feel isolated today, so down....
not feeling good at all
there are all kind of isolation < reminds me about isopatric n allopatric isolation when i study in kmpp>
whether u r isolated by others, or u r isolating urself
mayb i juz too sensitive, but i do really feel tat today sumone ws isolating us
today v went for a talk ( nothing improved actually, they juz told me wat i already knew from the web,
but i really sense tat sumthing is wrong
the stpm students, who were 1 year older than us, the matrician
how to say, i did felt tat they looked down at us
yea i know compare to stpm, matric cert is kinda rubbish
i did not deny it, coz i know tat it is a fact
but think it carefully, how much effort v put during spm juz to get a ticket for matric, in order to ease the road heading to university
there is no free lunch in tis world, n im not judging them
but tis is really unfair to all the matricians, v pay our hardwork, but becoz the level n ranking is lower,
v was labelled as those who cant study well ( im still wondering how come the truth is inverted, yes stpm student is amazing if they got 4 flat, but look back to spm, v r not those who cant study at all, the minimum requirement for matrician is at least full As for the 9 main subject)
u cant juz blame tat v r lucky to enter matric, sound like oh matric very easy to enter
sorry, v arent stupid, v juz hv less syllabus than stpm, n mayb lower lecturer qualification ( of coz sum r stunning)

please, it wasnt us tat trying to isolate u
but u r isolating us
tis really make me feel bad, n stop comparing stpm n matric senior
i still got a lot of good frens in stpm, n i don think tat there is any gap or communication problem among us
is ur problem who think tat as juniors v don hv the qualification to stand on the same band v u all
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