I always want to go for a nice cafe shops in Penang Heritage area but I do not have which idea I should go for. Actually, after i saw my fren posted photos about de yard and the mugshot, I want to go there so much. but when i was reading some blogs yesterday, a cafe caught my eyesight with its beautiful and unique dessert, written by blogger http://mylovemyfood.blogspot.com/ I found it is very interesting so i decided to give it a try, and hold on de yard until next week when im having an outing with my frens. 

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So, I met my boyfren Steven in KOMTAR and we drove to Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling for this special cafe shop~ Sip & Chew cafe. and surprisingly, de yard was just next to it. It just located nearby to Guan Yin Temple 观音亭 and 华人大会堂 ( where you can find some parking lots over there). It was easily spotted actually. When i read the reviews from bloggers, they recommended the carbonara spagetti, the brown sauce chicken chop, the mille crepe and also the most important: HAPPY POT PLANT. muahaha 

**No need reservation, just walk in and order the meal will do. The service was nice and they served our food very fast. I love the atmosphere of the cafe, The decoration was simple and nice, not very complicated and with some surprising elements. They played some relaxing music in the environment, very comfortable and i really enjoyed my meal there.  overall, i really recommended ppl to dine over here~ hehe

The outlook of the cafe, look simple and ordinary, but it was totally different when we stepped in hehe 

I would like to share some photos of the decoration in the cafe, which i really love it~
wall decoration~

isnt it nice to have a cup of coffee while chit chat with frens in the evening?

this thing really gimme a lot of surprises! They had comic books here like Doraemon so the children will have something to do while waiting for food =)

Really cute and nice decoration!

This is a wall in front of the cashier counter. I love this design

Something more about the Sip & Chew cafe~ 

little cafe~ oh yeah, they wrote their password and username on the memo board on the wall and it was FOC. feel happy finally i can find someplace to online haha

decorations on the rack. British soldier toys~ nice collection!

After around 10 minutes we made our order, they started to serve us the drinks and food. Since I was not having enuf sleep so i wish for a cup of coffee~ driving later @.@
my hot latte with the brown sugar. RM 8.90 
the latte was quite bitter but still tasted nice to me. 

deng deng deng deng! here is my lunch of the day~ the brown sauce grilled chicken chop ( RM11.90)
 I love the bread and the sauce, the bread was so crunchy, while the french fries was really awesome to eat together with the brown sauce. The chicken for me was quite satisfactory =) as i was having problem to chop it into pieces LOL.

Steven's Bolognese spagetti ( RM10.90 ). Actually we want to try out the Carbonara Spagetti but it was not available. I guessed it was sold out since it was Saturday? i saw a lot of tourist around lol haha. But anyway, the Bolognese Spagetti taste good also. 

Me and steven together~ he was going for induction and then his working life soon so we just dated before he becomes busy and no time for me T..T huhu

Our dessert came after we finished our meal, so it wont look too much for us. After our meal, the worker just cleaned the table for us and served us with the dessert. Felt so excited that time haha!

Our oreo mille crepe ( RM 9.90 ) the butter layers were so awesome and I felt so.... blissful!! You have no idea how much I love and hate mille crepe at the same time. love it becoz girls love cakes and dessert, so do I. hate it becoz I had sensitive teeth and i easily got toothache when i ate something cold/sweet. 

and our main target today~ Happy Pot Plant ( RM 9.90) !!! don think it was just a pot and a rose, it was actually a ice cream!! 
there were 3 flavors available: vanilla, peppermint, and green tea. We chose for the vanilla. It was so pretty haha. basically it made up of 3 layers, the first layer was the cookie crumbs, the second layer was the vanilla ice cream and the third layer was the cake. I love this the most haha. We ate it fast first before it melted. Really taste good. Must try in Sip & Chew!

before we left the cafe I just found this accidentally. LOL it was on the table behind me. I'm so.... speechless i din noticed it at all when i took pictures on it. LOL haha

You think just like tis, no lor, there were a lot more haha
I love the bo jio the most muahahaha

and here is the menu of the Sip & Chew for a reference. i can really appreciate the effort of the owner of this cafe and definitely I would like to visit it more next time. Me and my boyfren really enjoyed our time here =))

Address & Contact Number
No. 72, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling
Georgetown, 10200
Tel:  +6017-531 3480

Business Hour
Tue to Sun 12pm to 12am

Im survived from haze!! muahahaha just came back from KL for the stupid research, and met with the bad haze face to face when i was having a bad flu at the same time. My nose had to do double work as a filter due to mucus accumulation, so damn pain that time haha. 

Back to story, continue with my Langkawi trip first before i can start to write another interesting place that i traveled before. next time i should write them once i finished the trip, forgot most of the details adi. So i spent 2 days 1 night in Langkawi with Steven during last year Hari Raya Haji and it was an awesome one. Thanks God we did not met the Rain of God during our day schedule. The first day we went for island hopping and shopping due to time constrain. The second day was quite rushing, we went to 3 places and we needed to go back to jetty before 5 for the ferry. There is 2 time slot for the ferry from Langkawi to Penang ( 2.30 via Pulau Payar, and 5.15pm). we chose the 5.15pm one so we had more time on the island.

Early in the morning, we went for breakfast in McD beside the Langkawi Underwater World and checked out from the hotel around 9am. I was totally "am teh" when i knew that we can just leave our key in the room and a note as a check out procedure. I love Tropical Resort Langkawi their service was really satisfying and relaxing enuf for visitors~ 

Our first venue of the day is the Langkawi Cable Car in Oriental Village. The Skybridge was closed for maintenance that time ( and i read some reviews in tripadvisor that it was not open yet until now). Seriously it was such a waste for the closed down. I went there before 2 years ago and the scene was really breathtaking. Honestly there was no sign of maintenance of the skybridge when i went there and i was so disappointed with it. Do something la government! 

Here is some of the introduction of the Langkawi Cable Car from tripadvisor:
 Panorama Langkawi is located on the southwest coast of Langkawi island. The cable car ride will bring you all the way up to about 708 meters above sea level. This journey covers a total distance of 2.2 km linking the Base Station at the foothill of Machinchang mountain to Top Station at the mountain summit & to the SkyBridge.

700m above the sea level!! haha i did not expected that although it is really very high la. I reached there around 9.30am in the morning. it took me around 30 minutes time to drive from Pantai Cenang to Oriental Village. Since there was a lot of ppl that time, the long queue was the one took most of my time in this visit LOL. We bought the ticket for the cable car at the price of RM15 with MyKad. What if i forgot to bring MyKad? the price is RM60 for foreigner. So expensive! haha. There is special price for children and elderly, and also a school tour if not mistaken, check out their official website for more details. 

We brought our own drinks ( in my bag, lol y i always look like a maid bring tis bring tat) since I understood that the food/drinks on the station was... totally expensive. Don forget to apply sunblock and bring umbrella too ( essential). I brought my sunglasses too that time. So we rode the cable car and heading to the top station at the mountain summit. there is 2 stations this cable car, we directly headed to the highest one since the lower one is connected to the skybridge and it was closed. Along the journey we just relaxed and enjoyed the tropical view around. It was totally a different view compared to Genting cable car haha.

Me and Steven in the cable car~ 

view from the cable car~ say HI to the opposite cable car ^^ there is one part of the cable car is very scary one, no support in between, straight up to the station in a long distance. 

Skybridge from the cable car. It was so beautiful and i really wish that i can visit it again someday. Fully immersed with the nature and its beauty with the Andaman Sea during my visit in 2011~ can enjoy different view of Langkawi on the bridge~

and here we are~ the station at the top of the mountain, and the observation platform~ it was so hot and the sun was so bright that day until i almost cannot open my eyes ><

Beauty of the sea~ actually sometimes no need to go overseas, we got all the beautiful attractions in Malaysia that are yet to be discovered~

with boyfie together on the platform with the beautiful sea as our background. I really impressed with Dr.Mahatir who found this place and made it a place of attraction. it is totally amazing

view from another observatory platform. I like this blue sky and blue sea, 天海一线,最美了. u cant really differentiate which one is the sea and which one is the sky. 

Love this blue sky with the clouds~ feel so close to them when i was on the platform~ although the weather was totally unbearable hot....

next, i would like to share about the photos from the skybridge which i took in 2011 when it was still open to public. It was totally a different view from the platform and it is a MUST visit when it reopen again **fingercross to wait for it. I took it with handphone so the quality is not as good as the camera. 
on the bridge~ sunset scene. 

beautiful sunset on the bridge, the beauty.... i cant describe them in words~ the pictures will show everything. 

We just spent an hour on the platform then we came down and headed to our next destination. Actually there is a lot of attractions in Oriental Village but we did not have much time to glance thru one by one. oh ya, don buy souvenirs in Oriental Village, quite expensive. Ideal places to get souvenirs for frens are the night market in Langkawi and around Pantai Cenang~

So, our next destination is the famous waterfall in Langkawi~ The Telaga Tujuh Waterfall. It is not far away from Oriental Village, just around 15 mins driving distance. Steven was so excited to get another chance for swimming haha. but before the fun is here, we were exhausted for walking up a long distance into the waterfall. and it is not the real Telaga Tujuh! it is just the downstream of the waterfall becoz we tak larat dah haha. But still, love tis place. 

There was some family event here, most of them did their picnic together with their children. without second thought Steven jump into the pool adi while i just stood and soaked my legs in the pool again haha. The water was shallow compare to Lake of Pregnant Maiden ( of coz la) but the water quality was the same. the water was so cool and refreshing haha

Steven with the crystal clear water. yupp, this pool is shallow enuf for me to sit and enjoy the view haha

Steven with the waterfall~ the waterfall just like a piece of white cloth hang on the cliff~ not really big and amazed, but moderate and relaxing. a fine combination from the nature

He was so excited and kept on posing so he can get my attention, actually the camera's attention XDD There was a lot of fish in the pond! A guy just lent him the goggles to see for the fish. while i just on the rocks and.... watch how he played....

My favorite photo in the trip~ 

We spent around an hour there. Play until forgot the time XD then we drove back to Pantai Cenang for the Underwater World. I don really plan tis into the trip, as i was planning to Tanjung Rhu actually but becoz we ran out of time i need to change the plan. We followed the road along the airport, and surprise always comes unexpectedly when you try for something new. We found a beautiful beach at the road side so we just stopped and had some photos. 

I love Beach so much! i think tis is the fourth beach i wrote in my blog huh? besides Penang Beach, Damai Beach and Beach in South Africa. Actually I love the beach in Bali the most, but too bad it was too long ago i cant really recall the details back ><

I love sandy beach, blue sea and blue sky. tis picture is such an awesome combination of 3 elements!

It was actually nicely decorated for a walk for tourists i think. not really sure about the exact location as i was in a rush that time. 

Since we were in a hurry, we just settle our lunch in McD again in Pantai Cenang. We reached there around 2pm and we needed to return the car before 4.45pm. After the lunch we just walked into the Underwater World Langkawi, which is our last destination of the day ^^ the ticket was RM28 per person with Mykad presented. What makes me come in is becoz of the Penguins haha

One of the aquarium for warming up before we explored in the big aquarium haha

this fish looked funny hehe

besides fishes, there were also different kinds of birds in the UW ( underwater world, i just short form it ). got yuan yang, peacock, ducks, parrots and some birds that i cant name them out haha

aiyoyoyo don run so fast i cant follow u all haha. very cute la 

We watched the sea lion performance first during the journey. Forgot to took the picture down >< aiya

Steven with a penguin on top of his head XD

PenguinS!!! lots and lots of penguins, OMG they were so cute! especially their walking style, reminds me of the Happy Feet haha. Love penguins so much

our photo together~ y i looked so awkward lol

together with the beautiful blue blue environment, made my face look "blue" too haha

can't name it out but it was just too beautiful

hello little one, quite hot ha, hide under the shade better~

the fishes in the deep seas with some corals

We spent around 2 hours there and rushed back to Kuah Jetty as fast as possible ( not speeding haha). We just passed our keys to the owner at the counter then checked in and on board in the ferry. Luckily everything was just on time. Too bad we just had not enuf time to visit the big eagle, aiya. 

BF on the ferry and played his phone. It took us around 3 hours and we reached the Penang Jetty around 8pm. This trip was really an awesome one for us. Actually there is a lot of attractions that we missed out in this trip such as the mangrove, Makam Mahsuri ( although not really in my plan), Tanjung Rhu, lots more. wish to visit it again but not this few months time. maybe next year? haha. Goodbye Langkawi~ 

I just read a news that TVB was receiving complains that one of the drama broadcasting nowadays was involved in the issues of the plastic surgery and they put SNSD photos in the drama. WTH!! y my snsd again. Why do the reporters like to drag them into the plastic surgery issues like they are the 活招牌 for korean plastic surgery. And the funny fact is, most of the time, these kinds of news, comes from Chinese media company, especially the 苹果日报 and also 光明日报 in my country. this la the attitude of the Chinese, always feel inferior than others but dowan to do anything to improve it but try their best to make that ppl 身败名裂。 

Even if SNSD were having plastic surgery before, so what, is it any of ur business? Do they actually use any of the money? nope. In fact, these kind of  irresponsible media should pay the money to SNSD, thanks to these fake news they got the attention from those innocent public, and increase their popularity ( i mean the media) while having a good sales. That is y i hate to read some news about korean star in the newspapers even though i wish to know more about them, becoz the reporters only come out with the negative news like gossip, drug dealers, poor rating becoz of someone and plastic surgery bla bla bla. while for those chinese aritists, oisei come out with bunch of complements make me feel so annoying. Double Standard people! although im a chinese too but i seriously sick of this kind of trend. 得不到葡萄,永远都爱说葡萄是酸。

They just jealous of their beauty! Yes, SNSD, 2ne1, Sistar maybe they all gone thru some plastic surgery before, but who cares? we love their music, love their performance, and that is how hallayu get stronger than chinese entertainment. They apply make up and their cosmetics are very advanced, emphasis on organic items and environmental friendly. When i watched the Korean drama, can easily find out that those female actresses don really put heavy make up. For the variety show, some even don put make up for it like JiHyo.

Chinese drama especially the China and Taiwan, Oh my God is that consider a face? eyelashes 3 layers, coloured contact lens and try to make the eyes look bigger, double lid tape bla bla bla. I bet most of the public cant even recognise them if they washed off their make up and walk on the street. Then the Taiwan drama, always like to show that the girls are very weak, need protection, waiting for their prince. Hey come on stop all these idol dramas which give a nonsense day dreaming to the girls. They used to laugh at the Korean drama, always involve with cancer, car accident and lost of memory. 蓝色生死恋huh. guess wat, they apply it in their hokkien dramas, and make it more exaggerate way. non only tis one the mst funny thing is, u watch the 400+ episodes hokkien drama, sometimes u will see the look of the character is.... changing, althought he/she is still the same person. LOL

For the Chinese drama, it always takes me a long time to learn to recognise the faces.i don blame it coz they have lots of pretties and handsome in the drama. For TVB? obviously the glory of TVB had came to a downhill slope. the dramas nowadays were not interesting at all. feel so disappointing to watch the 金枝玉孽 latest one and the 名媛望族。the attire and the settings are there, but the actors and actress were not up to standard. i think some of them cant even give a proper expression becoz of excessive BOTOX injection LOL. im not trying to give any personal attack, just my point of view. 

SNSD with their childhood look. Yes we cant deny that they had plastic surgery in between, but they just want to make themselves pretty and look good on the stage. So should we jealous of their pretty and fame while we cant make the same sacrifice that they had went thru? they got their fame, not just becoz of the face, same goes to almost every Korean Star. Dont judge them just by the look if you don understand them

and i have no idea why ppl always love to attack Tiffany and Hyo Yeon. They are really talented girls, and they don really do anything that harm the public. even they denied that they had the surgery before, it is their privacy. people always judge the others by first impression, so dont blame anyone for trying to be more pretty. it is unfair to both of them if they don get the chance to shine.

nah, this is the one i don really understand how he becomes famous. 林峰. this is very obviously some surgery had been done, don tell me is the result of slimming down, having a nice hair cut, tooth correction bla bla. nonsense. He cant act at all! Just becoz his family background is very rich so he can get this kind of fame? feel annoyed to watch his drama. the 雷霆扫毒,要不是徐子珊我还真懒得看

Tavia Yeung with the nose job. I like her, she really got the acting skill and we can really see her effort to make herself better than others. but still, her nose is growing and her chin is... sharpening? lol

don laugh, this happens to most of the Taiwan Girls, heavy make up. that is why the artists scare their real face being exposed to the public. 

and there is a statement from TVB regarding the complain:

so irresponsible statement!! how can you do like that? in fact, who is the one having obvious surgery?

here is it, DODO from TVB. She was so famous before but now.... too much surgery and she becomes like this. she was so pretty before. TVB, eat back ur words before u judge others. u got plenty of artists with surgery y don u just put their pictures instead of SNSD?

and for girls who are a bit ugly or inferior, don feel sad, someday you can become like this too. Surgery is everything? LOL

a list of artists with surgery

Finally, not trying to be emotion or personal attack for any of my statement above and i don owned the pictures. Just laughing at those ppl who 五十步笑百步

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