well actually i want to type it in chinese but my stupid chinese software cannot use

work almost a month there already, so i already suit myself there n having fun v most of the supervisour. althought some of them r fierce at astart but u will find tat actually they r cute. haha

when i startly work there, there is no other new staf n im a new there. really pressure for the 1st month coz im nt yet fren v all the supervisour n staf. the onli person i can ask for help is irene n mei way nia. sometimes miss wong. i keep do it wrongly since i still cannot comfort v my work yet. i think they quite frustrated v me lol
Luckily english n chinese d supervisour, a yong n eng sheng they help me a lot. then i start to make frens v them, like sally, michelle ( actually she is call miss xiaw), wei xiang, a long, kai juan, hui ting, zhi hong, zhu yi, gok ghee, joe max, miss lee, honey etc. lazy to type~ continue later, need to go work
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