Berjaya Times Square 台湾小吃街~

Went to Berjaya Times Square today to collect my tickets for the shutter bus tomoro to Colmar Tropicale and met up with my old fren~ Virlyn to have a shopping together. While I was waiting for her, I was so hungry >< so i decided to find myself some food. The first thing flash in my mind was the Taiwan Food Street in Berjaya Times Square 2nd floor, so i went there to find something to eat, just to make sure myself not collapsing from hypoglycemia but not fill up my tummy ( having Sushi King after that hehe)

Actually i did not really go into this place before until my mom brought me in last time. a lot of typical taiwanese food are available here such as fired oyster, taiwan sausage, taiwan milk tea bla bla bla. of coz la don expect it looks like SHILIN market in Taiwan it was just a small place with some stalls. 

The outlook of the street in Berjaya. U can recognise it easily. Inside the street got food, clothes, bags, footwears, accessories bla bla bla. and most of them sold at a cheap price. It was near to the BBQ Plaza and Kenny Roaster. This gate is a landmark for the street.

So, I would like to recommend 2 snacks here which i tried it out today~ Fried Scallop and Tama Yaki!! Believe me you will fall in love with it. I wish i can go to Taiwan someday with my frens and really have a great time enjoying all the food in Taiwan in future. 

Here it is~ The fried scallop stall. Its name is SCALLOP-Q and it attracts a lot of tourist for the try out in Taiwan. It was really amazing to enjoy scallop at a very cheap price around RM5.80 for each stick with 4 pieces of scallop together. 

The neighbour of the SCALLOP-Q stall was a ice-cream wafer stall while opposite Scallop-Q is a ice-cream lolli stall. So you can find it easily.

The menu of the fried scallop~ I chose for the Scallop Q Special and I need to wait for around 7 minutes as they cooked it on the spot so the customer can always enjoy the best essence of the food. Each of the Scallop stick cost RM5.80. next time im gonna try for the scallop with salt haha its name sounds funny and cute. The size of the scallops were really nice enuf to be a snack.

Another 2 flavor of the scallop. My fren chose for the Mixed type, so she can enjoy 4 flavor of scallops at one time. slurp yummy yummy!!

Actually I wanna use BBQ or grilling the scallop instead of frying it, because it wasnt put on the pan pun haha. There is a sit and wait area for the customers while waiting for the food and enjoy the process watching how they prepare the fried scallop for us. It is a real scallop and nothing to curious about it haha

There are plenty of choices for the flavoring, and all of them costs RM5.80 per stick with 4 pieces of scallop. Dont expect u will be full with 4 scallops which is totally impossible haha

After long waiting, finally my scallop is ready!! Yummy yummy~ Scallop Q special, the taste of the scallop was really awesome and not affected by the flavoring at all. Must Must Must try it out!! and they did provide warm and good service to the customers, serve us with smile. good good hehe

After finished my scallop i continue my journey hunting for snack while waiting my fren who was trapped in the KTM. Grr cant they just improve the system lol haha

Then I found something interesting~ I heard that papaya milk can boost up our boobs, is it real?? thinking of doing gym during my holiday actually haha, to make a better body line. maybe i should add papaya milk into my diet to make me sexier OMG XD

Then something caught my eyes.....
Deng deng!! Tama yaki! coz i saw quite a number of ppl were queuing up for the food, so i just went for a peek becoz of curiosity.  then i cant resist with the good smell of the food i just order one set of it

This is the menu of Tama Yaki and I choose for the sweet shrimp which costs me around RM8.90. ar i cant said nt worth but I think I tried it up before in the Cheras Pasar Malam at a cheaper price. BUt it really tastes nice to me too la hehe. They also sell drinks too ^^

How they prepare for the food~ you can have a peek on what are the ingredients they put inside the ball, alot of veges haha

after around 10 minutes, here is my food!! look delicious right, yea actually.... It is!! haha then my fren reached and we share share together since there are 4 pieces in a box. love their sauce hehe

Nice food from Taiwan and very creative! going to Colmar Tropicale tomoro, if got time then i would like to try for more in the Taiwan street. hehehehe good night world

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