haha long time din update my blog already, feel so sorry > <
sumtimes u couldnt forecast ur future, v wouldnt know wat wil hapen to us next
but life should be happpi~ v don hv much time to live in tis beautiful planet, so instead of cry, v should greet our future v a smile =)

haha, by the way, there is sumthing happy tat i wish to share
yes, i got my upu result, n unexpectedly, i got my 1st choice!!!
upm medic, omgosh i cant describe wat is my feeling at tat moments
i felt shocked but at the same time extremely happy, i never thought tat i will get my 1st choice as my uni,
actually i already prepare myself to fly to sabah T__T luckily i no need to do so
still in penisula, n with my best fren, miao cheng n siew siew XDD, feel so happy n comfortable after i knew tat they r going to enter the same uni v me
thanks god, thank You so much for the blessings.
feel so excited for my uni life!! at the same time also feel scare >< haha hopefully it wont be too tough for me
come to find me in serdang yo~ i will be studying in kolej 17 of upm serdang kolej, juz beside serdang hospital.
view my kolej campus before, all i can say is, it is awesome!!!
got lake, ponds, lane v two lines of trees n unique buildings
although it is isolated from the main campus ( mayb upm purposely do tat so medic students can pay their full attention on study? XD),
but it is a nevermind for me XD, as the mines juz a few mins from my college!!

haha, now waiting for my upm surat tawaran. need to apply for yayasan klk leh

haha took a picture yesterday while waiting for bus ^^
going to chung ling butterworth under the hot sun
oh no it is a disaster, i should drive instead ( but i don have a car TT, who can sponsor me? )

today is a big day, chung ling butterworth annual culture nite hehe
yesterday rehearsal was quite smooth, except for the ah ma dance
but overall dance club performance was satisfied ^^ good job girls

wish to post the ah ma pic here, but not yet the time >.< doing make up things v hui ming n jia hui in the backstage, talked back our history, haha it was entertaining
good luck for every performers tonite, it is the time to show wat u had practised so hard for the past 3months juz for the day
well, wat i can say is, u should come to watch the culture nite tis year ( haha i talked tis every year )
drama team had done a very good job on the advertisement section, especially the gasby XDD love it so much
n a combination of harmonica n string instrument of lady gaga poker face, i wish they could play gee ^^
3 years ago, i attended culture nite as a performer;
3 years after, i attended culture nite as a trainer ^^ feel so different
but i still love my frens, who walked throught the year v me

finally, i got sumthing to say
i really dislike the children nowadays, impolite n rude
n they like to show off so much, pretended tat they are fashion or stylish enuf
please la how old r u? can u earn ur money urself? u cant even manage ur own study well but thinking of coupling n show off everyday
i cant stand tis kind of ppl. it is a joke when u cant walk gracefully on the stage even though u r wearing a pair of high heels from opera or nose
sorry, i got a lot of pairs branded shoes too, so wat r u trying to show ur ugly face to express ur unsatisfaction?
so childish. u r walking like a horse without expression on the stage yesterday

mayb bcoz of grow up, i feel tat my mind is going more mature
n i love tis feeling!! haha
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