feel like losting tis few days...

dunno y, no mood for facebook anymore
coz u wasnt there anymore
i thought
until today u appear n chat v me
then i onli know the reason y fb is no more an attractive to me
coz u wasnt there like past time
im lying to myself, all the days around
trying to make it a border line between us
n try to make myself believe tat v r juz frens
im cheating to myself, badly
until today i realised, u already sum sort of habit in my life

listen to tis songs recently,
n love the lyrics a lot
"i think im ugly, n nobody wants to love me. juz like her i wanna be pretty, i wanna be pretty, dont lied to my face, telling me tat im pretty....."
n i lied to myself tat v r insulators at all
im a good liar, n im sorry for lying
feel like tears is going to roll over my face
but i tried to suck them back into my eyes
i told myself once, never cry for nonsense.... n i wish i can do it
nobody knows, nobody will know the truth
onli the god wil do. i trust in God, tat He will make a better decision for me
distance n time is the most important factor
n sorry i hv not enuf encouragement to voice it out

tat day u sent me a message
greeting me v sis, i wanna know y
is it a significant tat tis is the border line between us?
i dunno, mayb the time will prove everything
it is very hard for me to remove u as a habit in my recent life
n now, everything seem like change into an impossible
juz good luck for everything.....
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