Rock and Roll in i-city Shah Alam

Continue from the trip to Pulau Ketam, our trip did not end just like tat, LOL. Since we will pass by Shah Alam in our journey back to K17, so our MR.Tour Guide Ping An suggested to bring us to i-city. of coz, it was a YES for us!! muahaha. I went to i-city with my family once before, but it was a long long time ago lor. 

We went to 2 main places in the i-city~ the city of digital lights and the trick museum. There are 3 more places that is available in i-city but we did not pay the visit: the snowwalk, red carpet and the waterpark. Something i don like about in i-city was everything need money money and the charge was not cheap at all. The entrance fees was RM 10 per car after 6pm everyday. We went there after our dinner, and went back around 11.30pm @.@ as a result we almost late to go back to hostel, LOL

Here is some description of i-city from the internet:
As night falls, i-City’s mesmerising nightscape with over 1 million LED lights will lit the sky daily in a thematic manner. The place comes alive with an amazing forest of man-made maple and pine trees brightly illuminated with seasonal LED lightscape themes.

I cant deny that the digital lights are beautiful. and my camera did a beautiful job that night hehe. so, let the photos do the talking~

The sunflower digital light which got my attraction on the first sight~ 

The ghost house which was not yet ready to welcome the customers

Together with the mural of ice age in the i-city~ happy day!!

The Red Carpet in the i-city. It is an all-star interactive wax museum. It was not yet opened that time during our visit. located just not far away from the Trick Art Museum

Pat with tree of coins. can take picture of "makan duit" at here haha. really makan duit LOL

The tanglung street. pretty huh. but still not as impressive as the tanglung street in my hometown Jalan Raja Uda during Chinese New Year

X'mas tree digital light with joyce and pat~ 

white horse~ when can I meet my real prince with white horse huh? 

Beautiful view with lots of LED light tree!! so colourful like rainbow~ 

My selfie in between the lights~ 

Joyce with the snowman~ 

Ping An jump shot~ after so many tries until he got tired haha. Coz all of us felt so lazy to do the jumping that time LOL

Group photo together!! my skill not bad leh haha. 

The beautiful row of digital light trees~ it was a romantic place for couple....

Me clung on the " tree" haha. PPL do pole dance, mine one was monkey dance. hiak hiak. 

a little amusement park available in the park. They got a child corner for children, so no need to worry if u r bringing ur children here! nice spot for family day ^^

The mushroom corner. I guess it will be better if they transform it into something like story park? with different kind of story instead of scattered digital light views. 

Well, again our journey did not end like this. Of coz we played as crazy as we could so the RM10 entrance fees sounds more worthy. A lot of food shops are available in the park but we chose to dine outside. Mostly fast-food and that was the reason LOL. Anyway i-city really improve a lot than my last visit. 

Preview of my next blog post~ romantic story line in the Trick Art Museum in i-city~ muahaha. Goodbye!!

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