2 Days 1 night Langkawi Day 1 with AB Motel island hopping

well it was ages ago when i went to Langkawi with my bf, during last year Hari Raya Haji holiday if not mistaken. due to our busy schedule we can only go to Langkawi during this kind of super peak season. Guess what, there were no taxis that time and i had to drive @.@ muahaha my first drive outside Penang area. Luckily we booked our hotels earlier with Tropical Resort Langkawi so we did not have problems with it. for the details of my Langkawi accomodation, transport and package tour, plz visit my previous post: http://celinechenyue92.blogspot.com/2012/11/langkawi-jubilant-x2-trip.html

So now, I would like to share about my tour and schedule in Langkawi. We took the 8.15am ferry from Penang island to Langkawi and it took us around 3 hours. The journey was fun becoz i can enjoy a lot of funny movies while playing with my bf. We reached Langkawi around 11.35am, rented a viva and drove to Pantai Cenang to look for AB motel for the package tour reservation. 

FYI, Ab motel really provide package tours at very cheap price. While the other agency offer the island hopping trip at the price of RM60, AB motel offer at RM25 per person. Save a lot of money for a budget tour! hehe i did a lot of homework before i went to Langkawi, first trip with bf wat. So we went there around 1pm, and luckily there was still have places for us. without second thought we just paid for the 2pm afternoon trip and they will provide the shutter bus to pick us up in front of our hotel around 1.50pm. Just tell them the name of the hotel will do. They provide shutter service to most of the hotels in the Langkawi. Of coz, if we can get the accommodation in AB motel will be even awesome but too bad it was already full house when we wish to make the booking. 

So what is our first day schedule? basically we just planned to go for island hopping, which include 3 islands ~ Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa Besar and Pulau Beras Basah

Me and Steven on the ferry. the ferry was not as shaky as i thought, quite stable instead. it was large and comfortable with air-con, and we can enjoy the sea view along the journey. but not recommended if you have severe motion sickness like my dad, LOL

After 3 hours journey, finally we reached the jetty of the Langkawi~ Kuah Jetty 

we then checked in the hotel at 1.30pm, went for lunch in opposite road for 15 mins before the shuttle bus reached >< too rush until i cant really swallow all my food. pity my bf 

around 2.00++pm, only the shuttle bus was here. Can't blame them as they needed to pick up others too. It took us around 10-15 minutes to reach to another jetty in Teluk Baru. We boarded on the AB motel speed boat and put on our life jacket, which can fit in maximum 12 person if not mistaken. The boat captain was a pak cik and he was very responsible on his duty, he always make sure that we followed the rules with all safety precautions before he started the journey. if don followed his instruction will kena marah then haha. 

one of the sea view along the journey. Love to enjoy the sea breeze. very refreshing. and the water is so crystal clear without pollution~

这里的水....碧绿得如此的漂亮.I seldom have the chance to see this kind of clear sea water~ so natural, so beautiful!!

After around 20 minutes time, we reached the first destination~ Pulau Dayang Bunting ( Island of the Pregnant Maiden). It was a freshwater lake in the middle of the sea. there was a story behind this island, that if someone who wish to get pregnant after married, can drink the water in the lake and her wish will come true in future. Just a myth, not sure whether is it real or not la haha. This island looks like a pregnant lady in supine position, and this is how it gets its name. we were given an hour time to stay on this island

Saw some little creatures hopping on the mud, what was that??

Took a closer look, it was the 娃娃鱼!! and some small crabs as well. 

boyfie with his face on the jetty when took picture with the signboard. sorry >< the sun was too shine and i took too long time for the angle haha

Then we started to walk to the freshwater lake, which was the biggest attraction of this island. It took us around 15 minutes walk ( or i can say as jungle trekking haha) to reach the lake. 

and this is how the lake looks like which the floating platform. there was a shallow area and the deep area. the lake was very deep ( 10m i guess) but it was very refreshing according to my bf. while the shallow area is a pseudo-small swimming area for kids. until my knee level only haha

since i cant swim and i dunno how to swim i just soak my legs into the water. It was so cool and fresh at the same time. wish i can swim ar T..T i saw ppl did fish spa here in their blog but i cant find the fishes, so i just sat at the edge of the platform and enjoyed the view. 

Steven, who was a good swimmer felt so excited and he swam in the lake, which he felt it was really awesome for him. He said he can't believe that he was so brave enuf in that lake after he recalled it back becoz the lake is so deep and we dunno what creatures are living under the lake although we were told that it was safe for swimming. Besides, we can paddle and canoe in the lake too but too bad we were having shortage of time. unless we went for a private trip, lol

the scene of the Lake of Pregnant Maiden, pretty, cool, unpolluted

well, many ppl like me loved to sit on the platform and soak our legs into the lake as we cant swim haha

Then the pak cik picked up all of us to the next destination~ Pulau Singa Besar. We did not stop but just passed thru tis island to view for the eagles~ Langkawi is a island famous of eagles too hehe. 

The eagle in the sky~ Hunting for food on the river surface

The overall view of the jetty of the Pulau Singa Besar~

After around 30 minutes, then we went to our final destination: the Pulau Beras Basah. It is a beach where we can play water here. hehe good news for someone who dont really know how to swim like me haha. we spent more than an hour here i think, and really had lots of fun. But beware of those monkeys, they will attack the tourist once they thought that we got food along with us. kong bu lor~

the sea view of the Pulau Beras Basah, isn't it looks relaxing? white and sandy beach, crystal clear sea water, and a blue blue sky

both of us played with the sea water haha. not very deep so it is safe for someone who can't swim like me Xp

together we took photos~ 

the look of the beach~ appreciate it~ don pollute it. We lost a lot of beauty beaches due to development and construction, hope that the government can conserve this place well.

We went back to our hotel around 5.30pm via the shutter bus provided, bathed and napped in the room becoz we were so tired that time. After that, we went for our dinner. I did some homework in Penang before and we decided to try out the Fat Mum Restaurant not far away from our hotel in Pantai Tengah. the links
 are as below:

I remembered we ordered for prawns, soup and some vege and the price was reasonable and affordable. pass less for nice food! well actually it was the only nice food we enjoyed on the island due to our rushing schedule. Just ask the tauke for recommendation and he did not let us down +))

What is the biggest attraction in Langkawi? Duty Free Shopping!! after the dinner we drove to Pekan Kuah for the shopping ( actually we only shopped for chocolate haha). we went to the Teow Soon Huat shopping mall http://www.langkawi-shopping.com/ and spent around 2 hours there for shopping. We shopped for milk chocolate, bueno, dark chocolate, wine chocolates and a lot. I forgot where my photos were ... T..T But in total, i shopped around RM200 for chocolates. haha sounds so crazy, but I bought it for my housemates also la. Then we had a chocolate buffet for 1 month in the hostel. haha. It was so amazing when we can get the chocolate about half of the price then normal in Langkawi. should bought another big bag there so i can shop for more haha. There are a lot of duty free shopping mall around so just shop till crazy la haha

that is all for my first day Langkawi trip~ miss it so much. should post it earlier becoz of my amnesia i forgot some of the details or i forgot where i put those photos adi T..T

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  1. I’m so excited about my upcoming trip ion Langkawi in September. I will combine it with Koh Lipe in Thailand to have 1-week vacation. But it seems that the water is not as beautiful as the commercials. Anyways, thanks so much for the great post!