if it is open, I wonder if I have the guts to try it out or nt. haha. 

SL with the beautiful car ( bumblebee)~ haha Im not a true fans of transformer, I came here just to get the ride haha. 

Me with the giant transformer~ I just took it outside of the lane, as I don wish to stuck myself in the long queue. Kids love it. 

So after the photoshoot, definitely we went for the Transformers Ride: The Ultimate 3D battle. Again this is something that we should nt ever miss in the park. The queue was quite long so we decided to take the single rider lane ( finally we are clever enough to take the shortcut haha). How was it?? well awesome, and nauseous ( errrgghh for me coz I cant stay in a closed area too much, not phobia huh!!). second ride? nvm, I will take care of your bags again ^^
Conclusion?? Don miss this ride seriously haha. 

Next Zone:
New York

The Easter Day was approaching during our visit and it is a big day for Singapore, so we can see the decoration of Easter Day everywhere ^^. And I love this building. this zone don have any exciting rides, but got interesting street show. there is some rides, but for us it is not malignant ( not challenging and just for kids) so we just skipped it out haha. 

Got feel leh?? got foreign country d feel leh? haha 

My close look of the day and the street look~ Love my cap from Kitschen and it costs just around MYR 30 haha. 

school bus on sesame street. And yeah guess it right we had Sesame Street Stage Show here

Say HI!! I don get the chance to take picture with it becoz we were too late TT..TT

another foreign feel~ hahaa love the staircase~ and I wish to go for the real one next year 

wild chick on the street~

grumm grumm grumm !! just play with the decorations on the street and have fun!! Photo session ^^ show our creativity hehe 

Most of the visitors get a big headache when comes to food becoz the food in the USS is not cheap and no outside food is allowed. Some of them suggest to have the food outside the USS as there is a Malaysian Food Stall nearby and we can have multiple entry to the park as long as we hold the tickets. But we were so lazy to get in and out again just for a food and the weather was so hot.

We got $10 food voucher per person when we bought the ticket of USS at Chinatown at $60 per pax. Worth it! We can have pizza instead of small hot dog buns haha. We had our lunch at Loui's NY Pizza Parlor. If you don have the food voucher, you can get the family meal around $40+ in total.

For us, we took 4 combo sets which include a slice of pizza and a cup of drinks each. 1 slice pizza is ample to fill up one's hungry tummy.  2 USS combo meal costs about $31.80 in total, we redeemed 2 vouchers in each receipt ( max 2 vouchers per receipt) at $20 so we just need to pay for extra $12, which is $6 per person.
Now, do you think the deal worth? for me, YES

me with the pizzas~ we ordered 4 different types of pizza: Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Margherita and Tandoori. For drinks we took coke. we were sitting outside of the restaurant at the open space area, guess why? HInt: it was 2.15pm that time. 

Show-off-ing with my pizzas~ purposely d haha. It was a crunchy pizza than traditional pan pizza to me. We shared together so we can have 4 different flavor of pizzas at the same time. 

Nothing is more blissful than having a cold drink in a hot day!

The reason y we chose the open space than the indoor seats~ To enjoy the Sesame Street Stay Show at 2.30pm! we got a good seat to sit comfortably and enjoy the food while watching the show than squeezing in front with the crowd. haha pandai enjoy life~ 
and to that orange shirt ppl.... I just noticed u photobomb almost all photos of my Sesame street show ==

Finale of the show!! Great performance from the Sesame Street Gangs! **clap clap clap

Then we walked out to the Skyline luge and Siloso Beach, here is the some photos outside of the park~ 

the colourful Merlion~ 

The candy trees of the Candylicious~ Girls please scream!! yes I did! who don love candy? haha 

Wakaka with Jelly Belly~ 

So we re-entered park again for more visits~ just walked around and took some rides again~ 
Photo with Frankenstein~ Say bye to USS ^^

We spent the whole day in USS and it was exhausting. We missed out some interesting shows such as the Water World Show in Jurassic Park, but luckily we get the chance to watch Sesame Street and The Cruisers~ Do check and get a schedule of the showtime of the day at the entrance of the park so don miss out any shows that you feel interest of. 
And most important:: never go to USS on a public holiday or weekend. weekdays will be just nice for the visit becoz of less crowd haha. 

Click USS official website for more information
Good night everyone~ have a nice kickstart tomoro ^^

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