Kpop June, the Queens are here

I love June so much~ not becoz it is my Holiday, but becoz most of my favorite singers are having their comeback stage and album during June, yoohooo im so excited with it!! and they never let me down hehe. Too bad my favorite SNSD adi come back since January and the girls are having vacation now, can TTS have their come back too??

I love Kpop since Form 5, fall in love with SNSD and till now, i still Love them hehe. But I don like the recent rookie groups, too much and im having difficulty to recognise their face lol, those rookie ( i mean from 2011 onwards) that i like are EXID, girls' day and Hello Venus onli. and yeah, I love girls group onli. Sorry boys~ I got one boy is more than enuf adi haha.

So, what is the latest hit topic in Kpop recently? well, there is 2 fierce battle for me, is btw SISTAR vs AfterSchool, and a fight between the bad girls Lee Hyori and CL solo from 2ne1. sorry CL, u choose a wrong timing for it. the real bad girl, i mean bad queen defeated her badly @.@

I love this video so much! actually i love their MV more, but this one they sang it live and the girls were awesome!! SISTAR with give it to me!!! Hyorin, Bora, Dasom, and Soyou. I started to follow them since their debut stage of "Push Push" and they started to gain their fame since their previous song "ALone" and "Loving You". this song is totally a hit!!1

Give it to me album cover~ Sexy Sexy and amazing. they always have amazing body figure~ impressing!

and SISTAR make a allkill in the music chart as usual~ Congratulation SISTAR!!!

Well besides SISTAR, there is another girls group coming back with a stunning dance, they are After School! although Kahi left the team for solo but they still shine with the dance. last time they tried out Tap dance for "Let's Step Up" and drum dance for "Bang!" this time they present to us, the pole dance with "First Love".Pole dance is not easy at all >< simtia to see the bruises on those girls
Their album cover

the video. although the girls cant sing very well in live like SISTAR and SNSD ( except Raina and Jung Ah, not sure with E-Young) but they have a great stage performance!! love them

The girls with Pole dance~ Nana is stunning in this MV ! same goes to E-Young. and this is the news of their hard work in the backstage. they really make a big effort for this comeback. *applause for them

For "The Baddest Female" from CL, I put a high expectation but it wasnt what i expected. But CL still shine like before~ 

And of coz, when the real queen is back, who can win over her? Congratulation to Hyori Unnie for the win!! She totally deserved for it!! love the "Bad Girls" and im learning the dance for "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" recently haha. Well, I look forward for more coming back, perhaps a comeback news from f(x) or TTS? if not BEG also can haha. enjoy the songs and the performance!

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