Colmar tropicale 2~ japanese tea garden, animal park

So continue with my part 2 trip to the Colmar Tropicale, hehe ya i went for overseas again to Singapore, and I went to the Penang Floral Paradise event before I went to singapore in the evening. Enjoy my life huh~ it is fun to visit so many places in 2 weeks time hehe. so now, Im going to share my trip experience to another 3 parks in Colmar Tropicale, the french theme resort, which are Japanese Tea Garden, Botanical garden and also the Animal park.

To get to those places, driving is allowed but it was kinda tiring coz the roads are very winding. So I suggest to use their FREE shuttle bus instead of driving. easy and FOC, but of course have to wait for the safari bus at the bus stop. But don worry it was quite convenient for me except the bus to the animal park, maybe becoz it was not a hot spot so the frequency is quite low compared to Japanese Garden. The bus stop just right in front of the entrance of the Colmar Tropicale hehe

So, we went to Japanese Tea Garden after we had our lunch. Y is it called a tea garden? well it was not a tea farm haha, but they provide japanese tea show and we can wear the japanese Yakuta ( a casual summer kimono) at the price of RM20, it sounds so special for me. There is another event soon in Penang where you can have ur Yakuta on, which is Bon Odori in Penang hehe. The shuttle bus took around 15 mins to reach the tea garden from the resort. 

Took a picture with the sign board before we started our journey, smile girl!!

The Japanese Door? or i should said gate? it was actually some kind of 门槛lar, but i dunno how to explain it in English. from the sign board, turn left and you will c this door not far away. Turn right if you wish to go to the Botanical Garden first

Before we entered the Japanese house, there was a japanese garden with lots of KOI, The girls were so excited with it. well you can get the fish food from the Japanese house =))

And when we reached the Japanese house, the first thing we did was,...... changed ourselves into cute girls with Yakuta!! haha not very cute lar actually. We paid for RM60 for 3 persons, one of our frens refuse to wear it lol. They provided a good service to those visitors to put on the Yakuta, there were quite a variety of colours that you can pick on. I wanted the Yakuta with the Sakura one but the person ahead me took it first >< well since there was a big crowd on the day we visited, we were only allowed to wear it for 10 minutes outdoor. totally not enuf time lol haha

Random selca with Yakuta outside the Japanese house

Photo inside the japanese House

3 cute girls in yakuta!! we picked for 3 different colours haha. 

And this picture ( pat) showed how the backside of the Yakuta really looks like. There is a ribbon for those single lady if im not mistaken. Well last time when i went to Tokyo they did explained to us how to differentiate those married and single, but i remembered how to differ them via the sleeves onli haha

One of the garden scene in the tea garden. Love the water and the fresh air there

The tatami spa house. They have a spa room here! but it was so expensive for us haha. 

So we just continued our journey to the Botanical GArden. this garden is quite small and not much variety of flora and fauna that they had. But the flowers bloomed very nice in this place due to the environment. Since we were here why don we just go for a visit ya? hehe

There was a stall selling the Japanese food outside the Botanical garden.

bloom flower bloom!

flower flower, can u make my skin better? argh im so headache with my skin condition recently, sensitive and oily again!!! should book a time for treatment soon 

woohooo nice right!

So after visited the garden, we hopped on the shuttle bus again to go back to Colmar Tropicale to hop on to another shuttle bus to the animal park. no choice but the "bus terminal" is in Colmar Tropicale. oh yea, Japanese Garden entrance fees is included together in RM12 with the Colmar Tropicale, so make sure u don miss it out and waste ur entrance fees hehe

And then, we went to the Animal Park, which suppose to be a childrens' park. XD RM3 is required for the entrance fees, and you can buy the rabbit food at RM3 at the counter. but i don suggest to buy for it, coz rabbits don eat it >< waste my money lor, they ate leaves and grass nia, but they were so puffy and fluffy until i had no resistance to them at all! cute like my boy, for sure he will love tis place coz he loves rabbits so much. And yea, guess wat we were the only teenagers in the park haha, but so wat, we had a lot of fun there!

Guinea pig in the park, cute cute cute!!

have a close distance with deers~ don worry they were very tame and they wont hurt u, but make sure u did not pester them much la. 

and the main focus~ the rabbits!! there are lots of rabbits in the farm, with different kinds of species, got black, white, grey, brown, long ear, folded ear bla bla. but they all are so cute!!! if you have kids, this place is totally highly recommended!!

Me with a cute white rabbit. It reminds me of A BIT, my cousin's rabbit. die jor few years ago T..T 
the rabbit looks like: WTH, wat is happening? put me down human, wat r u doing? r u going to cook me? OMG it was too cute!!! i wanna rear a rabbit in future too

and they have white donkey too in the other side of the park. Bad donkey it bite my bag T..T

Young child can have a ride on the donkey~ RM6 per round. the donkey was very tame and it walked very slow along the park. nice try huh, but i cant ride on it, too fat and too big haha

And last, the Berjaya Hill golf court is just beside the animal park. But we were not allowed to entered it >< 

and here it goes Colmar Tropicale, nice day and really had fun with my girls in such a place. Wish it can build more overseas theme resort in future~ Holland? Korea? China? hahaha it will be fun if they have more theme resort like tis! 

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