Singapore Flight Experience~ You are the Pilot!

anyone watched hong kong TVB drama 冲上云霄before? so jealous when those pilots can fly here fly there in the blue sky ya. do u wish to fly in the blue sky as a pilot but u don get the chance for it? or do u wanna try to be a one day pilot? well here im gonna introduce another attraction in Singapore besides the Let's Go Bike tour~ Singapore Flight Experience, FIRST IN ASIA!!

So what is it all about? it is actually a real flight simulator, which normally resered for the exclusive training of professional pilots ( which means pseudo-pilot activity haha) it is nice to let the public have a chance to be the captain  and understand the job of the captain. FYI, im actually controlling a BOEING-737-800NG "plane" hahaha. awesome feel! You will get the chance to control from take-off and landing of the plane, ith a fully trained instructors, which are all qualified commercial pilots. I'm glad that he did not slap me coz i think i was doing it very clumsily. haha

To have tis fun, we have to pay, and yes, pay a lot @.@ We paid for $175 ( singapore dolar) for a scenic flight for 30 minutes, to learn the basic controls of a plane and being in command of a take off and a landing procedure. I choose to take off from Macau and landing in Hong Kong airport haha. Of coz, im not really in the sky XD. there are several packages for the flying, there is 30minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes. i heard that the 90 minutes one got storm, so scary! for the DVD recording, it costs $20, photo also $20. pay a lot huh

Here is the video during my take off~ don laugh! i know im clumsy XD

Look easy but it was totally a disaster for me! OMG it was 10 times difficult than driving. I had to control 3 steering in total and uncountable gear @.@ and i need to control them at the same time walao e. really a kelam kabut condition for me coz i cant really understand the instruction from the instructor T..T I was like oh gosh plz don slap me im doing my best. and guess wat, I failed my first landing haha, run away from the runway. I cant really control the steering when it took off and landing, coz i need to make sure that im always in the midline and i need to make sure that degree of the plane was correct. argh i really salute those pilots

The door before i entered the room~ really a plane haha

Photo with mummy before we started the journey, she was the passenger. Luckily im not the real pilot, if not mampus lah XD saw all those little little gear, buttons watsoever? ya i need to control them. There was different steering for take off, landing and even run on the runway, i was going to crazy when i was operating them haha. alright i admit that actually im stupid, lol @.@ better go back to books haha

i was looking for the buttons the instructor mentioned during take off~ apalah apa pasal banyak button ni, pengsan tau. I think actually he was asking me to switch on the seat belt sign haha

when im flying~ ya im in the sky but i don really enjoy the sky view coz i was adjusting the degree of the steering. it was really difficult T.T 真的很焦头烂额啊! i almost make it an emergency landing i think haha

Finally, I landed the airplane! muahahaha but i ran out of the runway, u can see it thru the screen XD

And finally, took a picture together with the instructor. he was really nice and patience enuf to give me instruction. and he was an experienced pilot. really had a nice time with Flying Experience hehe =)) should try it out if u visit to Singapore. 

So where is it and how to contact them?
here is their official website: Singapore Flying Experience
They located together with the Singapore Flyer, at the second floor. #02-06 and they opened from 10am-10pm everyday. their contact no is 1800 737 0800 or +65 6339 2737

how to get to Singapore Flyer via MRT? 
From Dhoby Ghaut, change to circle line ( orange colour), and stop at Promenade station. Turn left after the escalator and follow the Exit A and you will see the Singapore Flyer. Just cross the road and walk towards the Singapore Flyer, and u will see ur way heading to it.  

Don forget to make an early booking in case of peak season! a really awesome and totally different experience! Enjoy =))
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