Penang Harvest In Cafe~ 21st birthday dinner

October is one of my favourite month hehe ^^ coz I am going to celebrate my birthday with my mummy in October. When is my birthday? LOL it is near by but not today haha. Actually we planned to go to Heaven Gate but it was fully booked ( consequences for not making early reservation), after several search finally we decided to dine in Harvest In Cafe, which is a cafe in my food hunt list hehe.

Thank you to my daddy and mummy for brought me here ^^ hehe. It was such a nice place with a beautiful decoration ( but too bad the environment did not matched the decoration, it was too crowded and noisy, aikss.... overall it was OK). Love the white colour theme from the outside of the cafe to inside, very classic look haha. Its location is near to my previous Ballet Centre!! Miss the time I danced T..T 

We went there around 8.45pm and still there was a lot of ppl were having their dinner there!! OMG i just realised how lucky we were to get a 6 ppl seats becoz this cafe was so famous ( they still had new customer when we left the cafe around 9.45pm).

The outside view of the Harvest In. Promise will get a day look one if I go to Victoria Rossa tomoro =)) The day view is much beautiful than the night view. Actually night view was pretty too but my camera was not functioning well at night ><

The menu of Harvest In Cafe~ Beautiful tree as the cover~ simple and nice is always the classic one!! hehe

** BTW they served every customer a glass of water before we made our order. nice service ^^ 

We upgrade our order into set dinner with additional RM5.50, ( personally I think it was quite worth hehe). The dinner set include a bowl of soup of the day, a drink ( limited choices), a main course and a dessert 

The interior design of the cafe. As the cafe was quite crowded so I cant walk around to take photo >< 

The beautiful counter. 

With my daddy and my grandpa~ Do I look like my dad?

Well I think I look like my mummy more hehe. Cheers mummy!! Happy Birthday to you too ^^

Mummy with my pretty sis~ neh her hair was longer than me liao. 

My peach tea~ nice drink ^^
They served their food quite slow >..< becoz of too many customers? 

The price here was quite reasonable and affordable, the food range from RM15 to RM25 for a main course. Nice place for frens to chill hehe

Spaghetti Carbonara ~ RM 15.50
My sister love carbonara recently~ she rated tis as 5/10 
she just ate one as her breakfast tis morning haha. 

Honey Oat Chicken ~ RM15.50
Daddy's dinner. Tis one really tasty and it was highly recommended by a lot of bloggers. Daddy rated it as 8/10. Same goes to the mashed potato. I got one piece of it and I love it too!! The chicken just melted in my mouth haha

Chicken in Fusion Style ~ RM 15.50
Mummy's dinner. How to say? this set of dinner tasted a bit Malaysian style than western food. Mummy rated it as 7/10~

Black Pepper Steak ~ RM 25.50
When you saw steak/beef/ big portion food, then it belongs to my brother. =..= I dunno how was the taste becoz I did not have the chance to taste it at all ( my brother just swallowed everything). But he said not really tasty la, I dunno? hehe

Grilled Fish with Spicy Cheesy Sauce ~ RM 16.50
here it comes~ my dinner!! personally I rated it as 7/10~ becoz I love the cheese but the spice made it a bit... weird? but new try for me la haha. prefer only cheese ^^ still nice to try 
**first bite really taste good hehe

Dessert came in set~ with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a small piece of green tea cake

my selfie with my dinner~ 21st years old lol, old liao haha ( but wait, not yet haha) 

Harvest In Cafe
Address             :   No. 10, Irrawaddy Road, 10050 Penang. (Right beside the corner and junction that turn                               into chow Thye Road)   
Business Hour    :   11.00am – 3.00pm / 6.00pm – 10.00pm Closed on Sunday and closed for dinner on                                   Tuesday.
Phone                :     04-2261718

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