finally here it comes, the last day of 2011
now nearly 1am adi n i still online, since i haven start packing for tomoro d trip
i really salute to myself 1st time i so clam n damding for a trip haha
kuala gandah!! the place tat i will spent with for my last day of 2011
haha elephant elephant here i come after 6 hours from now
elephant hopefully u can be guai guai don kick me down from u ha
my bones very fragile d haha
hmm if possible n i got time, tomoro i will make a conclusion for myself
about my achievements in 2011 n upload dozens of photo hehe

n i want to say, finally i make it ( i think so)
it is time to let some one who is not suitable for u to go when u feel tired
juz let go, u lost nothing but get back ur freedom
wow..... haha wth m i talking
it is my bedtime n i start to talk nonsense liao haha
goodnite everyone, n welcome 2012
wish tat it is a happy year for me~ ^^
n i wont curse myself for nonsense reason summore haha

haha it is X'mas week!! Im so happy n look forward for the festival~ tomoro is xmas eve adi, excited excited haha. go to pasar malam cheras to buy xmas presents for my dear housemates n some close coursemates on wed, the pasar malam really long til i speechless, v spent at least 6 hours at there for shopping!! as v did not plan our schedule well, v nearly don have transport to come back to k17 >< summore the taxi uncle raise the fees, chiak lat lo...

but im still happy becoz i can go for shopping haha, super like it to relieve study stress here. n i nearly forget that i still got assessment to go with during next tuesday, aiks aiks aiks.
the pasar malam is quite nice d, u can buy everything there, food, clothes, phone casing, accessories bla bla bla. i spent quite a lot there, but worth for it! i love the food especially the japanese pizza, n the tart~ ^^ shopaholic again >~<

deng deng deng, tis is how my house looks like after a few decoration. since cny also around the corner, so v decide to decorate our house into cny mood 1st haha, can put the decoration for long long time wat. Xmas tree very expensive leh. tis one Rm10 per 3, cheap n cute n nice!! next year is dragon year, but how come the cartoon looks like cow leh @_@

n im quite curious y ppl say my house is stressful as my housemates r so cheerful here~ v got gu jamdi here waiting for her gu jun pio leh wakaka. They should come to visit us during dinner time, then they will c how crazy v are.

doing veet on my leg to remove the stupid hairs... oh my gosh i really looks like gorilla u know? make my legs look so dark in colour, cry ar cry ar. so i decided to veet them, erm, not bad la actually for the 1st 2 days, but now come to the 3rd day they start to grow back again n it feels annoying!! TT going to veet them again tomoro when i go out to bukit bintang, hopefully they wont put me aeroplane la especially tat bamboo n klk

a funny scene in the dewan kuliah
fanta vs gin wei, who have more hair haha
n lastly tis is myself during 3 months in upm~ the best accessories a girl can put on is confidence!! be a confident girl, n i know i can do it! haha going to say goodbye to 2011, n say hello n welcome to 2012, always march into a brighter future ^^

haha, here comes my upm life of part 2~ having a busy schedule recently so i don have much time to update my blog @@ haiz, too many assessments n notes come in a bunch, a big burden arrrr, i almost suffocate by them. sometimes i really think that mayb it is the time for me to have a nice rest to recharge my battery liao. TT wuwuwu my eyes looks like panda now n my eyeballs r damn big!!! cant forgive myself especially when my skin turn worst day by day...

but i have no choice but continue my life in such an unhealthy life style.. juz start package 3 programme with immunology, haematology and general pathology. ppl here is very kong bu!!! i don even know wat m i listen for class they adi can remember the definition of some medical terms. hmm actually haematology i think it is still ok gua? i like the lecturer DR Lai Mei I, she is very nice n friendly haha. Dr Lee Bang Rom also very nice, at least i understand what is the knowledge that he is trying to pass to us. unlike the other doctor, i feel like im wasting my time for nothing during yesterday d practical class, mayb im too tired coz i kept on fishing hehe

well another thing that is unique about upm is u will get lost easily in upm haha, n it is true!! my parents get lost in upm for 2 hours plus when they come to fetch me last time coz they drove into k13, which is inside serumpun area in upm. gosh i never been there b4, i really no idea how to save my mom out of that place ar hahahaha. hmm actually if got time i think i will take the bus to travel around d, juz i need plenty of time to do it. coz k17 bus very tiao ge d, 3o mins per turn, wait until u ki siao

haha don say too much of grandmother n grandfather story le, tis is my best housemate khai sien ! haha v take tis photo during an outing to the mines for sakae sushi~
together with khai sien, sin yen, ru yi, fantasia for the bank islam jpa atm card. received a very unsatisfied poor service from the officer there, really sangat berkuasa loh. btw v ponteng our class that day in kajang, but no time to taste the famous kajang satay around, so sad!! sorry prof dr ruzita, hopefully u wont notice my disappearance haha
haha while waiting ruyi to settle her fees problem, me n fantasia go out for some photo haha. this scene is beside the hep building, erm a very beautiful fountain i can say. at least now i know how to travel in upm without get lost adi haha. lo my eng really very bad ==
lab session with white coat ahaha, too boring that time. having general pathology practical session that time, but i have no mood for that coz im not ready for the class yet, wat a bad student i m. but at least im unlike someone who r ponteng kaki... n have a very bad attitude in class, dislike dislike

n finally with my best fren here, ruyi n fantasia the leng lui haha. my cute coursemate~ ^^
i dunno wat to say but i juz cant control my emotion anymore
im frustrated with you recently, wat actually happen to you?
yea u can be a cheerful n innocent lady if you want, but can you please control yourself?
u r very sweet, i admit it, but i really don understand you nw
b4 tat u told me tat u were hurt badly but him
n now wat r u doing? someone is look forward for u n i told u, u juz ignore me!!!

if tis wat u want? talk n do the 2 different things.
n today u told me not onli once tat u want to withdraw urself
i din force u to join it, but u asked me help u to put ur name under the group when v were choosing the groups n u were not around tat time
ok i help u, n now wat have u done?
IS it tat girl who make u change?
please don let me dislike u, bcoz i already dislike tat girl

im very pek chek now!! pek chek till i wanna kill ppl
y the world is so complicated now? y human must have double image to survive?
y v must act cute or sweeten our voice in order to gain popularity?
wat the hell is tis world all about?
i dislike my life like tis, n i already experienced it once in matriculation
i don wish to repeat the 2nd time but it seems like it is approaching me
i know u better but u choose to trust sumone tat u know for 2 months
do u really know her real attitude?
it is really disgusting

haha, seem like slimming down is a very hot topic nowadays among my frens. lol. here is some tops tat i found from weibo hopefully it is helpful~ ^^



真的只喜欢过一个吗? 不知道也许生活中不同的阶段,你会遇上不同的混蛋

混蛋是什么? 是你身边,现在牵着的男朋友吗?






























well, recently im addicted to tis song, davichi new released song- Dont say goodbye
another well composed song from davichi after 8282, sorry but i don like time please dont stop so much, the song is actually quite weird. Davichi really got a lot of nice song with smooth melody, their ost for my man is a daebak i can say. haeri really have a powerful vocal. minkyung is soft enough to balance the song mood so it wont too strong for overall haha

dunno y now i lost my passion towards kpop, mayb too many of the new groups today with not much talent, like wat B1A4, chi-chi, rania, Brave girls, supreme, Dalshabet bla bla a lot. but i cant even remember any of the members lo. spoilt the good reputation from kpop nia. although i enjoy snsd comeback a lot hehe. and t-ara is going to have their comeback next week!! im so excited for it hehe, cry cry is absolutely a nice song n they deserve to win if their do it well in their live performance~ ^^

btw i juz watch " the apple in my eyes" with sushi n kelvin yesterday. erm it is a good movie, compare to puppylove ice kacang, but i prefer "初恋这件小事" the most!!! tis movie got too much of rude words for me, not so like it for the masturbate scene n walk around naked in the house. zzz is tis really happened in taiwan?? lo in my opinion, Taiwan really a very weird country. the ppl there always like to name themselves with cute cute funny name, eg tomato, ya tou, the prince ( please la oh gosh u r not so handsome yet), ben4 zhu1 ( im sad for ur parents)

haiz, form tis movie, i realise sumthing, boys will prefer a polite, silent and shy girl to be their girlfriend instead of a girl who have good leadership, energetic and outgoing. maybe tat kind of girl is more easier to pikat gua? then the other kind of girl is more to best fren, brother than girl friend. n the same thing happened around me now. lo don ask me to act polite or act cute, i will feel like im going to slap myself coz it is too disgusting for me. 记住,我是性格派的女生!!n im proud with my characteristic n personality~ ^^V

hmm looks like i have to say goodbye to my holiday, TT i don wish to say so but i have to. now onli 3 days left n i really have problems to swallow the pharmacology, choking now loiz. its too hard for me to understand it well, n i have no mood to study at all. argh all i need is mood mood mood, n emo mood lo.
haha tis pic is taken when im too bored for my study. act cute act cute hehe

lo i sure i will miss penang again when i go back... wuwuwu the life in the hostel is stressful with all the weekly assessment n assignments >.< actually i don mind to go back if the life is not as pressure as pressure cooker. but no choice, since i have choose tis road, i have to finish it no matter how. go go girl u can do it!! ^^

having fun dancing v alicia for " molly flower" a few months ago before i enter uni, haha. long time din dance tis song liao feel so happy to dance it again~
well, im ot bad now too, dancing roly poly and goodbye baby for the coming medic nite, hopefully can perform it well... n im going to challenge myself for the boys when i have time hehe. i love the dance so much, it is energetic!! but im still waiting for tutorial.
actually i wish to dance back ballet a lot, but my stamina n my stupid leg don allow me to do tis, arg i really wish to learn esmeralda, it is very nice!! n don expect me to dance it on pointe, my pointe is very bad >< i juz wanna learn the steps. im glad tat I danced ballet before so i am flexible to dance any style of the dance.
i stil remember the time i dance stephanie sun d "guji guji" n jj lim d" ko" with goo, ivon, alicia, hun yuin, kahleen, beh them. we have a lot of fun for the choreograph, fill with laughter whenever we practised it as we were so fresh n excited to have our 1st own dance. n it is not bad yo~ too bad i don hv the video but onli a few of photo...
dancing is part of my life, part of my soul. maybe im not borned for dancing, but i love to dance n i know i have the talent. i wish tat i will still have time for dancing in future without affecting my academic result. i wanna prove tat medical student is not nerd for dancing, but talented!!
hehe to my little juniors, good luck for ur competition during 19th nov yea, must bring back the champion back to clb, u adi prove urself during last competition n i have confidence with u all. hope to c u all in kl during dec for the national dancing competition~ ^^

well, i think most of us is very familiar v the videos above
yes u r rite, the above is the teaser for t-ara cry cry 4th mini album and the below is girls' generation 3rd full album the boys~ ^^ n i love both of the songs so much keke
for me, it is not a problem at all to memorize all the lyrics in a week time, i adi biasa v it coz i really love kpop so much~ n snsd is still my top favorite after 3 years time since 2009 when i was in form 5 n i was so addicted to them. as they r not onli pretty but talented.

for example, in tis 3rd full album is the album i love the most~ n the japanese 1st full album too, they tried a lot of style tis time, from how great is your love, my j, say yes, lazy girl ( my favorite!!) to oscar, every song give a very special feeling to others. n i highly recommend to my frens if they wish to know kpop more~ ^^ btw snsd is going to release their 1st english digital single in USA in the end of nov, im waiting for it~ the girls can do it n i believe they can make another victory like wat they did in japan, rock the japan with their successful arena tour. they never make sone disappointed, stunned the world with their outstanding vocal and dance.

hehe then about t-ara, of coz it is my favorite girls group too. form bo peep bo peep to roly poly, every songs are awesome although a bit weak in their live, tat is y they cant beat snsd. hehe, im going to perform roly poly in my upm medic nite next year, n my dance crew plan to dance it once in ktm station or in the shopping centre, feel so excited for it!! it is a catchy song tat easy to learn and dance with. well n now im so impressed with their coming new song, cry cry which the mv will be released tonite!! a very different style from roly poly n yayaya

another girl groups tat is my favorite is 2ne1 and sistar. hehe yea in my ranking, snsd is the 1st place, no doubt, then follow by 2ne1, tara n sistar. 2ne1 have amazing stage performace epecially from CL, the leader for 2ne1, she is gorgeous n i love her so much. hehe i love her the most in go away mv, her hair very nice n she look very pretty. 2ne1 is a very strong girl group too. the songs i recommend here is i am the best, go away ( omg my favorite), ugly ( tis is my top top playlist) and i dont care.

argg, i wish my pharmacology is as easy as kpop, i no need to study hard for kpop n i sure i can score a very high marks for it. pharmacology is so hard TT i langsung don understand y is it like tis y it react like tat with the drug. n i left my notes in the hostel == chek ak
now i really scare i cant score well for my G&BP exam next monday leh, no mood for study at all.. help me help me...

well, 1st of all, medical student is extremely pressure!! i hv accessment for almost every week n everyone got a very high score for it.... TT
i admit tat my memory power is not so strong to memorize all the terms especially for pharmacology, but at least i try very hard for my exam n improvement can be seen in every exam~ happy n proud of it

still got 5 years to cope with the stress, n i heard from my senior tat the pressure will be doubled when we come to clinical year, means the 3rd year when we r going to start our posting in hospital, omg!!

hehe, im now a 1st year medical student in University Putra Malaysia~ although i din get 4 flat for my pspm, thanks god haha. well, actually a medical student life is not easy at all... maybe it is some kind of "insurans" for someone to think tat they r secured for doctor life, but the problem is, r u ready for it?

for my advise, if you r not really interest to become a doctor, you better don choose medic as your uni course, as you may regret when u come to the break down border, and u waste a place for those who really want to become a doctor outside

actually my life here is quite leisure, im not sure about others, i think im still ok with it gua?? ^^ not trying to push urself too hard to become a top student, juz enjoy ur life, make it interesting and meaningful. of coz, exam is still very important. lo during my C&ET exam i burned midnite oil until 4am, wat a crazy is it haha. but i have no choice becoz i know myself well tat i not good in scanning like my fren... envy la she onli need to study once for the exam n i have to study at least twice ==

one of the lab scene in UPM haha, together having fun v my frens~it is awesome tat the lab inside UPM have air conditioner!! so we wont feel so hot although we are wearing a super thick labcoat. but the lab coat still look nice rite? v looked smarter on it haha

ps: the one with a very cute chubby face is chai gin wei, n i called her helmet bcoz of her hairstyle XDD she is one of my best fren in k17 n i love my frens here~

about my lab life, hmm actually not bad, nothing much to be done except to deal with tat microscope, arg my eyes r so pain everytime look at the objective lens. i will get myoisis very soon ar n i need some tropolol to cure it liao haha, juz a joke, coz now usually when we gather together, we will start making fun on wat we learn so we can absorb it faster n easier~ ^^ and to prevent us from suffocate or chocking v the thick notes.... TT

If compare to matric life, erm matric is more relax la coz actually not very tough pun, but here is different, you have to find the knowledge urself via lecturer, seniors or internet.but at the same time, don kacau ur seniors too much coz they r having exam too and their pressure is like a super big burden on their shoulder
from the left: shi yie, fantasia, me, shzeyee n junning. the lower one is sin yen n khai sien, all very pretty except me lo~ ( crying ) haha we r having a fantastic life there. y i say so? we already had our amazing homemade steamboat and spagetti in the house, and we are planning for bbq XD

if im not wrong, we took tis pic when we r having our urine analysis practical. different kind of urine will show different of disease, and it is amazing!! a very new experience for me lo hehe
hmm about our lecture, we have doctors, assistant professor and professor here, teaching us about anatomy, excitable cell, pharmacology, gene expression and molecular basic of medicine so far. and i love dr mar mar wai the most hehe, she is a good myammar professor.

well some of the lecturer juz like the terminator of narcolepsy, make me feel so sleepy and dizzy in the class until i cant concentrate well in the class.... well, not my fault XD some of the lecturers are good in knowledge but i think they are teaching in the wrong method >< well i will try my best to catch up with the syllabus d. if not i scare my buddy will kill me haha
now comes to the time schedule, during 1st semester it will a bit loose compare to 2nd sem, as we have a lot of self study session now, which will be cut during the next sem TT we are allowed to shift our timetable d, so i have extra holidays during deepavali and i can go back to butterworth~ wee ^^ normally my class is from 9am to 5pm, depends on the timetable, and im having an hour or two hours break between the class. for medical student, we very appreciate every seconds to sleep. so we wont waste it!! n we can sleep everywhere haha

haha, don think too much~ tis is not my flower, is my buddy d convo flower. erm, should be my buddy mia gf d flower haha. i still got 5 years time b4 i can receive a bouquet of flower like tis... sigh. tis year, upm medical convo fall on my bday!! too bad i cant meet my 6th year buddy peng mun senior, she very nice person leh... why my schedule was so packed tat day!! geram

well, actually i attended two exams tat day which made me missed the chance to meet my buddy. a very stupid exam for titas and hubungan etnik. i din study well for tat exam i admitted, as i just finished my C&ET accesment tat friday. but, i still managed to get a very satisfied marks for it. lo, when i study hard my marks at the border of the passing marks, when i just read through then i get a good mark ==

hehe tis is my bday present from my buddy line, a cute bunny~ lo it reminds me about my cute cousin in russia now, bunny the vivian~ >< i missed her so much

btw, thanks yo my beloved housemates n jirans too, i had an unforgettable birthday tis year~ n also a very special bday present from my coursemates~^^ it is much better to celebrate your bday v a bunch of good frens than u make it big for me, bcoz it created a lot of problems n unhappy. juz like last time. mayb is my social problem but i really dislike it

n finally, tis is my buddies~ although im not in the chung ling buddy system, but my buddy line is awesome!! the one smiling so happy is the octopus bouquet of flower is my 6th year senior peng mun senior~ happy graduation buddy!! haha she very nice d
the ppl v blue shirts is my 5th year buddy senior, who is going to graduate next year lo hehe. my 4th year buddy senior is not attending due to posting, but she is very pretty n cute too~ ^^ n i love her so much kekez.
well, the leng zai holding another bouquet of flower is my 3rd year buddy senior haha. he always bully me d >< XDD juz kidding, he is very nice to talk with, n helped me a lot in my study. my 2nd year buddy senior is flora, erps she is missing form tis picture too haha. she very kind, helpful and caring~ everytime when im in trouble i will go to find her.
tis is wat buddy line means lo, helping each other whenever who got problems. although my job is juz to collect merit marks for them la haha, bo huat im the bottom of the line n i cant help much lo >< they juz like my big brother n sister to me~

haha tis is part of my upm life here, will update it when i got time then wee. have fun everyone~ ^^ enjoy study again ><
虽然,昨天你并不能替国家争取最高荣誉,但你超水准的表现,让众人都为你肃然起敬!! 那个窝囊丹只是生在运气而已,他国家的人那么嚣张, 那么不理智的一群人,相信我,天会收拾他们的,会为你的努力给以最高的肯定!!


如果昨天你赢了,那对penang来说是一件天大的喜事,因为dato Nicole迎来了她的第54个冠军(哇,好恐怖的拿督,再赢下去,dato就要换成tan sri了,嘻嘻嘻,加油哟壁球皇后,期待你换头衔的日子那一天到来,你们都是我们的骄傲,penang lang所拥有的最高荣誉!! )


真的没看过那么没教养的羽球员,我指的是哪个嚣张鬼,摔球拍不止还殴打他国的教练,没办法,由一个那么垃圾的教练,那让就会交出那么的学生来。我不是情绪用事,事实上,国际的论坛里几乎都是一面倒支持李宗伟的。 那个垃圾李永波,鸡拉嘎到要命我还和他同姓!!





昨天因为你,我想rtm的人应该会笑哈哈到嘴巴和不上去,收视率超高的。不过rtm,你为什么不一直拍别国家的人?? 摆脱,m'sia的球迷坐在另外一边,酱大个国旗看不到吗?爱国一点吧

其实还有一点,拿督我不确定黄色是不是你的幸运色,不过黄色现在对国家来说那么敏感,换个颜色会比较好吧?? 哈哈哈哈加油!无条件永远支持你


希望你们两个还能够再续前缘,很登对啊!!我google李宗伟的照片时,给我的很多都是 你们两个人的合照,快点复合啦


为什么你那么帅气啊?? 又那么有天分


快点,把允儿unnie追到手!! 之前unnie的那位绯闻对象太丑了,不配!



帅到。。。。 我的天,秒死我。因为允儿所以就支持你了,要继续爱着允儿啊你,加油明年的奥运会,希望你可以夺下金牌!! (sorry to kkk n tbh, but ur prestasi is dropping TT)


这张是不是很有感觉呢?不过李龙大,你算是有心想事成啦,上次允宝不是给你献花圈了吗?? 允宝亲自套在你的脖子上咧,我要都没有!!那个link在下面,允宝是7号,献花圈时是献给了李龙大,李龙大曾经多次在媒体面前坦白允儿是自己女友标准选择的不二人选,nickhun和允宝是好朋友来的,你还不行动快点?? 通过nickhun让你的梦想成真吧!


像我那个怕鬼的老妹一一样? 躲在房间里死都不出来,连上一个厕所都要人陪?






你说我不怕? 废话啊?是华人都会尽量回避这个日子啦



大家,又在做什么? 躲在被窝里吗?








哈哈哈,我到底在干什么? 嗯其实撞鬼的几率还蛮高的,不过也很好玩


嘻嘻嘻,其实昨晚我去了这个地方 ^^



昨天兴血来潮参加了VAD 的 sat stand by活动,其实心里有一点点不爽,因为ops sikap duty 的那段日子去了旅行,没有办法参加了。我承认啦,我平时也算是ahli lelap,因为我真的很不喜欢去那种大型活动或者学校运动会的执行,因为人手很多,我们的资历又很浅,轮不到我们来出手,每次都只能站在那里当花瓶晒美。但这一种就不一样了,因为是紧急任务的关系,最多只能有6个人,学到的东西当然也多了

去年attachment结束后,基本上我没有参加活动了,kmpp的活动太多太忙了。昨晚6点多,真宁突然打电话给我,因为上个礼拜六我们去不成,所以昨天就去了咯,其实这种活动真的很爽的,如果你有机会下手的话,那种感觉,不是亲身经历的人,你根本不懂,哈哈。不是我没良心,但是从中学习到的事情真的会受益无穷。昨晚同行一共6人,还有driver yihan,senior andson, a weng还有一个忘记名字了。都是经验老到的,所以我们两个矮瓜只好当花瓶摆美咯

两个case,算是轻微的,一个是跌伤头部,喝了酒的。另一个是mva, motor vehicle accident, 不过也没什么大碍,只是擦破了皮,两个都是喝了酒的。 很怀疑大家是在庆祝七月半吗? 怎么都喝酒了??

其实昨晚的确还不错的,只是他们几个,抽烟抽得太凶了吧?一包烟,三个人一个晚上就抽完了,有一点恐怖。但人都还好,蛮frenly的,都还不熟悉对方嘛! 以前我们都是 weiming, wei keat or ming tien 带的,换了人,真的很不习惯 @_@

feel like losting tis few days...

dunno y, no mood for facebook anymore
coz u wasnt there anymore
i thought
until today u appear n chat v me
then i onli know the reason y fb is no more an attractive to me
coz u wasnt there like past time
im lying to myself, all the days around
trying to make it a border line between us
n try to make myself believe tat v r juz frens
im cheating to myself, badly
until today i realised, u already sum sort of habit in my life

listen to tis songs recently,
n love the lyrics a lot
"i think im ugly, n nobody wants to love me. juz like her i wanna be pretty, i wanna be pretty, dont lied to my face, telling me tat im pretty....."
n i lied to myself tat v r insulators at all
im a good liar, n im sorry for lying
feel like tears is going to roll over my face
but i tried to suck them back into my eyes
i told myself once, never cry for nonsense.... n i wish i can do it
nobody knows, nobody will know the truth
onli the god wil do. i trust in God, tat He will make a better decision for me
distance n time is the most important factor
n sorry i hv not enuf encouragement to voice it out

tat day u sent me a message
greeting me v sis, i wanna know y
is it a significant tat tis is the border line between us?
i dunno, mayb the time will prove everything
it is very hard for me to remove u as a habit in my recent life
n now, everything seem like change into an impossible
juz good luck for everything.....








那天和朋友一起逛街,无意中发现大众书局里有卖匪我思存的书也!!!超兴奋得,一本才卖RM20, 我的天,之前一本书要40块,心痛死我 TT


匪大的书之前就读过了《东宫》和《佳期如梦》,所以还蛮喜欢她的写作风格的,催泪又虐心,特别是那一本东宫,一句“我恨你,顾小五” 哇哇哇我哭了好久, 太虐了,我半夜读的,结果完全睡不着觉,匪大的魔力太大了






其实我还有一本《十岁那年,我离婚》的书,可是不知道在哪里了 * 哭去





原谅我真的读不懂英文小说 ><






一本230 面的书,我才读了不到30面,艾古





军阀小说,好看,赞!! 无意中发现这本小说原来有电视版,















feel isolated today, so down....
not feeling good at all
there are all kind of isolation < reminds me about isopatric n allopatric isolation when i study in kmpp>
whether u r isolated by others, or u r isolating urself
mayb i juz too sensitive, but i do really feel tat today sumone ws isolating us
today v went for a talk ( nothing improved actually, they juz told me wat i already knew from the web,
but i really sense tat sumthing is wrong
the stpm students, who were 1 year older than us, the matrician
how to say, i did felt tat they looked down at us
yea i know compare to stpm, matric cert is kinda rubbish
i did not deny it, coz i know tat it is a fact
but think it carefully, how much effort v put during spm juz to get a ticket for matric, in order to ease the road heading to university
there is no free lunch in tis world, n im not judging them
but tis is really unfair to all the matricians, v pay our hardwork, but becoz the level n ranking is lower,
v was labelled as those who cant study well ( im still wondering how come the truth is inverted, yes stpm student is amazing if they got 4 flat, but look back to spm, v r not those who cant study at all, the minimum requirement for matrician is at least full As for the 9 main subject)
u cant juz blame tat v r lucky to enter matric, sound like oh matric very easy to enter
sorry, v arent stupid, v juz hv less syllabus than stpm, n mayb lower lecturer qualification ( of coz sum r stunning)

please, it wasnt us tat trying to isolate u
but u r isolating us
tis really make me feel bad, n stop comparing stpm n matric senior
i still got a lot of good frens in stpm, n i don think tat there is any gap or communication problem among us
is ur problem who think tat as juniors v don hv the qualification to stand on the same band v u all
haha long time din update my blog already, feel so sorry > <
sumtimes u couldnt forecast ur future, v wouldnt know wat wil hapen to us next
but life should be happpi~ v don hv much time to live in tis beautiful planet, so instead of cry, v should greet our future v a smile =)

haha, by the way, there is sumthing happy tat i wish to share
yes, i got my upu result, n unexpectedly, i got my 1st choice!!!
upm medic, omgosh i cant describe wat is my feeling at tat moments
i felt shocked but at the same time extremely happy, i never thought tat i will get my 1st choice as my uni,
actually i already prepare myself to fly to sabah T__T luckily i no need to do so
still in penisula, n with my best fren, miao cheng n siew siew XDD, feel so happy n comfortable after i knew tat they r going to enter the same uni v me
thanks god, thank You so much for the blessings.
feel so excited for my uni life!! at the same time also feel scare >< haha hopefully it wont be too tough for me
come to find me in serdang yo~ i will be studying in kolej 17 of upm serdang kolej, juz beside serdang hospital.
view my kolej campus before, all i can say is, it is awesome!!!
got lake, ponds, lane v two lines of trees n unique buildings
although it is isolated from the main campus ( mayb upm purposely do tat so medic students can pay their full attention on study? XD),
but it is a nevermind for me XD, as the mines juz a few mins from my college!!

haha, now waiting for my upm surat tawaran. need to apply for yayasan klk leh

haha took a picture yesterday while waiting for bus ^^
going to chung ling butterworth under the hot sun
oh no it is a disaster, i should drive instead ( but i don have a car TT, who can sponsor me? )

today is a big day, chung ling butterworth annual culture nite hehe
yesterday rehearsal was quite smooth, except for the ah ma dance
but overall dance club performance was satisfied ^^ good job girls

wish to post the ah ma pic here, but not yet the time >.< doing make up things v hui ming n jia hui in the backstage, talked back our history, haha it was entertaining
good luck for every performers tonite, it is the time to show wat u had practised so hard for the past 3months juz for the day
well, wat i can say is, u should come to watch the culture nite tis year ( haha i talked tis every year )
drama team had done a very good job on the advertisement section, especially the gasby XDD love it so much
n a combination of harmonica n string instrument of lady gaga poker face, i wish they could play gee ^^
3 years ago, i attended culture nite as a performer;
3 years after, i attended culture nite as a trainer ^^ feel so different
but i still love my frens, who walked throught the year v me

finally, i got sumthing to say
i really dislike the children nowadays, impolite n rude
n they like to show off so much, pretended tat they are fashion or stylish enuf
please la how old r u? can u earn ur money urself? u cant even manage ur own study well but thinking of coupling n show off everyday
i cant stand tis kind of ppl. it is a joke when u cant walk gracefully on the stage even though u r wearing a pair of high heels from opera or nose
sorry, i got a lot of pairs branded shoes too, so wat r u trying to show ur ugly face to express ur unsatisfaction?
so childish. u r walking like a horse without expression on the stage yesterday

mayb bcoz of grow up, i feel tat my mind is going more mature
n i love tis feeling!! haha
基本上, 如果我不去找别人,一整天电话静静地躺在一旁毫无动静是一件平常不过得事情
我也是这样吧?忍受不了一个人孤零零的滋味,就连fb 上,如果太冷淡我也会胡思乱想。
做回最原始的自己, 最真实的自己, 撕下伪装的面具。


即使是傻乎乎的,也会有他傻得可爱的一面 XDD

是不是万人迷, 其实一点也不重要
也奉劝我那些喜欢发明星梦的朋友们, 我们已经长大了,思想也应该变得成熟了, 就醒醒呗
脚踏实地做人, 比一步登天来的安全
只要你心地好人又善良体贴, 不需要拥有惊人的样貌或傲人的身材,

watched Pirattes of the caribbean today
an awesome movie, fabullous, five star-rated, wheeee
I love it so much, actually i love the whole series of movie
coz v dunno wat is going to happen next to those main character

like black pearl, took by kapten black blread while Barbossa lost his leg n arm, trying to revenge under the protection of British
While our beloved Captain jack Sparrow??? hehe he met his nitemare, his ex gal fren who is the daughter of the Captain black blread haha, poor him
in order to find the fountain of the youth
he hv to go v the ship of the queen revenge, felt so mad tat Barbossa lost his beloved black pearl

not going to say much, bbut tis movie is really worth to watch
the conversation is so funny n cute, n also their action when they r facing problems
epecially the part when Captain jack Sparrow is trying to figure out who is the imposer, he kissed her!!! oh gosh

wat i can say? Johnny Depp is a gorgeous actor, he is the Captain Jack Sparrow,
he already own the spirit of him, no one is able to take over the role except him
Seohyun like Johnny Depp too until she quarrelled v her dear darling husband in We Got Married

N the mermaid part, it is really outstanding. usually ppl hv the imagination tat mermaid is pretty n nice, not predators who eat human flesh
but, in POTC4, the mermaids r sooo pretty
N i love them so much, feel pityful for them actually
as Syrene said, tis is not the life she want
wat make me laughed was, the mermaids attack the boat like Piranha ( which remind me tat stupid lame porn movie)
it is hard to get a mermaid tears, so she warned Jack so he dont wasted her tears
tis is wat love power is

n tis movie got a moral value behind
v r being tested by a lot of things around us
power, treasure, money, benefits, positon hold....
n black blread showed tis when he asked his daughter to sacrifice herself so he could take over the rest of her life.
n then onli Jack Sparrow told out the truth tat he exchange the water
one will reveal his or her real mask when he or she meets sumthing tat they want so much
greedy, the most evil words in our whole entire life
the most scary motive tat might destroy ur life if u cant controlled it
tis is the part tat i like it ^^ whee

Wat is sad inside? hmmm sad ar, the mermaid n the human ( forget wat name)
n the most sorrow is, WHERE IS WILLIAM N ELIZEBETH!!!!
oh gosh i beg, if they r quiting, at least u give them an ending, a story please
POTC4 looks weird without them, though it is a good movie

so, my frens,
wat r u waiting for if u hv waited tis movie for a long time?
hurry up, get a ticket now n go to the cinema
don wait anymore, u will regret if u missed it
it is worth for every pirates fans after years of waiting
coz v know tat the crew of POTC will never let us down~ ^^
there are two words which is very meaningful in my life
it shows tat i really been here
im existing in tis world
n tis two words, also represent the most memorable moment
the most enjoyable moment tat i would never forget
guess wat it is?

many things happen in my life, for the passed 19 years,
i tried to remember everything, but onli managed to puzzle sum
I felt so happy tat im not invisible during my skul life
at least not like now, maybe i too sensitive
or I get too much attention for the passed 5 years n now cannot used to it
thanks so much to my frens, who introduced me blogspot when i was form 5
it is fun to read back the blog i wrote b4
sumthing childish, but interesting tat could make me laughed out the whole day
n onli I realise how happy I am before

during form 1 time, erm, meet new frens, but nt so fun yet
haha although sumthing sad happened, it does not make any changes in my life.
Im so innocent tat time!! ok im stupid

form 2 time, well meet up v zerga bamboo piggy n the gang
n v had scotison forum,
v the most arguementative issue of who is chloe XXDD
n surprisingly the forum is still there
so i make a visit, cry n laugh mixed together
c all the rude words fly around from page to page, spoilt ur own image inside n say i don care at all
then v had a mogok section, haha Anti-Tupai, feel so fun.

During mid of form 2, if nt wrong then TUNA society appear n take over scotison
in full name, tuna ghost story telling society haha, ghost story was so popular among us tat time, n v had then shen as the father of tuna,
and zerga as the president
too bad v din left down any souvenir, proven tat tuna was existed once
but it was deep inside my mind ^^ love it till now

hmm come to form 3, ok it was a dark period for everyone
dark competition was happening around from time to time
juz for those stupid position in club, society or association
masked ppl were everywhere, n backstabbing happened anytime, anywhere v anyone
Dunno y I have the least memory towards from 3
wat i remembered was onli the dancing competition

wat happened during form 4??
yupp the 4sa1iloveyou blogspot
the mystery group created by the boys, n become han qiang dang at the end
had a big quarrel v zhen yin tat time, sorry yin
n then became best fren v goo goo n shu yin~ ^^ missed u so much dear
oh yea i almost forgot
i had my baptism n comformation tat year, thanks to god
then ar, become the president of the culture nite lor, quite fun, not bad kekez
n hd a crush v sumone for 2 years, haha I wrote about tat person in blog summore

n now, come to the most important year in my life
my form 5 time!!! WEEE
evrything fun happened here
for more details.....kekez read my blog n u will know
coz v were retired from all thse postion in club
then no more nonsense dark competition, n everyone r frens together back
v ponteng together, fight v teaacher together
although form 5 life is nonsense, bt i really do enjoyed it
hahahaha asked me y? i dunno, maybe bcoz it was the last year in chung ling gua
im loving it, haha wish tat i can go back to from 5 life
thanks to all my gang mia kaki, make my life so meaningful
until bow v still hang out together, mayb a graduation trip to hat yai soon
ar popi i can go, i wanna make crazy stuff v u all again
i loved you all my best pal goo, pp, aixin, bunny, bamboo, zerga, pok kai, fei didi, cian yi, milo, peiwei, zhen yin, yvonne, alicia, ee von, doggy, piggy, ang, beh, chin kwang, jjyeap, yongzhuan, shuyin my dear, fish, chicken little, zhong en, hoi min, anxy, bage, sinyen, mei fern, wilson icey, zhangxuan, yaya, simyee n a lot, haha love u all now n forever~ ^^
每次遇上这种事情, 我的第六感就会变得很迟钝
五天下来, 什么都没有发生过
我们之间的对话也很少, 就好像是最普通的普通朋友
为什么会喜欢他? 他也不是很帅气, 但是他的人就是很好.
可是, 我真的是喜欢他吗?
还是, 他其实是那个人的影子?
老婆说, 怎么两个人感觉那么像?不是样貌, 而是从照片上看出来的气质
老妹更厉害, 给她看一张团体照,
不消一分钟, 她已经认出他来. *之前老妹从来不知道他的身份和样子
问她, 做么酱快认出来的
我妹回答说: 容易嘛, 你喜欢的人都同一个样子的, 瘦瘦高高看起来很有领导风范的
然后后面再加一句话, 她是凭着之前的那个他的容貌认人的, 他们两个都很像
三年了, 我以为时间可以冲淡一切,
但其实我知道, 我在欺骗我自己, 因为思绪可以被控制, 但身体却会出卖了你的一切
那天唱少年, 眼泪不知道为什么,
竟然会在眼眶里徘徊…. 是想他吗? 还可能吗??
现在的他对我来讲, 就好像一个遥不可及的事情
不喜欢寂寞的感觉, 思想会变得很悲观, 世界会顿时变得很灰暗….
写在这里其实也不怎么怕, 反正他看不懂华文字~ :p
我只能够在远方眺望着他, 却永远走不进他生活的世界里
为什么每次都是酱? 我只希望任何事情都可以顺其自然
不要勉强, 因为我明白勉强不会得到幸福的这个道理…

其实说他们两个很像, 我不否认
因为气质上, 他们都一样, 身材更别提了….两个排骨 >.<
都一样拥有很强的领导能力, 也是制服团体里的高层
对身边的每一个女生都很好, 都很喜欢刺激的游戏….
而且还是同样的姓氏…..我怀疑我是不是专挑这个姓的. zzz
一个华文厉害到瓜瓜叫, 另一个除了会听会写自己的华文名之外,就好像一个文盲那样不懂得华文
英文呢, 两个就完全倒反…
其实很多人都说, 有时侯真正属于你的人, 其实就在你身边
竹竿和zerga吗? 我们是跨不过友谊这条鸿沟的, 维持现在的关系最舒服.
found back my ballet shoes, finally ^^
whee i thought it was lost, but actually it just slept nicely in my bag haha
since i feel so high n excited today
i dance ballet for one hour like tat n the result is.....
oh my gosh my stamina was such a disaster!!!
no stamina at all haiz like tis how m i going to dance ballet tis coming saturday?? teacher ask me straight go for advanced class summore,
im dying, I really scare liao tis time
looks like tis few days i hv to practise more n more liao
if not i will die very kiao very soon but tis won turn my passion toward ballet down, coz i love ballet so much!! ^^ i will do all my best tis sat, whoo whoo so exciting ( n worrying =.=///) hopefully my toes wont hv blister n i still able to walk then haha still remember when form 4 i dance ballet, my toes were the victims full of blister n nail break *ouch 2 grades one roll tat time, is kinda crazy actually but I do enjoyed the time when dance ballet ( except for piruotte)

n i do love the video above, it was awesome!!!
combination of ballet n chinese dance the jasmine flower i love tis dance so much haha hope tat i can dance v pointe one day T__T
Im still too weak for tat, haiz
time flew so fast, i graduated for almost 2 weeks le,
n now is the time for me to recharge myself once again
1st thing i hv to do is.....clean up my house
yea im the free maid in my house now, wash clothes, swept the floor..
2nd thing is my novel, 2 novel is under progress,
trying sumthing new is nice
so sad to hear from my teacher tat most students nowsadays don like to write anymore for those who r writing their qualities is not good enuf 4 competition
even my own sister, she refused to writ!!!
I want to knock her head lar
i squeeze my brain for her n she told me she lazy
hey im having exam tat time leeeeeh...

3rd n the most important, choreograph dance for culture nite
omg my brain r bursting..
im lack experience in tis lar...i planned dance b4 but they were modern dance ar
haiz i will try my best, give me sumtime
coz the music tempo is hard to catch..n the steps r repeating ( which is nt my sytle at all) but the costumes r pretty
2 dance, musica u promise to help me d har
time is running!! hv to rush for the dance le kekez
if can will post it here when it is finished

listening to sistar d ma boy, n also after school d shampoo now,
2 nice songs, love them so much kekez

好吧, 最近成为了花痴了, 没办法冯少真的是太太太帅了...
认真的男人最帅~!!! 我被电晕了
认识我的朋友都知道, 我很少很少去注意帅哥的!!!
看了宫锁心玉后, 就完全陷了进去了, 帅哥嘛, 不看就浪费了眼睛
希望我以后的男朋友也可以长成酱啊.....< 不行的话, 去整容吧哈哈>
不过, 还是想说一句话 : 朴时厚oppa对不起啦!!!
至少现在可以证明, 我还是一个正常的女生啊

TMD导演那个胡杏儿哪一点称得上是美人啦? 冯少那么帅, 配一个美女不行吗?
从孟和平, 到刘章, 八阿哥, 最新的项羽和刘辰熙, 都能够演绎得很好
冯绍峰是一块好玉, 只是一直以来缺乏了一个师傅, 把他的才华完全发挥出来
宫锁心玉的八阿哥, 正是冯少的伯乐,
最重要的,是遇上对的人, 幸福一辈子~

那些说不渴望爱情的人, 其都是口是心非. 他或她才是最渴望爱情的人
没有爱情会死吗? 其实不会.
但如果你这一辈子都不相信爱情, 那你活着有什么意思?
爱情是伟大的, 是能够让人永远刻铭心刻骨地记着的.
不过有一部分的人, 玷污了爱情的神圣. 他们为了恋爱而恋爱, 而不是因为真的爱着对方而在一起.
我不相信闪电结婚, 但我相信一见钟情.
何苦拿自己来受罪呢? 当你决定和一个你不熟悉甚至之前一直是陌生人的人在一起,
后面的争执, 吵架 到出轨, 没有人会同情任何一方的
人生中不是需要爱情, 而是一个真正能够和你长厮相守的伴侣
这是我的想法, 爱一个人, 你就要爱他的全部, 包括宽容他的一切缺点
如果你做不到, 倒不如在还没有伤害双方之前放手, 为对方留下日后相处的一条生路

宫锁心玉里,有这么一句对白. 当晴川被调包换回来后, 八阿哥对她说:
爱一个人, 你会爱上她的一切动作, 爱上她的每一个呼吸,
当对方不在你身边, 即使是走到天涯海角, 我都有本事把你找回来.
之前, 晴川和八阿哥因为某些事情不能在一起,
八阿个让人画下她生活起居的画被他发现了, 他说,
荣华富贵的生活不是我想要的, 我想要的, 就是给你过上好的生活
短短的几个字, 足以动容. 不需要山盟海誓, 片片字语间流露的爱情, 骗不了任何人
这也是为什么, 我会那么喜欢这一部戏, 因为主角之间的爱情, 不虚假
我很少有耐心把一部戏完完整整地看完. ( 当然如果女主角很丑的话, 故事再唯美我也不会看 )
朋友都笑我, 神经病了, 看美女看疯了, 生活太无聊了
但他们并不了解, 宫锁心玉里八阿哥和晴川的爱情, 才是我现实生活中最想拥有的..
梦幻般的公主爱情不适合我, 别忘了, 我自己也是写小说的.
曾经有一个男生差点就让我动心了, 可是后来他却把我当成那种幻想浪漫的女孩..
对不起, 我们并不适合. 我不需要一个生活上什么事都配合我, 把我当成小公主一样捧的男朋友
我希望我的爱情是理智的, 而不是那种中学时期的 puppy love
过着偶尔斗斗嘴, 酸酸对方, 打情骂悄让人误会我们是冤家的生活, 应该会很过瘾吧?
要是爱情过得一帆风顺, 毫无波折的话, 你能确定, 你真的爱他吗?

今年, 就因为爱情, 我和一个好朋友闹翻了.
我不是小 三, 我对那个肮脏的家伙一点兴趣都没有.
心疼朋友却落来了这么一个结局, hehe我活该.
听了太多甜言蜜语, 影响了自己应该有的判断, 真的很可怕
爱情是需要两个人之间的信任去经营, 甜蜜的话语固然是少不了的
但是, 如何让自己时时刻刻保持清醒的头脑, 才是最重要的
也许你会笑我, 扮什么爱情专家啊? 都没有人要.
我没人要吗? < 偷笑> 你又怎么知道?
我不是心眼儿高, 而是还没有遇上一个真正让我觉得他是对的人
曾经为一个人等了一整年, 到最后才清醒, 他并不适合我….
只是希望拥有一个能够一心一意, 真的了解我的人
有争执, 困难, 那有什么所谓? 迈过这一切, 就是一片晴天了.
年龄, 身高, 距离, 学历, 语言, 工作, 这些都不会是问题.
但是, 谈到种族, 宗教和家庭背景, 这些就是要慎重考虑的大问题了.
我本身对种族和宗教比较执着. 生活在这个依然以肤色定人的社会里, 对这一点有很高的警惕.
不过现在当下最重要的, 就是把握好自己的爱情. 因为一旦失去了, 就再也捉不回来了.
只要你爱他或她, 多大的困难, 他都不会留下你一个人, 去打这场战.
quite bored tis few days..... the life after graduate from kmpp is not wat i wish
I watch drama everyday, get scolded.
well, u watch thoe hk drama v all the same story, it is considered as : a nice entertainment
but if u watch those korean drama or china new era drama, sumone will say : wat a childish entertainment.
well, u should be gladd tat im not watching spongebob or any cartoon......
it just a kind of ways to kill ur sweet time ( n don suggest me to touch book, im freaking out of it)
yes im childish, i never deny it
it just another side of me, at least it doesnt harm anyone rite?
Im a bored person, my life is kinda boring during matric life when im alone in room
can i just make some childish act when i got the chance to do it? it does not require a permission from anyone rite?
My english not so good, forgive me.... Im learning to writ better in english... ><

well, beside facebook n blogspot, now i have my own wei bo account~ wheee ^^
n planning to have a twitter account if i got time
for me, every social network got its own function. for example,
blogspot is sumthing like a diary, where i can post my feeling here
facebook is a place i can hala hala lepak v my frens, it is the most important connection for me
wei bo, hehe i open it for idols. oh my gosh i love Yang Mi n Feng Shao Feng so much after i watch the drama The Palace ^^
a nice drama which caught my eyes. I killed 30 episodes in 4 days @@
n for the twitter plan, hehe kpop stars r there, boa, kim hee chul...( no snsd, so sad TT)
through all tis network i can know all kind of ppl. well the most active network im currently using now is facebook, which i update almost everyday hehe. too bad no idols r using fb, y ha?
bt through all tis network i do found sumthing: my language r suck!!! TT T___T

add me if u hv facebook or weibo yo ^^
最近正在构思一部新的小说, 题材差不多和面具有关
每个人都有一个自己专属的一面,但这一面大动机, 到底有多大大杀机等候着你?

在我眼里,朋友就应该互相坦诚, 把自己最真实的一面揭露在你最要好的朋友前

有的人很厉害隐藏自己的黑暗, 暗地里再对你动手动脚
我很同意这一点, 因为我的身边不乏这些人才
暗地里就和其他人埋怨你,说你多管闲事, 造谣是非

一个圈了你一辈子却走不出去的回忆,往往, 它也是你心中最不想提起的一段往事.
有的人则把阴影的恐惧压抑下来, 继续若无其事般的生活
强行的压抑下, 也许他会有着幻想恐惧, 担心希望随时破灭
表面上, 他门可能很坚强
但实际上, 那片禁地随时会把他们带向死亡
人就是酱,永远担心自己脆弱的一面表露出来, 装做坚强

当然, 我也有阴影,而且是两个阴影
有的人表面上是你的朋友, 可是暗地里都不知道插了你几刀再附送落井下石
这是我的第一个阴影, 因为曾经被朋友设计过, 陷害过
利用你,是他们成功最大的本钱. 当你还有利用价值的时候,你是他们的宝贝。渣干后,一脚把你踢开,从此把你当成最陌生的陌生人
因为这世界上没有永远的友谊, 当然除了我几个青梅竹马以外。
原谅我, 这个阴影给我带来的影响不浅。

可是呢? 一转身,他已经牵着另一个女孩的手
现在你问我, 男生有安全感吗?
我会回答你, 除非遇上一个真正关心你, 愿意与你一起规划未来的男生

haha, finally the chinese new year nite succeed, hooray for tat.
A pic from em, and together v my best fren yongshi and Yvonne choo
haha, shi, the costume suited u leh....
don say urself are ugly anymore in the future k?
coz u juz looked nice~ ^^

v r having a photo session together v the backdrop on the stage
gosh the deeign was out of my expectation.
it looked gorgeous, as a result from the decoration team to work hard for at least 2 weeks time

n of course, the performance get a lot of praise from others.
the Pengarah n HEP commented tat tis is the best CNY performance in college for 10 years time
Even our senior congrated us tat v set a higher limit for our junior in the future
So happy and so glad to hear tat
V work so hard since December, practise and practise, and finally our hard work was appreciated. Happy Happy ^^
** a bit too late to post tis since the CNY nite already pass a month, hehe

After the good news, here comes the bad news
argh, Im lack of time already seriouly
But im sure I cant lock myself the whole day in the room
I will get crazy for tat
I prepared a few food as the preparation for study week
well I too greeedy liao, and eat half of them~ hehe > <
Now im start to worry
if I continue my daily routine like tis, Im sure a big fatty after my exam

It's raining cats and dogs tis fews day in the skul
lo very cold outside leh
but it is nice to sleep at nite,a natural air conditioner for everyone
until I have problem to wake up in the next morning
argh, think about my exam, i found tat i still got a lot of topics tat I haven revise yet T..T
God please help me to pass my exam v flying colours, I don want to repeat the same mistake like wat i had done, scare scare scare now
I wish to stay up in the midnite to study, but 90% i will fall asleep ZZZZ
not good at all
but Im looking forward for the reunion gathering v my secondary skul life frens leh
i want sakae, karaoke, movie and everything, especially v LEE LIEW KHIM haha

Never leave down any regret in ur life coz u will never get them back in the future
time will juz pass like tat
they don wait u
Once u really lost it, it is no point for u to cry anymore
there maybe a lot of chance in ur life, but every chance will not be the same, and they will never repeat. When the chance knock ur door, juz welcome them and use the chance wisely.
im not a passive thinker, but Im not as sunny as u thought.
And now i regret i din grab the chance nicely before........
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