Lunch Buffet in Deluxcious Penang

I always heard about the garden style restaurant in Penang, named Deluxcious but I did not try it out before. It is actually a combination of spa, hotel and restaurant. Initially we did not plan to go for buffet in Deluxcious , but since we were in Penang adi, mom just suggested to have a try there. 
Honestly, besides of the beautiful environment, I got some comment on this restaurant becoz of the banner. It wrote that the buffet for lunch was at RM39.90++ but in fact they had increased the price to RM49.90++, which means they did not change the banner. Since mom said it was OK as tat day was Chor San for CNY, so we just agreed to have a dine there. 
*we did not make any reservation, just a walk in. 

One thing I cant denied is the garden style restaurant is really beautiful and it is actually one of the most beautiful garden style restaurant that I had ever visited. Me and my sister just cant stop ourselves from taking lots of photos in the garden, like we were princess in the garden  . Guys, if you have a beautiful girlfriend and you are looking for a romantic restaurant, this place can be one of the choice. 

at the entrance of the beautiful garden style restaurant. maybe can have a wedding party here since it is so romantic with the red and white flowers?? haha but not for me, I adi had the ideal place to have my wedding in future. 

enjoying myself in the garden~ oisei thanks to the white colour environment I look so fair in this photo~ without whitening edit haha. and I look so.... 淑女 while in fact Im not haha. 
*and thanks mom for the COACH bag

Since the weather was so hot, it is a NO for us to dine outside. We had our lunch in the aircon room, with a western and fine dine environment. everything was perfect with the atmosphere.  
we chose a corner seat so we had more privacy during dining. the main theme in the Deluxcious is white colour, which makes it looks very DELUXE. 

the atmosphere in the restaurant. Oh gosh it was just too romantic for me ( maybe becoz of the dimmed light kut?)

So, what is about the buffet? they had the same buffet style like the Tao Cuisine, which we can pick the food that we want from the menu ( selected) without limit. and we can enjoyed the appetisers and soup of the day as many as we want. think that their buffet is very high class? erpp you are wrong, in fact I was wrong too!! I was expecting for something fine dine menu like lamb, beef, lobster or oyster, yes they had it in the menu; but it was in the ala carte section, which means we need to pay for extra if we wish to enjoy the "high class food". Food which were available for the buffet were mostly Salmon, chicken, spaghetti, and some asian delight like Hokkien Char.
They only serve plain water for the buffet, if we want something else for the beverage we need to pay for extra.

well I might sounds mean, becoz I had a high expectation for the buffet. actually it was OK to have a try/dine. No wastage of food is allowed, each 100g of wasted food will be charged.

After we made our orders, we went to the appetisers area to pamper our stomach first. The appetisers section was quite surprising, as they served a lot of cakes. you know la, girls like dessert, and you know la, I so TMD d got sensitive tooth to sweet.
The appetisers~ well well well this made my tummy so hungry at that moment. They had salads, fresh salmon, sushi, fruits, assorted sausages, smoked duck slice, ham, bacons and lots of cakes. we can take as many as we like ^^

So this is my appetisers. I took 2 cakes, the chocolate one and surprisingly I did not have toothache for it ^^ I love the smoked duck and the salmon the most~ it was so soft and when I put into my mouth, it was like 'melting' in the mouth, spread its essence over the whole cavity. And it was just soft enough for my grandpa, who cant chew hard food. 

I shared a glass of orange juice with my sister~ at RM8 =..= whatttt!! but no choice la. 
actually I wish to have a glass of mocktail ( only RM12++), but my sis insisted to have orange juice. bo huat

Wake my taste bud with a bowl of soup of the day. I think it was a pumpkin soup?? or potato Im nt sure, but I confirmed it was not chicken or mushroom soup. 

after a short while, our food were served!! maybe becoz only got 2 groups of customers? coz what I read form the internet some of them complained that Deluxcious served the food quite slow. and below are the compilations of the food~ 
we had teriyaki chicken, 2 types of salmon and miso chicken and bla bla bla, got a lot more actually, but my brother and sister acted faster than me, they ate it before I took the picture. The food was served in a small portion, just nice to have a taste and share with everyone. 
**PS, their salmon was totally awesome!!!

Many many kinds of spaghetti, I swear this was the first time I had so many carbonara spaghetti in my life. And my dad, haiz I dunno what to said, he ordered for "spicy" for the spaghetti. I was like "Dad, are you serious?" when he told us. and I end up with a very spicy olio spaghetti. 
So be careful people, don let the spicy ruined the taste for the spaghetti haha. 

a piece of lamb ( I love lamb haha), another chicken spaghetti and slice of salmon. I cant describe how I love Salmon so much!!!

Mummy at a corner~ I think my dad took this picture. 

The little cozy bar lounge in front of the restaurant~ it is nice to have a chit chat here with frens, and have some wine.

The wine corner. Oh yeah wine was not included in the buffet too. 

the bar lounge. Open during dinner time. 

and at last, the outlook of the Deluxcious. It looks like a mansion, a white and elegant mansion. Now only i remember what is the most suitable word to describe Deluxcious :~ Elegant!! 

We spent around RM350++ for the lunch buffet for 6 ppl in total. In my personal opinion, I still prefer to have my buffet in E&O Hotel ( becoz they served oysters OMG). Will I come back for Deluxcious again?? hmm let me think about it. It is nice to have a try here, especially with the beautiful little garden. 

Deluxcious Restaurant
15-17A, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
11600 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 226 9993
Facebook: Deluxcious Heritage Hotel

Buffet Lunch  :  RM49.90++ (12pm-3pm)
Buffet Hi-Tea :  RM39.90++ (3pm-6pm)
Buffet Dinner  : RM59.90++ (6pm-11pm)

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