Spring Garden Relaxation Restaurant 春之乡休闲饮食餐馆

OK just came back from the ballet show in Penang for "Men in Tutus", it was really fantastic! but this was not the focus of the topic of this post haha. So, today is Father's Day right? everyone got their celebration, Well maybe a restaurant or in the cinema? but we celebrated it in a very kampung place, named Jalan Sungai Lembu located in Berapit, not far away from the Mengkuang Dam.

First of all, I would like to recommend this place to the food lovers or people who wish to find a peace of mind while eating, away from the crowd and enjoy the natural environment. The place is Spring Garden Relaxation Restaurant! Thumbs up for this restaurant, it is really well decorated with ponds, plants and some antiques, which make it looks unique from the other restaurant.

So, how to get there? It took around 40 minutes drive from Butterworth. From Butterworth Sungai Nyior Tol, go straight to the Kulim highway to the direction of the Mengkuang Dam, then take the exit 1505, turn right to Berapit to Mengkuang Dam. Pass by the Mengkuang Dam and continue the journey on Jalan Sungai Lembu, pass a few chinese temples and a Memorial Park, and you will see the road sign of the restaurant as below:  ( the restaurant is surrounded by Palm Oil Tree estate)

This is how the road towards the restaurant looks like, took around 5-10 minutes drive after the turn. Beware that the road is actually quite narrow.

So here are some of the decoration of the Restaurant of how it looks like:

The restaurant does nt have staircase but make it a slope to the dining area so it really ease those elderly or disable with wheelchair to have their time in the restaurant. very caring~ 

The fish pond of the restaurant. we picked a dining area beside the pond. it was really relaxing but there was flies around, it would be perfect without them lol

One of the corner of the restaurant. there were plenty of greenish plants around in the restaurant

Fish pond again ^^

饮水思源~ a chinese idioms to remind us to always appreciate the effort and help from others

the little hut on the pond with the name of the restaurant

The lotus pond not far away from the fish pond. the purple colour lotus were blooming ^^

there was another path outside the restaurant but not very sure what is it =p

The kitchen area. 

Some family brought the kids to the restaurant and bought the fish food to feed the fish in the ponds. it is a nice place to enjoy the family day here. see, the fishes were so excited to see the food haha

if really want to dine in this place, an early reservation is recommended together with the dishes so you no need to wait very long for the food. I read some blogs before that they needed to wait around an hour for the food due to lack of manpower. So i made my reservation and they served us quite quick hehe

The menu of the restaurant, the fishes onli available for freshwater wish so don expect for 石斑 or 红鱼 here. the fishes available are 金凤鱼,白须公 and 巴丁. My mom told me that the 白须公 got the best taste quality but it is quite expensive. The restaurant recommended us the 金凤鱼 since we told them that we were not used to freshwater fish. 

Photos with daddy and grandpa and mummy first before the dishes were served. 

In total we ordered 6 dishes and it costed us RM96.70. I think it was very worth as we ordered fish and prawns. and they were tasty too ^^

This one is highly recommended! must try haha. It taste like a snack for me LOL. RM7.00

The toufu, not bad, just a normal one hehe. RM8.00

Fried Sambai Pakis. This one is tasty, but we ordered it in a big portion that we cant finish it. Price: RM7

Another must try item!! the curry is tasty and the prawns......YUMMY!! Price: RM16 

And here it is, the main focus of the day~ the freshwater fish! The taste is not bad as compared to 石斑 or 红鱼 Price: RM21 for 700g

the last one:my brother favorite, the tomyam soup with prawns and mushroom. Personally i prefer the tomyam from Khuntai hehe, but this one also not bad. Price: RM10

Me with the outlook of the restaurant ^^ 

More information about Spring Garden Relaxation Restaurant:
Address: Lot 2284, Jalan Mengkuang, Sungai Lembu, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang
H/P       : 012-4423774
*tips: a nice place for dinner after a visit to Mengkuang Dam hehe. they open from 12pm to 10pm

And end my day with the photos with the dancers from "Men in Tutus" Awesome performance, make me feel like i wanna dance ballet again!! They are going to have their show in KL soon, so don't miss it out if u r a ballet lover!! Good night hehe

**will update my Penang murals visit tomoro. the photos still under progress haha

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