Singapore Garden by the Bay~ the day and night

What is the most beautiful attraction in Marina Bay besides the Marina Bay Sands hotel and Singapore Flyer? How can we miss out the Garden of the Bay?! well in fact, Garden of the Bay is my target during tis Singapore Trip than Universal Studio ( as I just went to Sunway Lagoon a week before). I was so impressed with its beauty when i saw it in my fren's Facebook and I told my mom that i must must go there. 

photo from CNN

So what makes Garden by the Bay so interesting and unique? of coz, the Super Tree and the Dome, consisting of 2: the flower dome and the cloud dome. The Super Tree not just a decoration but they have another important function: Photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy for the light show at night. I would like to suggest for a schedule as below: 

Go to visit Garden by the Bay around 4pm, took around an hour time. Buy some bread for dinner first. Then visit the Sky Park at Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 3 around 6 to enjoy the sunset view and the night view ( have 2 view together are super awesome!) then come down around 7.45, walk towards the casino direction for a light and laser show at 8pm from Marina Bay Sands hotel. around 8.15pm, walk to the Garden by the Bay, find a perfect spot for the light show at 8.45pm. either at the platform ( for a overview of the light show) or below the trees ( for a closer view)
So, how to get to the Garden by the Bay? there is 2 routes to reach there. ( start from Novena station) 
  1. from Novena station, took the MRT to terminal Marina Bay station, then interchange to circle line Bay front station. walk to the exit B and follow the underground linkway. then walked across the Dragonfly Bridge , reach Garden by the Bay =))
  2. From Novena station, took MRT to Dhoby Ghaut station, then interchange to  Circle line to Promenade station, walk to the opposite platform to go to Bay Front station which its terminal station is Marina Bay too. If dowan to follow the underground linkway, can walk up to the Marina Bay Sands hotel Tower 1, took the escalator to 6th floor bridge in the hotel, then cross the hotel to reach to the dragonfly bridge. 

The look of the underground linkway~ got big big mirror haha. very spacious and comfortable

The dragonfly bridge to the Garden by the Bay 

Here are some of the light show of the Garden by the Bay at night time ( 8.45pm)
light show of super trees

beautiful and amazing....

Super Tree with the Marina Bay Sands Hotel as the background

it just like Twinkle Twinkle Little star~ i did not bring along the camera stand so the photos a bit blur. 

shoot this from the platform~ 

The Ending of the light show~

Then we went to the Garden of the Bay again in the morning since we were lacking of time a day before. It was super hot @.@ better apply some sunblock, bring sunglasses and a hat to visit there. To visit the Singapore Garden by the Bay, the admission is free for the outdoor garden but not the dome.  However, our focus was not on the dome but yes, The OCBC skyway~ which cost us $5 each. Garden by the bay opens from 5am to 2am daily, while the OCBC skyway opened from 9am to 9pm daily.

the overview of the Garden by the Bay with dragonfly lake~  but i cant see any of the real dragonfly around LOL

The shuttle service provided in the garden, and yes, I was riding it coz i was so lazy to walk around that time. just pay $2 for the ride to and fro and enjoy it, don throw away the ticket abo cannot go back adi XD. the counter and the starting point is in front of the dragonfly bridge while the stop is in front of the Dome. There is another shuttle for audio tour too which cost $5 for adult and $3 for child. 

Super trees with Marina Bay Sands in the day~

One of the dome. there is two domes, the flower dome and the cloud dome ( with 35-metre man made mountain and waterfall) well i did not enter the dome so im not very sure with the details, as im not very interested with the flowers or plants inside. for the payment, foreigners need to pay for $28 for 2 domes, while the Singaporean/ local residents can choose for 1/2 dome. 1 dome= $12, 2 domes= $20 

i saw a hot air balloon inside the dome leh haha. 

took picture with mummy with the super trees. actually beside the super trees and the domes, there are some interesting outdoor gardens such as Heritage garden and World of Plants. but arrr.... I prefer to see something more natural than these honestly...

A close view of the Super Tree with the branches hehe

bought the tickets~ ^^ the ticket counter in the middle of the super trees. For the ticketing, he last ticket sale at 8pm daily and the last admission at 8.30pm daily. 

The OCBC skyway. it is really awesome enuf to have a 360 degree view of the Singapore. it is 22-metre high, so make sure no acrophobia for it haha. 

The restaurant is inside the largest super Tree~ 

Marina Bay Sands again~ 

me with the Singapore Flyer as the background, oppps i blocked it XD

tall huh? the skyway was actually shaking that time LOL becoz of the wind. we were allowed to stay around 15 minutes onli on the skyway. to prevent from overcrowd i guess?

Mummy with the OCBC skyway~

So after the skyway walk we hang around in the garden and walked back to the dome for the shuttle service. such a long way!! luckily they had a long corridor with shade and benches so we can have some rest. 

me and mummy again with the cute baby statue. 

my outfit that day, blur huh, hehehehehe

So the day visit took us around one hour and 30 minutes time. Then we went to Suntec City for shopping and visit the underground linkmall in Esplanade and City Hall station. here i would like to share the video clip of the light show, sorry for the video quality as my hands were shaking that time since i did not bring the camera stand. but still, pretty enuf~ ^^

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