Going back to Medical Life Soon~

this month I really have a roller coaster in my life, from mock exam to real exam to Singapore trip to a relaxing holiday in April. Guess Libra always know how to enjoy life the most. Typical Libra girl who knows how to pamper myself with good things. Well, everything is going to come to an end, soon. Going back to Serdang this weekend, and going to start my medical life again, and going back to hospital again. Will share more experience about my life in Hospital than play and travel ( as requested by some of my frens, they think I'm just too playful) haha.

Going to have minor posting start from this month, well before all of this, Im going to have a Basic Life Support course first. What is basic life support ( BLS), it is all about first aid and CPR. from what I heard was CPR changed a lot since the very last time I had the exam in 2010, when I was joining Voluntary Aid Service. yea my CPR cert expired adi, from Hospital Seberang Jaya, I wish I could get one from IJM soon. get a real significant certificate as it takes an important roles in my career in future.

So here is some plans during this minor posting, and I wish I could make it. I din follow my plan for holidays haha.

  1. Study Hard. really hard, this is my rules, when im studying, I will give 100% focus for it ( only last for 2 hours Xp). then when I play, don mention anything about study to me. Going for Ophthalmology and ENT as the more major one, so going to focus on their anatomy and pathology during this posting. Heard it is fun, Im looking forward.
  2. Training for Penang Bridge run. Plan to join the run, should start my training from next week, and more important is to register the run. Aiks im memang a lazy girl
  3. Dig out my Robin Pathology text book and start reading. I really wonder where I buried this book. Im so excited that Im going to Chiang Mai this July for a international medical challenge competition on Pathology and Pharmacology! This is my first overseas medical competition haha. I was a visitor during SIMIC. At least we have to make it to the next round, our goal this time. Just done with last minute registration few hours ago haha. Wave to Chiang Mai ^^
  4. My Labuan visit trip will be in June with Seah, to visit our best fren there. So, going to buy lots of chocolate from Labuan then since it is tax free. Hiak Hiak.
  5. Start my application for next year medical elective posting. I set my goal adi, maybe it will be my first solo experience to overseas, but im sure I can do it on my own. Don wait, chance will never wait for the unprepared. So get myself well-equip for the application, and I hope I could say Hi from my dreamland.
  6. Be more positive in my life. I was so negative for the past 6 months, and I think Im ready to welcome the sunshine again in the coming days. I think I adi start decomposing in the dark while licking my own stupid scar that I don let it heal. Stitch the scar and stand up. I will find back my real personality, and thanks to all the challenge and hurts from the past for bringing up a stronger me.  
so maybe less blogging? erm or I should say maybe change my direction abit from enjoying life to sharing experience on my study life. Will be a bit boring I guess, but I wish all these experience could be useful to my juniors. And hey juniors, don be afraid to choose to be a doctor. But never force urself to be a doctor just to fulfil others dream. Do it if you really want to be a Doctor. Do it for ourselves so we can march forward with all the passion that we had all this time. Medical life is actually interesting, challenging, and tough most of the time~ Most important, never forget the reason y we love and choose medicine at the beginning, so we are strong enough to hold ourselves if we fall and stand up again. 

Love from Celine Lee
3rd year medical student, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University Putra Malaysia. 
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