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I just read a news that TVB was receiving complains that one of the drama broadcasting nowadays was involved in the issues of the plastic surgery and they put SNSD photos in the drama. WTH!! y my snsd again. Why do the reporters like to drag them into the plastic surgery issues like they are the 活招牌 for korean plastic surgery. And the funny fact is, most of the time, these kinds of news, comes from Chinese media company, especially the 苹果日报 and also 光明日报 in my country. this la the attitude of the Chinese, always feel inferior than others but dowan to do anything to improve it but try their best to make that ppl 身败名裂。 

Even if SNSD were having plastic surgery before, so what, is it any of ur business? Do they actually use any of the money? nope. In fact, these kind of  irresponsible media should pay the money to SNSD, thanks to these fake news they got the attention from those innocent public, and increase their popularity ( i mean the media) while having a good sales. That is y i hate to read some news about korean star in the newspapers even though i wish to know more about them, becoz the reporters only come out with the negative news like gossip, drug dealers, poor rating becoz of someone and plastic surgery bla bla bla. while for those chinese aritists, oisei come out with bunch of complements make me feel so annoying. Double Standard people! although im a chinese too but i seriously sick of this kind of trend. 得不到葡萄,永远都爱说葡萄是酸。

They just jealous of their beauty! Yes, SNSD, 2ne1, Sistar maybe they all gone thru some plastic surgery before, but who cares? we love their music, love their performance, and that is how hallayu get stronger than chinese entertainment. They apply make up and their cosmetics are very advanced, emphasis on organic items and environmental friendly. When i watched the Korean drama, can easily find out that those female actresses don really put heavy make up. For the variety show, some even don put make up for it like JiHyo.

Chinese drama especially the China and Taiwan, Oh my God is that consider a face? eyelashes 3 layers, coloured contact lens and try to make the eyes look bigger, double lid tape bla bla bla. I bet most of the public cant even recognise them if they washed off their make up and walk on the street. Then the Taiwan drama, always like to show that the girls are very weak, need protection, waiting for their prince. Hey come on stop all these idol dramas which give a nonsense day dreaming to the girls. They used to laugh at the Korean drama, always involve with cancer, car accident and lost of memory. 蓝色生死恋huh. guess wat, they apply it in their hokkien dramas, and make it more exaggerate way. non only tis one the mst funny thing is, u watch the 400+ episodes hokkien drama, sometimes u will see the look of the character is.... changing, althought he/she is still the same person. LOL

For the Chinese drama, it always takes me a long time to learn to recognise the faces.i don blame it coz they have lots of pretties and handsome in the drama. For TVB? obviously the glory of TVB had came to a downhill slope. the dramas nowadays were not interesting at all. feel so disappointing to watch the 金枝玉孽 latest one and the 名媛望族。the attire and the settings are there, but the actors and actress were not up to standard. i think some of them cant even give a proper expression becoz of excessive BOTOX injection LOL. im not trying to give any personal attack, just my point of view. 

SNSD with their childhood look. Yes we cant deny that they had plastic surgery in between, but they just want to make themselves pretty and look good on the stage. So should we jealous of their pretty and fame while we cant make the same sacrifice that they had went thru? they got their fame, not just becoz of the face, same goes to almost every Korean Star. Dont judge them just by the look if you don understand them

and i have no idea why ppl always love to attack Tiffany and Hyo Yeon. They are really talented girls, and they don really do anything that harm the public. even they denied that they had the surgery before, it is their privacy. people always judge the others by first impression, so dont blame anyone for trying to be more pretty. it is unfair to both of them if they don get the chance to shine.

nah, this is the one i don really understand how he becomes famous. 林峰. this is very obviously some surgery had been done, don tell me is the result of slimming down, having a nice hair cut, tooth correction bla bla. nonsense. He cant act at all! Just becoz his family background is very rich so he can get this kind of fame? feel annoyed to watch his drama. the 雷霆扫毒,要不是徐子珊我还真懒得看

Tavia Yeung with the nose job. I like her, she really got the acting skill and we can really see her effort to make herself better than others. but still, her nose is growing and her chin is... sharpening? lol

don laugh, this happens to most of the Taiwan Girls, heavy make up. that is why the artists scare their real face being exposed to the public. 

and there is a statement from TVB regarding the complain:

so irresponsible statement!! how can you do like that? in fact, who is the one having obvious surgery?

here is it, DODO from TVB. She was so famous before but now.... too much surgery and she becomes like this. she was so pretty before. TVB, eat back ur words before u judge others. u got plenty of artists with surgery y don u just put their pictures instead of SNSD?

and for girls who are a bit ugly or inferior, don feel sad, someday you can become like this too. Surgery is everything? LOL

a list of artists with surgery

Finally, not trying to be emotion or personal attack for any of my statement above and i don owned the pictures. Just laughing at those ppl who 五十步笑百步

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