Penang Owl Shop in Cannon Street

So, i made my third visit to the murals today and it was totally awesome!! it should be a bike tour but too bad we cancelled it due to certain reasons and chose to walk. The penang murals are totally a hit recently! I had to queue up to take the photos along the journey lol, today is Friday leh not weekend summore. happy to see the it. And i love nature and heritage~

Well, most people know about the owl museum in the Penang hill, but what about another mini owl museum in Cannon Street?? It is actually an owl souvenirs shop la hehe. the owl museum in Penang Hill we need to pay for the visit, but this one, until this evening still open for free la and photography is allowed ( unlike some of the shops, no photos @.@) I really like it, in fact it was an unexpected discovery when me and boy hang around the Cannon Street to wait for the crowd for the mural to leave so we can have our photos. 

The mini owl museum is located opposite this mural in Cannon Street. 

Owls collection~ ohh they are so cute! these are for display, not very sure are they for sale or not. 

Took pictures with boy and the cute wooden owl~

dozens of owls~ impressed with the owner, nice effort to collect all these owls

and nice souvenirs! there are coin bags (RM13 if not mistaken), phone bags (RM17), camera bags. the price are according to size. I wanna bought it but i did not bring enuf cash T..T

cute handphone bag! i swear i gonna buy one for myself in the next visit, or shall i buy it next week when i go penang again? it costs RM17. i think worth for the design hehe


Love this bag, i want this owl bag!!! cost RM49. Lee Chen Yue why u spend so much on the stupid shoes until you have no money to buy such a cute bag!! emo.....

Another collection of the owls. I love the design and the decoration because it is neat and tidy, 简洁而舒服. I really enjoy my time here.

Just for you~ happy valentine to my boy too haha. 

The outlook of the house/shops for the owl shop, among these houses but im not sure which one. Blame myself i forgot to take the outlook of the owl museum. But if you like owls, this place is recommended besides the owl museum in the Penang Hill. Really happy to discover some interesting place during my mural visit this time. will update for more soon~ Happy Heritage Day to Penang in 7th July and welcome to Georgetown Festival =))

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