I always wish to try for something new to save my face =..= LOL but at the same time i scared that my face was sensitive to the product and then I need to throw away the whole product with no mercy. FYI my face was super sensitive but at the same time it is oily too. Currently I am under treatment from New York~ which is so costly to me although my face really improved well with their products. 

I have no idea how should I try on something new until I read about beauty box from my favorite blogger my lovely blue sky. Oh gosh I really love her writing so much, all her thoughts and sharing on beauty, travelling and foodies. This is her link on beauty box: http://mylovelybluesky.com/?s=modbox. She introduced quite a couple brands of beauty box in her blog, such as modbox, wonderbox and vanity trove. I am a poor student with little scholarship so I cant afford those branded skin care, and beauty box provides me a chance to try on something new because it is all about sample size products from skin care, hair shampoo until nails!! wow

After some readings, I was attracted with modbox. the biggest reason it caught my attention was I can get it at the price of RM15 ( RM 9 for the products and RM6 for the delivery fees) with 3 sample products. Cheapest among the other beauty box that I know! And I do not tied to any purchase package, which means I can get it anytime in any month that I spotted something that I want ^^ quite worthy for me haha. And one more reason is I was not sure whether it can arrive safely in my hostel or not, after my fren had a bad experience in delivery. I decided to try it out first as my first experience, with good service I received it on the 3rd working day after I placed my order and I was so excited to unbox it!! haha. 

First try to write on skin care, so might sounds funny but I try not to write it like I am enjoying food? haha

The outlook of my first beauty box from Modbox~ one nice thing from Modbox is we can choose the 3 items out of the 7 choices that we want. while another beauty box: wonderbox is something like a surprising box. will try it out on my next order? haha 

What I like about tis box is it is just simple, nice and recyclable. cardboard box which is environmental friendly ^^ and I can make it like a storage box next time instead of spent RM5 from Daiso haha.

TAdaaaa!!! the contents of my Modbox. I was so happy to read the card from Modbox. Yes you made my day too. I like the way they wrote: pamper yourself as you deserve to be. Ya, time to pamper myself. feel so sorry to myself for the past few weeks. hehe. so there is 3 items in total: 
  1. Murad Resurgence Hydrating toner ( 15ml)
  2. Human Nature Strengthening Shampoo with Cream Foam (50ml)
  3. Ronasutra 2 in 1 mineral foundation & powder ( 1g) 

Murad Resurgence Hydrating Toner 
I got the 15ml as the sample size. The full size 180ml costs around RM128. here is some description from modbox about this:
Rehydrate skin with this bestselling toner from Murad that balances and neutralises surface impurities. Rooted in Murad's proprietary system for optimising cell hydration and skin health, this toner will help you restore your skin's suppleness to its former glory. apply over cleansed face before moisturising for a refreshing treat to your skin!

huuu.... i used it yesterday night and this morning, it absorbed well into the skin and it is not sticky. the fragrance is not very strong so it is still acceptable to me. Will consider to bring it out in my travel kit for my next trip hehe as it is very convenient. I used it 2 days continuously as my morning hydrating toner and the effect is not bad. I seldom use moisturiser in the morning so my face wont be so sticky oily in the morning and so a hydrating toner is just nice to keep my water-oil balance haha. 

Human nature Strengthening Shampoo with cream foam 
it comes in some different size as : 50ml for RM11.90, 200ml for RM22.90 and 500ml for RM44.90. 
Strengthen hair and reduce hair fall by up to 80% with this all-natural, SLS-free strengthening shampoo! it is rich in Philippine coco nectar and hydrolyzed proteins that rebuild hair and help it retain moisture. Shake well, add a few drops of water to the shampoo in your hand before lathering it up onto hair, and enjoy stronger, healthier tresses. 

So what is SLS? this first cross my mind. SLS is sodium lauryl sulfate, which is widely used chemically in personal hygiene products, and some evidence claims that it is related to skin irritation and cancer 0.o one of the SLS action is protein denaturing, which the chemical structure of SLS reduces or eliminates the cell's ability to heal itself. OK I learn something haha. So let's see does it really control well for hair fall haha. Tried it for this morning, not bad. the scalp was quite refreshing. 

Ronasutra 2-in-1 mineral foundation & powder ( 8g for RM 48)
like second skin to your face, this 100% mineral powder gives you excellent coverage and a dewy finish that looks so natural and smooth, your jaw will drop. after moisturising, gently dab the powder onto your face with a sponge, layering more powder on areas that need extra coverage, Take care, as the powder is ultrafine, and little goes a long way. No liquid foundation is needed. 

Well this sounds attractive to me as I was searching for a good foundation recently. The one I was using recently was BB foundation from Maybeline. I heard about mineral foundation before, and I just google it ( just now haha). http://www.webmd.com/beauty/makeup/whats-up-with-mineral-makeup. look not bad, hope that my face wont look oily and sticky with this foundation anymore? haha. You have no idea how bad the feel was when all the powder stick together like flour when it is oily, yuckksss. will use it in my next outing ^^ 

and a close look of the mineral foundation!! 

Well I am not very pro in make up and skin care, so I cant really write a good review here. but i will improve, so my blog wont look so deadly bored with all foods haha. going to purchase another one on November, so surprise me plz Modbox!! haha. good night =))

Some ppl are here to give u a lesson in ur life and go away silently
Life is just need to move on with the big first step
It is hard but no choice, there is always no U-turn in our life
bitter huh? everything is bitter, but we just need to smile to make our life sweeter than it should be
let go the past, wave to future. 
wipe all the bad memories with smile, but not with tears anymore. 
stay strong my girl~ 
Learn the lesson so you wont get hurt anymore. 
No one can love you more like you do~ love yourself first before anything

La Vanille~ A nice place for frens to enjoy cupcakes, macarons, pastries and some light western food to the most!!! and I am agree with it hehe. Part 3 of my food hunt diary~ La Vanille cafe!!

For more information, please visit <http://www.tourdirections.com.my/directory/>. Planning your Penang food tour? TourDirections Penang helps you discover Penang cafes and restaurants, Penang hawker food, Penang budget hotel and Penang homestay at TourDirections.com.my.

La Vanille was our 2nd favourite cafe of the day out of 5 ( no.1 was Kwang Sang House hehe) becoz of its beautiful and relaxing environment and the yummy cakes~ yoohoo. We were so delighted with the decorations at every corner in the cafe, and even the toilet too!  girls love dessert and sweet food, and that is the reason y La Vanille can get our heart so easily hehe

We parked our car at New World Park as it is just within a walking distance opposite to La Vanille. And we found out that we were so stupid becoz there was a lot of parking space around the cafe =.= argggg..... should learn smart and not act smart next time. We reached there around 4.30pm for high tea. Planned to go to Victoria Fossa at first but it was not opening on that day. But sometimes surprises were unplanned ya, we never expected that we can have so much fun in La Vanille ^^

The cute and colourful cake decor topper~ for sale hehe. very creative and catchy. it really caught my attention and I was so curious about their function. 

Beautiful Von with the beautiful drawing in the cafe~ We chose to sit at the corner of the cafe ( coz we scared that we will disturb the others while chit-chatting haha. More privacy also la haha)

Beautiful cupcakes~ too bad I don have a sweet tooth but a sensitive tooth to sweet T..T 

So many cakes in the counter display!!! OMG my saliva was dropping all the way adi haha. Wish to have the red velvet cake but they stopped me from tat ( which was a surprise for me at the end!! hehe)

another lovely cupcakes but they were not available >..< can i have one bite?? just one bite haha

and honestly I have no resistant to this lovely cute cupcakes at all!!! these were just a sample display, you can make a pre-order if you wish to have them!! cute baby hehe

Beautiful decoration on the wall~ they used bricks as the background of the wall so it made the cafe looked more "antique" look haha

Here are some of the other decorations in the cafe~ very sweet hehe

So we ordered 3 macarons~ the blue cheese, coffee/chocolate I cant remember and a white chocolate. Personally I preferred the blue cheese the most!! wish they have more choices for us in our next visit

Apple Crumble Cheesecake RM 10.90
Eat me?? ya I am going to eat you don worry, just be patient haha. So happy that I did not have toothache when I ate macarons and the cheesecakes here! which means they were not too sweet, and just nice for high tea. scare of diabetes arrr haha

Fruity White Pear RM 7.90 and Peach Tea RM 4.90
We ordered two cups of tea. At first we wished to order English Tea but it was sold out. Then we thought that the fruity white pear came in a pot but it came with a mug. but hot water refilled was available and it was free. not bad la haha

Me played around with the cake topper~ wanna eat me? blek haha

Played around with the games available in the cafe while waiting our food to be served. This picture looked like Von was a giant ready to destroy the tower ( and yes she just collapsed the tower right after I took the picca, laughed die me). We played chess game at the same time too to kill our time. 

Tuna Croissant
Hungry jor, so we just ordered another set of light meal haha. We ate a lot huh!! Not bad the taste, the croissant smell so "seducing" haha. and it was very crunchy. 

I forgot to take picture of my birthday cake!! which was the red velvet cheese cake ( RM 9.90). huhu felt so touched to have besties to celebrate my 21st bday with me. the red velvet cheese cake was so awesome and I am going to have another try if I got the chance to visit La Vanille again.  

some self-picca in the toilet. and yes, toilet. They decorated every corner of the cafe, included the toilet haha. T..T I hate Monday Blue. 

My sampat look haha. wish my life can be as colourful as the rainbow in future. too dull and black recently. Time to change a new environment haha. 

The look of La Vanille with so many catchy and attractive cupcakes and macarons~ 

Posing together with besties together with the cartoon outside the cafe~ lots of fun!! haha. This is definitely a good place to have chit chat with bestie for a evening high tea ^^

La Vanille
Address           :  122 A Hutton Lane, 10500 Penang, Malaysia
Business Hour  :  Monday-Sat~ 11am-9pm.........Sunday 11am till 7pm
Contact            :  04-2264024

Here is the first destination for our food hunt trip 2 days ago ^^ the Kwang Sang House. Ya in Chinese it sounds like a tailor shop, in fact, it was!! The owner for this Kwang Sang House owned another cafe in Love Lane known as Behind 50 hehe. Will try it out when I go back next time then. We all love this cafe so much, and we ranked it 1st place over 5 cafes that we had visited that day. What makes it so special?

We went to Kwang Sang House for our first meal of the day~ lunch hehe. We reached there around 12.30pm, and luckily still early for lunch time so we can easily get a nice corner to enjoy our meal hehe. But the parking lot is a problem there, as Lebuh Leith had limited parking lots. So we parked our car at a hotel carpark not far away, which costed us about RM5 for 3 hours ++  EMO...

How to spot the Kwang Sang House? It was so easily spotted with the red colour signboard haha. And it is located opposite the mosque in Lebuh Leith. Strategic location huh hehe. 

For more information, please visit <http://www.tourdirections.com.my/directory/>. Planning your Penang food tour? TourDirections Penang helps you discover Penang cafes and restaurants, Penang hawker food, Penang budget hotel and Penang homestay at TourDirections.com.my.

I can spot you easily ^^ 

We were welcomed by the waitress in the cafe and she was very friendly. She recommended us some of the signature food in the cafe so we can make our order. The environment in the cafe was very satisfying and comfortable, with some smooth and old music haha. We really had our time here. And the food were so tasty and reasonable for us, so I would like to recommend this place to my frens in future ^^

The menu in the cafe~ cute right? hehe

Beautiful plant decoration on the table~ 

chit chat with the girls. It is wonderful when you can have a gathering with ur besties again, we knew each other for more than 10 years adi!!! we are frens since primary school. really appreciate this friendship that I owned. They really made my life so beautiful. 

Some decorations in the cafe. Look very old fashion but tidy. The theme of this cafe is a old time tailor shop. So we can see a lot of antiques to make clothes here. 

the colourful cloths decoration at the counter which caught my attention when I first stepped in the cafe. 

We can see a lot of antiques displayed on the rack. such as old time iron at the second rack, at the highest with the old time sewing machine. this machine was using hand power to operate it, while I had one operated with leg in my old house hehe. 

We ordered for mocktail as drinks. FYI, mocktail is a non-alcoholic beverage ( contain less than 0.5% alcohol by volume). Here they use fruits and soda as the combination for mocktail. I tried mocktail before in the Tree Monkey in Tropical Spice Garden and I really love it haha. In this cafe, they had some choices for mocktail with a pretty name for each ^^ 

What a coincident when you found out that our drinks resembles traffic light colour!!! muahaha I swear we did not order it like this on purpose d. We laughed when the waitress served our drinks haha. Mocktails are RM 7.90 each =)) Guess which one is mine
 From left to right:     Summer ( watermelon mocktail ) , Pretty Lady ( Lychee), Green Field ( Green Apple)

Yaya preferred to have Banana smoothie hehe. nice taste also
Banana Smoothie RM 6.90

me and Von with our mocktails again. Mine one tasted the best!! yes, I am the Pretty Lady muahaha. I love lychee so much~ like my grandma, LOL 

A beautiful corner~ they had 2nd floor with books collection. Too bad they said it was not available for lunch time so we cannot go up to take photos T..T never mind, I will come back again hehe

Here it is!! Our lunch! Pizza ^^ we ordered 2 ppl portion for the food so we can fill our tummy with lots of nice food after that hehe. 
Chicken Bacon Pizza RM16.90
MUST TRY!! the pizza was so crunchy and so cheessyyyy. I love cheese so much. The chef was not stingy on the ingredients which made us so happy to enjoy the food haha. and it smelled good also which made us so hungry before the food was served on our table. YUMMY!! we rated it as 9/10. 

Pamijana Spaghetti RM16.90
Another food which was recommended by the waitress and our taste buds enjoyed it the most. The chicken on top of the spaghetti was so juicy and tasty. rate it as 8/10 =))

** what is so best about this cafe is they don have service charge and government tax!! haha so happy 

 Love the way how they decorated their counter with beautiful mugs. And colourful cloths also. haha. 

Say cheeze to Kwang Sang House before we left!! definitely I will come back for it again~ 

Kwong Sang House (廣生洋服)

Asian Restaurant and Café in George Town
36, Lebuh Leith
George TownPenang 10200
Mon-Wed & Fri-Sun  : 12.00pm-2.30pm, 6.00pm-11pm

So, this was my second visit to Penang The Camera Museum, but wait, I was there yesterday not for visiting, but food!! hahaha. Besides a museum, Penang Camera Museum also consisted of a gallery and a cafe. We did not plan for the cafe inside the museum at first, but since we walked pass it so we just decided to go for a visit. The lower ground of the museum is free for visit, while the upper floor of the museum is now open for public with charge ( ticket: adult RM20, students with cards RM10, senior citizen RM10). 

Too bad we did not bring our cards that day, so we just skipped the museum. They claimed that this was the first camera museum in Malaysia, and the second camera museum in the world ( WOW). will find time to visit the museum someday again. 

for more information about my previous visit to The Camera Museum, click HERE
Photos with besties at the entrance~ with the big big camera

Sio Sio with the colourful umbrellas~ she is more beautiful adi liao, leng lui leng lui

me with the collection of cameras~ so special!! all kinds of cameras ( include phone camera) are included too. from old fashion to the latest DSLR lens haha 

The "DOUBLE EXPOSURE" cafe is situated at the last part of the cafe~ at the exit of the museum. air-conditioned ^^

the lovely and beautiful cake available at the counter. got the camera cupcakes!!! so cute. wish to try to rainbow cake at first but give up ( tried once before n it was not nice, at other place la). They sell pie here too. surprise ^^

the outlook of the counter of the DOUBLE EXPOSURE. don forget to try their drinks in the lens cup ^^ but a bit pricey here la. just eat for shiok and share share lo

My selfie with the lens cup. We bought a lens cup at the souvenirs shop so we can redeem a lens cup of cold drinks in the cafe. We took the ice lemon tea if not mistaken? hehe. nothing difference la but just like special LOL. Do I look nicer with my short hair?

a closer look on the lens cup. It looks like the real one LOL haha 

Double Exposure Cottage Pie RM12.50
the upper part is the mashed potato together with the spaghetti red sauce~ so tasty!! yummy!! worth to try. 

Cupcake with ice cream RM 8.50
so cute right the cup cake. not so sure what flavor is the ice cream but it contains of nuts. suppose we eat the cupcake with the ice cream but we just too obsessed with the ice cream. The cupcake is too cute for us to eat it. MUST TRY!!!

the overall look of the cafe~ nice place to hang out with frens after the visit in the museum. it will be nicer if the cafe is more spacious ^^

Selfie with besties before we left the cafe~ nice trip with the girls. More cafes to update hah

The Camera Museum
Operating Hours    :      Mon-Sun  9am-8pm
Address                :      49 Lebuh Muntri, 10200 Penang Georgetown
Phone                   :      04-2613649
Facebook page     :      https://www.facebook.com/PenangCameraMuseum

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