So here is it, my life as a AMSA Public Health Officer comes to an end during this Wednesday, with all the joys and jubilant memory... I...retired XD. FYI, I joined UPM ASEAN Medical Student Association in my university, and hold the position as public health officer during my second year ( but actually nt doing much work, lol). AMSA gives me a wonderful memory as a medical student, more than just a nerdy who knows how to study. We work as a team in this society, organise events like health campaign, competition and community service. After a year, I retired from this position and passed it to my potential juniors, so they can make AMSA a better and stronger one. I believe they can do it =))

A big thanks to the AMSA advisor Dr Cheah Pike See for her guidance all the way, she is so nice and we love her so much. maybe we behaved like a trouble maker most of the time especially when comes to deal with those NAPOLEON admin, she solved the problems for us most of the time too. Without her, we wont grow so strong and have such a big board of committee. Feel proud to have Dr Cheah as the strongest support to run all the events throughout the year. 

Photos with board of committee 2012/2013. The one with pink shirt red tie is our BOSS wing liong, the president of AMSA UPM, and the girl with red formal blouse Lydiar, is our new boss. woohoo ^^ spotted me? haha. some of us did not attend the meeting that day, got class in the hospital. emo...

Received my certificate as a AMSA member from Dr Cheah. Such an honour to have the chance to have the opportunity to work together with Dr Cheah, and also a lot of Doctors who help us a lot in health talk and health screening programme. 

And here we met our new advisor team for AMSA~ Dr Cheah passed down the job to our new Advisor~ Dr Ching Siew Mooi, who is really supportive to our events, health screening and helped us a lot in the research project for conference. And a big applause to our new co-advisor: Dr Hoo Fan Kee and Dr Foo Yoke Long. Dr Foo was our health talk speaker last time. 
* and I realise Dr Hoo will be my second phase medicine posting supervisor, haha. 

The group photo for the new board of committee 2013/2014. Lydiar will bring AMSA to a better one. =)) and not to forget, the BIG THREE ( vice president). Please support us for all the programs in future hehe. everyone is so bersemangat to have activities haha. 
** and my buddies were involved in the committee haha

So after the meeting, it is time for dinner. We went to Yoke Heng Restaurant in Serdang for chinese cuisine dinner. This was my second visit to this restaurant, last time was a funny one ( we lost direction for an hour after the dinner last time). More choices to dine than the famous Leong Ya near The Mines huh haha. 

Group photo together after the dinner. erpsss. haha. There were 15 of us, and we dined for more than 3 hours, OMG.... chat until they closed their business la haha. Long time don have such a long chat with frens like this adi. Such a wonderful one. 

Played around with Boss and Ping An while waiting for the food. Nice to work together with them, we had a lot of good experiences together hiak hiak. 
So we ordered 2 sets of dinner with 5 dishes each, and 2 jar of Chinese tea. In total we ( 15 people) spent around RM276 include beverages ( and 4 extra bowl of rice) in the restaurant. quite worth for it, as those guys claimed that this price was much cheaper than a dine in in Leong Ya. 
Just a simple chinese restaurant, with clean and comfortable restaurant. Abo you think I visit cafe again? wish to but not in KL, I got no transport T..T

First dish: 排骨王  pork rib
we want to eat pork rib without bones, so the tauke neong suggested this dish to us. The serving size was just nice for 7 ppl. The taste of the pork rib was nicely coated with the sauce and it was juicy. Nice try and highly recommended to pork lover. Don worry if you don have teeth, coz the pork was moderately cooked and it was not difficult to chew too. 

dunno how to explain in english, it was bean curd served on the sizzling, with eggs, minced pork and mushroom and sauce. One of our most favorite dishes ( i guess? coz it totally disappear after it was served for few minutes haha). 

I cant express my surprise to the chef with his/her creativity of this dish ( maybe I sampat I not sure la). How to say, it is sooooo DELICIOUS. Basically they cooked and fried the 'kailan" vege at the same time. It was so delicious for me!! The fired kailan was like a snack for me haha, very crunchy lo. this dishes was recommended by the tauke neo too, thumbs up ^^

stir fried lala
erm, how to say? just LaLa lo, but in fact most of the lala were empty, left shell nia. aiks mana the isi? haha

Last but not least, the herbal chicken. actually we ordered a beggar chicken but they served us the wrong one, nevermind la, still chicken wat. What I can comment is the chicken is really "herbs" and soft enough. The taste was not so heavy to me ( I dislike herbal chicken actually), since I can bear with the taste so it is fine for me. 

So here end the story, goodbye AMSA UPM, wish you a better and brighter future. 

Yoke Heng Restaurant
No.33, Jalan SR 8/4, Taman Putra Indah, Serdang Raya, 43300 Seri Kembangan
Lunch hour: 10.30am till 2.30pm
Dinner time: 5.30pm till 10.30pm 
close on Monday every 2 weeks
+603-8943 8753

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