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I had my first hangout with bloggers via Tour Directions on 25th April at Talk Talk Wine Bar and Lounge for a food review. This was my first time to attend a blogger activity haha, I knew Tour Directions from some bloggers, and thanks to Tour Directions and Talk Talk Wine Bar and Lounge for giving me a chance to join the event ^^  

Talk Talk Wine Bar and Lounge is located at Bangunan Lip Sin, Sungai Dua, which is just few minutes away from University Sains Malaysia in Penang. So to me I think it is a nice place for teenagers to hangout and have a yumcha  session together here. It just beside the Wang Chao dimsum so it is easily spotted haha. Parking lots are available on the street, but since it was Friday so it took us some time to get a parking space. 

The outlook of the Talk Talk Wine Bar and Lounge. Don judge a book by its cover, and don judge this restaurant by its appearance. It may look nothing special from outside, but it is so surprising in the interior design which I gave a thumb up for the designer haha. 

A warm welcome from Tour Directions event facilitators once I stepped in the restaurant is friendly and warm ^^ Since the review not yet started, so I just hang around in the restaurant. 

they served us plain water before the review started~ yea they knew that we will talk alot and so they provided us unlimited water refill service haha. Just joking

Talk Talk Wine Bar and Lounge consisted of 3 double storey shop lots, quite big actually. The ride side is a normal dining area, middle one more towards a bar style and the left side is a coffee corner. We sat at the middle zone of the restaurant and the environment was relaxing and romantic with the dimmed light and some smooth musics. 
Notice something? yea the second floor is different from a normal double storey restaurant~ this is why I said don juudge this cozy restaurant from its appearance at the entrance. And they put the bulb into a jug~ how creative they are!! every single little corner brings us surprise in this beautiful and unique restaurant. Go and have an explore ^^ 

So we had a " restaurant visit" before the review started~
In the below, please allow me to short form Talk Talk Wine Bar and Lounge into "Talk Talk" ^^

A peek from the second floor

The VIP sofa seats on the second floor~ spend more than RM300 in "Talk Talk" to get the seats here~ 

Another sofa seats at the bar zone in "Talk Talk", I like the way how they placed the sofa~ 

Something caught my eyes~ what was that??

and it is.... teng teng teng!! girls all time favourite~ Cakes~!!!

Talk Talk will have a live band performance during weekend~ But we don get the chance to enjoy the live band show that night~ 

The look of the bartender at the middle zone ( bar style) 

 Enough of the environment, now is the time for FOOD~ Yea, Talk Talk Wine Bar and Lounge serves Western Cuisine everyday; For the Thai Cuisine, it is available everyday except on Monday. 

The first dishes of the night~ 
Sar Hor Fun RM12.90

A closer look. 
Honestly, the taste is just "standard" to me, but the price is a bit higher than expectation. It is a nice choice for those who don wish to have rice for dinner. 

Fish Cake
Maybe an appetiser before the meal? =))

Fried Hor Fun RM12.90
Another carbohydrate of the day~ 

Grilled Chicken Thigh RM26.90
Its appearance really opened up my appetite that day~ 

Pork Chop RM32.90
This was my first time to have a try on pork chop, and I would like to say.... The pork chop was really THICK enough ( no kidding it was as thick as...2cm I think?). Although it was quite hard to be "chopped",  it was not as hard as I thought when I ate it. And personally I don think I can finish such a big portion of pork chop if I ordered it alone. 

The aerial view of the pork chop. Oh ya I love the salad here~

Mix Vege RM18

Siam Egg RM12
Should have it together with its spicy sauce~ and I just forgot that. It was another standard taste for a Siam Egg. 

Kapao Mu RM23
this is a Thai food, and I have no idea about its ingredients~ haha

Pork Bacon Carbonara ( RM21.90)

It was quite creamy~ 

Tomyam Seafood ( Large) RM68
The tomyam smell so good when it was served. 

The ingredients of the Tomyam soup~ got 1 prawn per each person that day ^^ *happy kid
it looked red, but it was not really spicy. 
If compared to the real Thai restaurant, the tomyam still have some space for improvement =))

the focus of the day>>> STEAK ( RM68)
We had the opportunity to try out their new menu in May~ the steak!
And we get the medium-cooked steak, mouth drooling again in the midnight. 

**the price is subject to 6% government tax and 10% service charge.

As a conclusion, the price is a bit higher than expectation to me in Talk Talk Wine Bar and Lounge. Just have a try and enjoy the dining environment here ^^

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Talk Talk Wine Bar and Lounge
2-G-3 and 2-G-4, Pekaka Square, Lebuh Pekaka Satu, 11700 Penang, Malaysia
Monday to Sunday  :   11am to 2am
Phone : 012-2185590

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