Penang Murals Street Art and Heritage walk. 槟城壁画,我们来咯!

So friends Penang Georgetown Festival 2013 is here, have u visited the latest mural recently?? hehe I did, just last Friday and actually, it was my third visit to the heritage and murals! hehe I love them so much. well, murals are so famous in Penang, even famous than Penang Hill now i guess haha. Thanks to our Penang government for such a creative idea. who gives such an opportunity to Penang? thanks to UNESCO too!! the pre-war shophouses were like having a newborn life with a totally different looks nowadays. FYI, these pre-war shophouses were deserted by people before, people will say them were totally valueless. But now?? haha the price and value of these shophouses are very high. heritage what hehe. Change from Valueless into Priceless!!

So i decided to go for another murals walk with my BF during last Friday, since he said he did not visit the murals yet although he lives in Penang Island =..= lot's of homework need to be done before the visit, find out the location, search for the best route, plan the time bla bla bla. I was so worry that the visit might need to be cancel last week as there was a tragedy a day before. But luckily, the day was sunny and nice hehe. 

Just update about my cycling trip in Penang Heritage Zone for more murals visit ^^ 

some of the new murals from the internet. The man with guitar is just a sketch, not yet complete. 

One of my guideline during the trip. very detailed with all the murals painting and steel art. 

So these are the murals painting that I had visited during last Friday. There was 8 new murals in total that i visited that day. and these are the location:
  • A:   Jalan Magazine, opposite the 1st Avenue, inside 惠安会馆
  • B:   The Basketball~ Gat Lebuh Chulia, 光华日报报馆后面
  • C:The swing and the siblings~ Gat Lebuh Chulia, opposite the basketball in Step by Step Lane
  • D:   Junction between Lebuh Armenian and Lebuh Victoria, on the left side
  • E+F:    Junction between Lebuh Armenian and Lebuh Victoria, on the right side opposite the D
  • G:   Lebuh Armenian, near the 14号艺术生活馆
  • H:   This one far a bit, located in Lorong Kinta, opposite the Hotel Sentral. third junction of Jalan Burma after Lorong Macalister
quite confusing with words, i try to edit them into the previous map i got from internet:
Penang Murals map 2013 : The red colours are the original old murals from Ernest, and the purple colour one are the murals according to the pictures above, and the orange I is the owl museum. 

route suggestion:
no.8 - B+C -- follow Lebuh Victoria, turn right into Lebuh Armenian -- D+E+F -- Turn left into Lebuh Pantai -- turn right into Gat Lebuh Acheh -- pass by Khoo Kongsi -- turn right into Lebuh Cannon - 4 -- I owl museum -- turn right at first junction into Lebuh Armenian -- 5+6+G+ 14号艺术生活馆-- turn left into Lebuh Pantai -- turn left into Lebuh Ah Quee-- no.7 --walk into Lebuh Chulia and straight to Love Lane-- turn right into Love Lane-- Turn left into the Jalan Muntri -- No.2 -- walk straight to Jalan Penang to Red Garden parking lot -- No.1 

Finish part 1, continue to part 2~ Komtar area. from Jalan Penang, walk down to Burma Road, pass by KOMTAR-- turn right into Burma Road -- turn left at the third junction into Lorong Kinta -- walk down to Hotel Sentral -- H is opposite Hotel Sentral -- walk into Jalan Magazine -- opposite 1st Avenue mall, 惠安会馆-- A is inside -- continue walk down to Jalan Magazine for the murals below:
These are the murals at Jalan Magazine, they are together d. Painted by the locals =)) 6 are completed while the rests are still under progress. 

And these are the murals by Mr.Ernest Zacharevic, which brought the fame to Penang murals. unfortunately, 2 murals were badly damaged and no longer available. they are the murals of the Love at telephone booth ( Love Lane) and another murals at the Clan Jetty. These murals (above) are fading, so fast fast take pictures before they are gone ya. I wrote about these murals last year, and here is the link

So here are some tips if you wish to visit to Penang Mural, hope that they are useful as a guide hehe:
  1. make it in the morning ( as early as 8am) or evening ( start from 4pm), the murals took around 3 hours for a complete visit include a high tea in the heritage concept cafe. 小心很晒
  2. you may choose to bike, or walk for the murals visit but definitely not by car, will miss out a lot interesting place to do so! there are several shops provide the service for bike rental and it is very convenient. But keep it safe, Penang does not have a real bike lane yet. even you can visit it by riding a trishaw too! they can be ur best tour guide for it.
  3. Sunblock is very essential. may bring along hat, sunglasses and umbrella and again, don wear make up. I saw some of the ppl wore make up for the murals visit and sweat a lot until they look like panda at the end
  4. Just wear a simple casual will do. Singlet, t-shirt, short pants, slippers, shoes, sandals, jeans all are alright for the visit. If you wanna wear dress, up to you, it is ok as long as u feel comfortable with it. But no heels, it is a whole day walk i swear ur toes will be gifted with blister haha
  5. Do homework first before the visit. The murals wont move around but still they are scattered, don think that it is as simple as visiting the museum. I still have to search around although i was holding a map with all the homework done.
  6. Don't rush, walk slowly and enjoy the murals. and dont forget the camera or DSLR too haha. make as many pattern as you can with the murals, just have fun with them.
  7. And this is most important: Love our heritage, never sabotage it. Conserve it well for the others, I hate those ppl who do not respect the arts and heritage. It happened before to some of the murals, I dont get it, they dont offend u, so y u do so to those murals? do they give u any nightmare? ( well i think the new murals may give some nightmares to mouse?) *don get offend the U here i mean is those ppl sabotage the murals.
  8. It is better to get some local penang lang as companion if u r a foreigner when u want to visit the murals. Penang roads are very complicated haha
here are some of the incomplete murals but they are going to say HI to public soon hehe. waiting for it!

OK let us start with my Heritage+murals walk after long grandma story haha.槟城壁画,我们来咯!

So, we started our journey from the Pangkalan Weld ( the jetty), so our first target will be 姐弟打篮球! this one is the new mural, by a local artist. Love this one leh can do many many pose haha. Don worry if you get lost, coz cincai ask a 路人甲乙丙丁 also can get the direction haha
Me with the 姐弟打篮球~ haha actually i don really know how to play basketball lo XD 

These 姐弟荡秋千 is just opposite road of the basketball (对面路,在光华日报旧报馆附近)there is a nice name for this road: step by step lane~ 做人嘛,要一步一步来hehe. And don't get surprise, ya i was actually sitting on the swing in this photo haha.

So we turn left and walked along the Lebuh Victoria to our next target. and I found this! but it was under construction yet lar hehe. Another art work! ( that is y i tell u don be lazy to look for special place around haha, sometimes they are surprising!)

Me with the art~ dunno what is the name yet haha. on the left side building of the Lebuh Victoria. 

Then we continued our journey along Lebuh Victoria, passed by the junction of Lebuh Chulia and Lebuh Ah Quee and turn right into the third junction to Lebuh Armenian. Then we saw our next target adi hehe
hehe, the new penang murals with the CATS as the theme. Lots and lots of cats huh haha. Meow!!

The giant rat mural located just opposite the road at the corner together with the giant cat mural. 鬼鬼祟祟ha。 老虎,老鼠,傻傻分不清楚 XP

Then next to the giant rat mural is the giant cat mural.大猫啊!! Took photos together with BF. This is one of the largest mural i think beside the Beca Uncle and the Kungfu girl. Seriously, this cat looks like TIGER in K17!! FYI, penang government got a name as the CAT government yo ^^ ( competency, accountability and transparency)

then we crossed the road ( Lebuh Pantai) and we saw a lot of people were queuing up. Don't be surprise, as they were waiting to take picture with the most famous penang mural~ 姐弟共骑. 人气一直以来都高居不下阿,魅力太强大了。槟城壁画中的巨星haha. A superstar in Penang mural XD
push my bf d back with 姐弟共骑 hehehe. The bicycle is the real one haha. Location: Lebuh Armenian. LOL the most famous place in Penang adi haha

Then we came to 14号生活艺术馆。 not far away from the murals. An interesting place with all the decoration about old Penang. Lot's of souvenirs are available here! free admission hehe

the interior view of the 14号艺术生活馆。在这里,可以欣赏到曾经的东方之珠的记忆与展示~ 右上角第二张图中展示的就是凤凰琴。( i will write in English+Chinese in this post coz some of them I don really know their names in chinese) 左下角的就是所谓的kik kok 鞋啦。 生活馆就在绣珠鞋店的旁边,很容易就可以找到了。 Dont miss out this interesting place!

not far away there is a house in purple colour, there is another mural on the wall. we call it Lion Dance, 舞狮, a chinese traditional art. I love the painting and the colour~ hehe

Lion dance~ 来舞狮头咯, tong qiang , tong qiang, tong qiang qiang qiang hehe. 

There is another shop beside the 舞狮, selling souvenirs also ^^ 

Souvenirs available in the shop~ on the right top is the candy of old times~ got 白兔糖 yo haha my favorite. then the right below one is the 夹子, can buy some for souvenirs~ 

Another cute painting on the door beside the shops~ Kids with magician? haha i imitate the expression of the girl, but my hairs were not standing lo haha

beside 沉思的老人, there is shop provide service for bike rental. i read from other blogs that the rental fees is RM 10 per bike and there is no time limitation. Not very sure, but i will make sure my 4th visit is a bike tour in July with my xiao lang frens haha

another steel art beside the 沉思的老人

photo together with the 沉思的老人, but it was fading adi >< 

We then turned left to find for our next target in Lebuh Cannon hehe
entrance of Khoo Kongsi if not mistaken? haha it closed at 5pm so we cannot enter adi lo. 

爬墙小孩~ haha what is my expression lo, i look like " haha i got u! wat r u doing?" 
Well since it is very famous like 姐弟共骑,we walked around the area and found some interesting places for photos~ 
BF with 战前古屋。10年前,有多少人会想到,这批被人遗忘的战前古屋,有一天摇身一变,变成大家眼中的凤凰?现在,有钱不一定买得到咯。感谢世遗,给槟城乔治市的老屋一个新的希望,新的重生。

not far away from the 爬墙小子,there is a owl museum and i was very surprise with the decoration! for more information about my visit in the owl museum, plz visit my previous post: Penang Cannon street owl museum

continue my sampat post with the 铁丝艺术

understand what is this? haha the story of Nasi Kandar hehe 

when Ang Mo found it difficult to pronounce chinese name haha. well until now my malay frens still face difficulty to pronounce my chinese name, so they prefer to call me "celine" instead of “chenyue" haha

Then we continued our journey to Lebuh Ah Quee for the 追风小子. and we found another target at the corner of the wall. 
我们的艺术文化正在消失。although it looks scary, but it is a real fact in reality. Good painting =))

BF with the 追风小子,像华仔的 "天地男儿“ 嘛? 差很远hahahaha

the kids with the dinosaur. unfortunately this mural was badly damaged for several times and the dinosaur was already gone. Sad T..T 

A 铁丝艺术at the junction between Jalan Muntri and Lorong Love ( Love Lane). cute haha

the Kungfu girl 功夫女孩 on the wall. Location: Jalan Muntri, on the wall of the 月树 Moontree cafe. There is a lot of backpack hotels and cafes on Jalan Muntri and also Lebuh Armenian. 

Back in old days mural~ the uncle was so real haha. Location: Lorong Kinta opposite Hotel Sentral. near to Burma Road and Macalister Road 

Photos of old heritage houses during sunset~

and here, the last mural we visited hehe~ the 惠安女~ opposite 1st avenue mall 

yoohoo, finally i finished my post about my mural walk. but still i missed out one mural ( aiya)~ the wedding mural in Lebuh Acheh aiks aiks. Love is in the air Penang, because we all love Penang haha

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  1. Well done....thanks for the companion to visit those Penang murals ^.^

  2. Great collection- can you tell me where the incomplete murals are?

  3. Hi Mike, thanks for viewing my blog =)) i had updated those incomplete murals in my blog post for the Penang Round island trip,,
    hope u enjoy my blog =)) nice day to you ^^

    **actually there is another 2 new murals in Jalan Nagor for the pigeon boy and a cheongsam lady, check it out =)) haha

  4. wow is too much to visit over there, even im at penang also can't visit all of this ! =.=

    1. haha, highly recommended to rent a bike if you wish to visit every of it =)) just RM10 per day

  5. Good write up and informative. Helpful and time saving when I look for the street arts. Thanks!!

  6. helpful and interesting sharing. thanks ya!

  7. Welcome to Penang n thanks for sharing. Very interesting n helpful guide. I born n lives in Penang....still never have chance to see all the places u did. I should say...I very lazy or take it for granted. Will definitely take your suggestions to go around...thank you so much for yr sharing.

    1. Thank you very much for ur visit to my blog. haha FYI, Im a penang lang also. Those murals are fading, and sometimes sabotage by others. Do visit them earlier before they disappear ^^ hope you enjoy reading my blog =))

  8. May i know what place i should search in gps or waze as im planning to visit these street arts next week? I would like to follow your routine which the first station starts from pangkalan weld, however i could get any result by searching pangkalan weld in waze.. Do u have any suggestion to get me arrive the place u started ur mural visit?

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  10. How exciting to find so many colorful murals! These murals are so cool!

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