Penang CNY Cultural & Heritage Celebration is an annual event patronised by Penang State Government 

and Penang Clan Council(檳州各姓氏宗祠聯委會), organised by Clan-Association Youth 

Penang(檳州各姓氏青年團聯委會) in conjunction with Chinese New Year.

This year, the celebration was held on the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year ( Feb 2 2014) , and they change the location into a bigger one, at Lebuh Bishop, Lebuh Pantai, Lebuh Gereja, Lebuh King and Lebuh Penang in Georgetown Penang. What is so special about this celebration? well it is more than just a normal celebration, which makes me love Penang more day by day. It is one of the largest event in Penang, besides Penang Georgetown Heritage Celebration and Penang Marathon. 

I don have any idea about the CNY cultural and heritage celebration at first as I missed it for years. ( thanks to the stupid exam schedule after CNY during 1st and 2nd year). I went to this celebration years ago, maybe during my secondary school time. That time still young and I could not really appreciate the event well. I knew it accidentally during a ceremony in 李氏宗祠 ,  and also the Occupy Beach Street Project in the morning. So I just invited my frens and my sister to attend this great celebration with me, and it was really awesome, and packed with people.
You have no idea what is 人山人海 or 人潮汹涌的恐怖 or 寸步难移 unless you joined this event!! seriously, there was more than 10 thousands ppl attended the event ( according to the newspaper la), and the traffic was totally awful when the Penang Bridge and Penang ferry became the 大型露天停车场。 yes the cars were trapped in the traffic jam for hours. 其实那个时候我们还真的怀疑槟岛会不会沉下去。 

This was the outlook of the venue of the celebration in the morning. the main arch at church street was dismantled few days ago adi. 
好霸气的匾额啊 muahahaha. and I love how it look with the combination of the buildings and blue sky. 
the theme for the event this year was 駿馬騰飛慶甲午文化廟會, since tis year was the horse year. 

sister with the decoration of the umbrella~ colourful umbrellas were one of my favorite spot to take picture in the event~ really creative leh, 成为了街道上的另一道风景。从路面到天空,都是让人目不暇给的装饰。

Me with the beautiful 风车. hehe. 

After a short walk around the main streets for the event, we went back home in the afternoon. Of coz la this was not the end yet, the event started from 3pm in the evening, after a short rest, I invited my frens and sister to go for the event again around 5pm. We parked the car over the ferry terminal in Butterworth, took the ferry and walked to Beach Street, since it was just a short distance. Luckily we did not drive to Penang. 

the coloured man on the street~ Don be surprised if they were moving haha, they were the real alive human, not just statue ( well they acted like they were the statues haha)  

街头的大旗鼓表演~ long time I did not enjoyed this show adi, really amazed by their technique on how they played with the big flag. They even gave the chance to the public to have a try to hold the big flag haha. 

took photo with the head of the lion dance with Von~ 

Took a group photo with the main arch at Church Street~ thanks to Sushi for the photos haha. met quite many frens also in the event that day. 

took a photo with the God of wealthy~ God ar plz popi me so I can have lots of money to go for travel this year~ and maybe I can buy myself more good items then in future haha. 

cute God of Wealthy~ 

the show begun!! 漂亮的大旗鼓表演让人看了拍烂手掌~ 
What is so special about the show~ they played and supported the flag with their hands, elbow, legs and chin!! it is not easy at all as they had to get the best balance point to support the flag in the best position. A big applause to the performers everytime they completed an action successfully. 
well the consequence of nt having a dslr is I cant take a close picture of the show, my camera was very limited. if I got money I wish i can buy myself a DSLR d hehe. 

Photo with the monkey statue~ there was 12 in total, which resembles the 12 zodiac in Chinese culture~ mouse, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, chicken, dog and pig. 
申= monkey in 地支 ( chinese calender something like tat). learned it during secondary school but now forgot liao LOL. 

the main stage of the event during the opening ceremony. Who was giving the speech? Our Penang Chief Minister Mr Lim Guan Eng!!  the crowd really made ppl suffocated huh, so i did not squeeze myself to the front line, just took photo from far away. The stage got double storey and this really wow me~ tat 5 ppl who stood on the second floor of the stage with cheongsam and samfu looked like the angels haha. 

Then we walked to look for something interesting. They divided the event into several zones, and we were heading to the E zone with cultural shows and Chinese Art if im not mistaken. we really enjoyed the atmosphere of the CNY in Penang except the huge crowd lo haha. 

something caught into our eyes~ the small and beautiful head of lion dance made of rattan. 

the wood carving with the chinese letter " horse", this year was horse year and that is why everything they emphasize on horse LOL haha. 

knife sharpening stall~ they used a special stone to sharpen the knife so they can use it for a longer time. This is the beauty of chinese tradition, they repair anything which was broken, than throw it away. 

Chinese chess! dare to have a challenge here?? haha. I tot it was a puzzle at first but only then I realize it was a chinese letter of Horse when I looked at it for the second time. 
I know how to play chinese chess d lo, 10 years ago =..= 

Chinese Paper art by students~ still thinking of 2D? they transformed it into a 3D paper art consisted of 12 zodiac muahahaha. 

the beijing opera mask~ can buy it as a souvenirs for friends~ or coloured it ourselves at the stall. 

me and sio showed off our calligraphy~ wish everyone have a good fortune in this early spring haha. my writing not bad leh 

a chinese traditional skill on Chinese Facial Threading, which they removed the tiny hair on the face with a tiny red thread ( coz red brings good fortune). Usually they will do this on a girl before her wedding~ I wished to try it out that day but I put on my make up, don wish to become a panda la haha. they 

one of the most special technique among the chinese art~ eye washing. Yes cuci mata. 
They washed the eyes with a cotton bud and the special solution with secret ingredients, to remove the dust and dirty things in the eyes, which they claimed cant be remove by normal procedure such as rubbing and even eye mo~ 

had a cup of chinese tea after a long walk~ enjoyed the essence of the smell of the tea first before I drank it~ for free hehe. Chinese tea art is actually not easy as it required a great knowledge especially on the preparation of the tea, to the tea pot. 

sister had her henna on her hand~ costed RM10. henna is actually an art from Indian~ nvm la satu Malaysia wat. 

colourful 风车~ 

the uncle was showing how they made a basket besides the stall~ 

A special trishaw which was beautifully decorated with the umbrellas, tanglungs and a horse on top on it. 

Took a picture with the wishing pond~ since it was decorated with peach flower, I think I should have my wish with it??? haha. 

Many ppl wrote their wish on the red paper and hang it over the line~ as a wish to the family and wish for a good fortune in 2014~ 

and we were lucky to watch the beautiful firecrackers show!! although it lasted for just a few minutes but we still enjoy it hehe.

At last we beh tahan with the crowd so we decided to leave early. Initially we planned to have dinner there but there was long queue everywhere T..T The arch and the tanglungs were so beautiful at night~ as beauty as Penang ya haha. 
will visit the celebration again if I got holiday next year, definitely hehe ^^ 

2014 年的情人节就这样过去了。看着朋友们幸福的模样,还真替他们开心
是觉得自己很可怜啦,别人双双对对的时候, 我就看着自己的影子在原地塔转

就这么简单而已 (因为我很懒,懒到我没有信心以后可以养活自己,所以我需要一个依赖)

女生的名誉不一样;随便一点,人家就是当你滥交,发hiao. 而且开始了才发现对方并不适合而分开,你以为很容易啊?有一个ex,并不是什么值得骄傲的事情。当然,要比赛的除外

好吧我承认我是后者.... 我自己也意识到的,我的生活习惯仍然存在他的影子
10 天后,就是一个本来属于我们的日子,我还蛮好奇他是否已经将这个日子从他的生活中删去了。朋友试探着问我,如果可以重来,我还会接受他吗?
不想把话说死,不想就这样给自己下死刑,一切就顺其自然吧~ =))

I always heard about the garden style restaurant in Penang, named Deluxcious but I did not try it out before. It is actually a combination of spa, hotel and restaurant. Initially we did not plan to go for buffet in Deluxcious , but since we were in Penang adi, mom just suggested to have a try there. 
Honestly, besides of the beautiful environment, I got some comment on this restaurant becoz of the banner. It wrote that the buffet for lunch was at RM39.90++ but in fact they had increased the price to RM49.90++, which means they did not change the banner. Since mom said it was OK as tat day was Chor San for CNY, so we just agreed to have a dine there. 
*we did not make any reservation, just a walk in. 

One thing I cant denied is the garden style restaurant is really beautiful and it is actually one of the most beautiful garden style restaurant that I had ever visited. Me and my sister just cant stop ourselves from taking lots of photos in the garden, like we were princess in the garden  . Guys, if you have a beautiful girlfriend and you are looking for a romantic restaurant, this place can be one of the choice. 

at the entrance of the beautiful garden style restaurant. maybe can have a wedding party here since it is so romantic with the red and white flowers?? haha but not for me, I adi had the ideal place to have my wedding in future. 

enjoying myself in the garden~ oisei thanks to the white colour environment I look so fair in this photo~ without whitening edit haha. and I look so.... 淑女 while in fact Im not haha. 
*and thanks mom for the COACH bag

Since the weather was so hot, it is a NO for us to dine outside. We had our lunch in the aircon room, with a western and fine dine environment. everything was perfect with the atmosphere.  
we chose a corner seat so we had more privacy during dining. the main theme in the Deluxcious is white colour, which makes it looks very DELUXE. 

the atmosphere in the restaurant. Oh gosh it was just too romantic for me ( maybe becoz of the dimmed light kut?)

So, what is about the buffet? they had the same buffet style like the Tao Cuisine, which we can pick the food that we want from the menu ( selected) without limit. and we can enjoyed the appetisers and soup of the day as many as we want. think that their buffet is very high class? erpp you are wrong, in fact I was wrong too!! I was expecting for something fine dine menu like lamb, beef, lobster or oyster, yes they had it in the menu; but it was in the ala carte section, which means we need to pay for extra if we wish to enjoy the "high class food". Food which were available for the buffet were mostly Salmon, chicken, spaghetti, and some asian delight like Hokkien Char.
They only serve plain water for the buffet, if we want something else for the beverage we need to pay for extra.

well I might sounds mean, becoz I had a high expectation for the buffet. actually it was OK to have a try/dine. No wastage of food is allowed, each 100g of wasted food will be charged.

After we made our orders, we went to the appetisers area to pamper our stomach first. The appetisers section was quite surprising, as they served a lot of cakes. you know la, girls like dessert, and you know la, I so TMD d got sensitive tooth to sweet.
The appetisers~ well well well this made my tummy so hungry at that moment. They had salads, fresh salmon, sushi, fruits, assorted sausages, smoked duck slice, ham, bacons and lots of cakes. we can take as many as we like ^^

So this is my appetisers. I took 2 cakes, the chocolate one and surprisingly I did not have toothache for it ^^ I love the smoked duck and the salmon the most~ it was so soft and when I put into my mouth, it was like 'melting' in the mouth, spread its essence over the whole cavity. And it was just soft enough for my grandpa, who cant chew hard food. 

I shared a glass of orange juice with my sister~ at RM8 =..= whatttt!! but no choice la. 
actually I wish to have a glass of mocktail ( only RM12++), but my sis insisted to have orange juice. bo huat

Wake my taste bud with a bowl of soup of the day. I think it was a pumpkin soup?? or potato Im nt sure, but I confirmed it was not chicken or mushroom soup. 

after a short while, our food were served!! maybe becoz only got 2 groups of customers? coz what I read form the internet some of them complained that Deluxcious served the food quite slow. and below are the compilations of the food~ 
we had teriyaki chicken, 2 types of salmon and miso chicken and bla bla bla, got a lot more actually, but my brother and sister acted faster than me, they ate it before I took the picture. The food was served in a small portion, just nice to have a taste and share with everyone. 
**PS, their salmon was totally awesome!!!

Many many kinds of spaghetti, I swear this was the first time I had so many carbonara spaghetti in my life. And my dad, haiz I dunno what to said, he ordered for "spicy" for the spaghetti. I was like "Dad, are you serious?" when he told us. and I end up with a very spicy olio spaghetti. 
So be careful people, don let the spicy ruined the taste for the spaghetti haha. 

a piece of lamb ( I love lamb haha), another chicken spaghetti and slice of salmon. I cant describe how I love Salmon so much!!!

Mummy at a corner~ I think my dad took this picture. 

The little cozy bar lounge in front of the restaurant~ it is nice to have a chit chat here with frens, and have some wine.

The wine corner. Oh yeah wine was not included in the buffet too. 

the bar lounge. Open during dinner time. 

and at last, the outlook of the Deluxcious. It looks like a mansion, a white and elegant mansion. Now only i remember what is the most suitable word to describe Deluxcious :~ Elegant!! 

We spent around RM350++ for the lunch buffet for 6 ppl in total. In my personal opinion, I still prefer to have my buffet in E&O Hotel ( becoz they served oysters OMG). Will I come back for Deluxcious again?? hmm let me think about it. It is nice to have a try here, especially with the beautiful little garden. 

Deluxcious Restaurant
15-17A, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
11600 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 226 9993
Facebook: Deluxcious Heritage Hotel

Buffet Lunch  :  RM49.90++ (12pm-3pm)
Buffet Hi-Tea :  RM39.90++ (3pm-6pm)
Buffet Dinner  : RM59.90++ (6pm-11pm)

每一年都因为要赶着回沙登考试而屡次错过了和他们的聚会,今年难得不用考试又可以迟回去那个鬼地方,我们就决定来一场聚会好好聚一聚。哦,他们是谁?他们就是我最珍惜的一帮朋友之一, 大山脚 StAnne圣安纳堂的朋友们,我们认识已经10年了。因为平日里很少碰面的机会加上我这个麻烦精住在遥远的北海,一年里我们可能只聚了3,4次,这段友谊来得不容易,所以也格外外珍惜。

本来说好要在年初四晚上到北海的紫薇园吃火锅,哪里知道紫薇园年初九才开工(哇哇哇),所以临时就改地方到淡汶Tambun 去吃海鲜。Tambun 的海鲜就是出名“平,靓,赞”,不过我已经很久没有吃了,而且景泰准备带我们到河口的义成海鲜楼去,想到都留口水啊。由于本小姐有一点点夜盲,不适合驾远途,所以就赖在A Khim的家里等a Tai 来载我们哈哈。


先来一张人山人海的义成海鲜楼。外面看过去好像一间普通的餐馆,看到如此恐怖的人流后就大概可以估计到这间餐馆要不就很便宜,要不就出菜很快,要不就很好吃。well 义成海鲜楼算不上在哪一方面特出,就因为3方面都兼顾,所以大家都来了,哈哈。

和两位大美女合照,我的老婆Khim 和阿甜的“精神伴侣”晓惠 Alice. 

义成海鲜楼的外观~ 算是坐落在路的尾端吧,不会难找嘻嘻

我们的开胃菜~ ba li tong. 华语是什么就不知道了,好像是田螺之类的。大约 Rm12。 我从来没有吃过这东西,阿甜教我这是吸出来吃的。还说什么可以练吻功,结果无辜的晓惠因为尝试用舌头拉里面的螺出来而被我们笑说在练舌吻哈哈。

我们的晚餐,招牌豆腐。大约 RM10, 哦对了我们是吃6个人的分量。豆腐皮很脆很爽口,不过也没什么特别。哎哟这不是这里的重头啦,就是让我们开胃而已。



蒜米蒸带子 ( scallop), 大约RM20。这里的带子很大个,吃的很满足,重要的是汤汁让我们很开胃。吃带子的时候不要尝试把壳放进嘴巴里,利刃的壳会划破嘴巴的(我中招了,因为之前吃的带子是小个的)。


因为新年吃太多煎炸,所以今晚吃清淡一点。kappa很香肉很多汁,和酸辣汁配在一起根本就是最佳拍档。汤汁渗入kappa,让我们吃了都举起大拇指啊。上桌的时候 kappa 热烘烘的,一下子就一扫而空。果然海鲜还是要在刚煮起上桌仍然保持热度的时候吃起来是最鲜美的。


最后就是我们的大合照!认识了10年,拥有这一段友谊的感觉真好。虽然我们6个人6种不同的性格,但是就是喜欢一见面就粘在一起。那天我们总共讲了6个小时的话 OMG,回去还和a Khim 讲话到凌晨3点多,hehe还是觉得将不够列。
这一晚的晚餐我们一共花了RM196.50, 一共6人份,阿泰请客 ( kamsia 阿泰!!)
看别人的部落格这里河口白天的风景还不错的,下次可以带家人来尝一尝 ^^

义成海鲜楼(Gee Seng) 
地址:860 Bagan Bukit Tambun, 14110 Simpang Ampat, S.P.S.,Pulau Pinang 
营业时间:下午3点 - 晚上11点 -

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