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So I drag my post for the trick museum until today for the busy schedule in Hospital. haha i always blame the clinical year for eating up most of my time in a day. sounds funny but it is a fact!! cant believe that I adi start my clinical year for almost 1 month time. haha, and a lot of things happened around me too.

So, not going to bebel a lot, I am going to share about my trip to i-city trick art museum during Hari Raya Puasa. The ticket for the trick art museum costed us RM15 for each person if not mistaken. no student price T..T so cruel... they should give us some privilege, right? agree? LOL haha.

There is some introduction about the trick art museum in i-city, it was located near the RED CARPET in i-city, which is away from the digital light city.

The key attraction here is the Trick Art Museum, which has earned the reputation of being the only showcase of its kind in Malaysia where exhibits come to live in 3D when seen through camera lenses.
Trick art renders two dimensional paintings in three dimensions by creating illusion. Each exhibit looks different when seen from different angles. Its magic magnifies when seen at a perfect angle from camera lenses.
The 8,000 sq ft Trick Art Museum boasts 5 themes, namely Masterpieces, Egyptian, Sea Life, Animal Kingdom and Modern Classic.

So this was the crowd outside the trick art museum. everyone was so excited to visit the trick art museum ^^ well Penang is also going to have another soon, excited!!

First session in the museum~ Masterpiece

1st 3D art piece tat we saw in the museum~ sweet couple haha

Me with the Mona Lisa haha. ya, long time picture ago

Pat and joyce with the famous art 呐喊

I was doing some funny pose with the escaping criticism~

Tangent with the escaping criticism~

well tis is suppose to be a perfect photo for sweet couple, but we made it into a mad fighting couple XD 

A "sweet couple photo" inspired by Titanic?? haha
** Oh yea every art have a small photo beside it to teach ppl how to pose for the funny photo. But actually it depends on our creativity. Some looked too ugly so Im not going to post it here. 

2nd theme: Egyptian
push Pat from the stairs!! kabom kabom

Our group photo together with the balancing wood hehe

Me try to climb up the stairs~ 

Theme 3: Animal Kingdom
Pat tried to make the dinosaur's mouth even bigger? haha

Pat was kissing with the penguin~ ouch so lovely hehe

me ini mata duitan tried to grab money from the octopus. RM 100 leh!!! tat was mine!

Theme 4: Modern classic
Two lovely angels~ pray for the world. pray for peace? can i pray for more money for travelling? haha

ok this looked weird. actually it should be something like climbing the cliff but we made it soo..... awkward haha

Ping An don suicide!!! goshh... the throat must be painful.

Joyce bang Pat's head into the glass. creekkkkk..... pecah jor haha

Tangent was finding his way to the paradise. bye bye tangent!! don get lost haha

So, the trip was quite exciting and we really enjoyed ourselves to the maximum that day. special thanks to Ping An and Tangent as our tour guide; Pat and Joyce as my companion for the trip. Love you all

send a ghostly photo first before say goodnight. hahahaha

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