Colmar Tropicale~ Malaysia French theme resort 法国村

As we dowan to stay in the hostel and died of boring while waiting for our research, me, pat, joyce and hie jing decided to have a day trip to a French Theme Resort~ Colmar Tropicale during last Saturday. I read about some blogs and info about Colmar Tropicale online and of coz, do some homework first before i went there. here is the link for the reference
colmar tropicale official website

After i post the photos ( around 178 of them haha) on facebook, a lot of my frens asked for the transportation to go to Colmar Tropicale and some details of it. haha coz they knew that i did not drive and of coz i need to go for public transport. Well, Im going to share how I book the ticket and how i went up to the hill here. 

First, go to visit the website as I share above and call for the reservation no : 09-2213666 and make ur reservation. 3 days reservation prior departure is required. 3 time slots are available for the departure: 10am, 1pm and 5pm, and for the return from Colmar Tropicale: 11.30pm, 3pm and 6.30pm. So don miss out the time slot. I choose for 10am and returned at 6.30pm and I think the timing was just nice enough for us to visit the Colmar tropicale, the japanese tea garden and as well as the animal park. It costs me around RM55 for to and fro included the RM12 for the entrance fees to Colmar Tropicale and the Japanese Garden. personally I think it is very worth for the price

This is how the ticket looks like. After the reservation, the office will send u an email so you can make for the payment. ( pre payment is required). You can choose for credit card or bank in into their maybank account. I choose for debit card hehe, easier. 

Then, you need to collect your ticket in 8th floor slot 54 in Berjaya Times Square, The Chateau spa and resort office. collect your ticket one day prior the departure is recommended if you book your slot as early as 10am for safety. just a simple job, print out ur receipt and the form and get your ticket. 

This is how the shutter van looks like. Wait the van in front of the fountain of the Berjaya Times Square hotel and they will bring u there. Can eat in the car but.... curi curi makan lar haha.

So it took around one and a half hour for the journey up to the hill. along the journey, I felt like the driver was addicted to fast and furious. He drove so fast until I felt like I was actually riding a roller coaster. I was like, thanks GOD im stil alive when we reached the hill haha

Lets have a peep of the street view in Colmar Tropicale ( the french theme resort) first before I start to write about my psedu-overseas journey hehe

In front of the Colmar Tropicale witht the little fountain, thanks to the blue sky we got a lot of wonderful pictures together although it was quite hot.

oh ya, the place was not as cold as genting, so casual attire is enuf. bring DSLR if possible coz this place is definitely a good place for photoshooting session. 

Kissing with Hie Jing in front of the palace~ actually it is a convention center and a big parking lot for the visitors. 

The view from the outside of the resort. We went there around 11.30 and it was still early for visitors so we can have a great time there. It was totally full during weekend and public holiday, and so sad to say i forgot the check for the calender we went there during weekend saturday+school holiday+Agung Birthday!! OMG super big crowd that day until there was a long queue for the shutter bus to Japanese Garden @.@

Group Photos together, thanks to the visitors hehe. 

A view of the Colmar Tropicale, isnt it nice? you just need to pay for RM12 per person if you are driving to enjoy a pseudo-overseas trip! And it looked exactly like Perth London street which I visited last time. Definitely an ideal place to spend for ur weekend  

There is a bridge going inside to the Colmar Tropicale, and there is a swan pond under the bridge, got 2 white swan and 2 black swan. Not very sure is the feeding prohibited or not. but better watch out of their bite! My fren kena attacked haha

The white swan, as pure and white like the story in the Swan Lake. 

Me with the black swan. The black swan is as elegant as the white swan. Inside the pond got a lot of koi fish. Don worry about the animals they are well fed and protected by the authorities. 

Then we decided to have a back lane walk before we went into the street. another type of view and discovering. Totally fall in love with tis place. Very relaxing and refreshing, I did not expect to get some place like tis in a big city near KL. I always look for a place to escape to the nature or something unique during my leisure time, that is y i love travelling. 

The another back lane view with the staircase. posing as we think that the staircase was really 外国风 haha. 

Then we walked up to the main street and amazed by the scene. It was not the first time I visited to Colmar Tropicale but tis was the first time I had a close look with this place. 

Photos with the wishing well~ pray for a good future in our study together until Joyce dropped her thing into the well XD but don worry there was some fence and u wont drop into the well d hehe

One of the building look in the resort. actually it was a restaurant, if im not wrong, this restaurant sold oriental food, Mee bandung at RM19 =...=!!! 3 times expensive than usual, OMG

**A small tips here, u may buy ur own food and bring up to Colmar Tropicale for a picnic. there is some spots for picnic but u have to make sure that u do not litter at the place. Please keep the place clean. 

The Tower~ the lift was not functioning, lousy lo they didnt fixed it up. but good for us as we can enjoy different view from each level and camwhore everywhere by climbing up the stairs one by one XD but it is quite inconvenient for those disable, hope that the authorities can look into this matter seriously

Photos together at the top of the tower~ ^^It makes me feel like i was actually in France!! although i haven been there before hehe. Planning to go to there during my elective posting during my 4th year. So now, study hard and save money for it >< hehe

Then we came down from the tower. Behind the tower there were quite a number of games stalls with a lot of games such as duckling, bottle ring and shooting games. but the charging is quite high compared to others, as 1 token cost around RM2, and each games required 2 tokens for minimum. If you win the games, u can bring these cute dolls back hehe. Pat looked so cute with the seahorse lo 

There is a swimming pool at the end of the resort. but onli those who stay in hotel can use this facilities. haha so we just act something funny, push pat into the pool! XD

another street view and building with the pose of BAD GIRL from Lee Hyori~

We were so lucky to meet with the clown~ 1,2, cheese!!

The overall map of the Berjaya Hill~ Beside the Colmar Tropicale ( the french theme resort), there is japanese tea garden, animal park ( RM3 entrance fee), organic farm, horse trail, golf court and adventure park. For those who wish to have some adventure, it is a bit costly here. Flying fox for RM78 while canopy walk cost RM25. Personally I would like to recommend other place than tis =))
**Shutter bus service is provided to all the location above, and it is FOC

Opps, then we felt hungry and hunting food. we dowan to spend RM19 for Mee bandung, X..X so we decided to have some chicken. I forgot the restaurant name coz it is in French but it is the only restaurant served for Chicken. there is another restaurant served for pizza and a bakery shop, but as usual, I prefer for chicken hehe. We spend RM121 in total for 4 sets of quarter chicken with 2 side dishes, and 4 cups of different fruit juice. 

My lunch meal~ 3 sauces for the option: BBQ, black pepper and mushroom, and i choose for BBQ, should choose for mushroom >< overall it is nice to fill ur tummy but not satisfactory to my tongue bud compared to Nando. Bo huat, nothing to eat adi, haiz. If i was rich enuf maybe i will choose for the buffet in the opposite restaurant but unfortunately, Im not T..T

Some entertainment during the meal~ They sang and played guitar, nice entertainment!

the souvenirs of Colmar Tropicale, FYI you can choose for a plain white model and coloured ur own souvenirs in this shop! it costs around RM15-RM20. 

and finally, pictures together with the 马车 hehehe^^

some tips here regarding the colmar tropicale: 
  1. Bring ur own food if possible. if you wish to save some money
  2. can consider to have a one day trip after you check out from Genting in the afternoon and you are driving. The accommodation in the Berjaya Hill was not as expensive as I thought
  3. wear comfortable footwear, not encourage to wear heels, coz it is actually a hill. especially if you wish to visit japanese garden after this
  4. 8 hours trip is a nice timing for a day trip 
So then we waited for the shutter bus and went to Japanese Garden around 2.30pm after lunch. will update my Japanese Garden trip soon ^^

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  1. Dear Joshua Hideki~ it is really a nice place to visit in Malaysia ^^ Hope u have a jubilant trip there