hehe last sunday, my parents brought me to my favorite restaurant again~ khun tai thailand food restaurant!! well since i love spicy food so much, of coz i love thai food too hehe ^^V it is awesome to enjoy a relaxing meal together v my family~ my mom, dad, younger sis n bro. well, the price for the food there is quite reasonable, n it is one the most favorite place for teenagers nowadays ~the exterior view of the thai restaurant, isnt it special to c the weird vehicles there like beca?? don worry it is called tu-tu, the most important transportation in thailand, n u can enjoy the ride v a very cheap price in Hat Yai, of coz not in malaysia =p. but tutu is actually a symbol for thailand, so how can u miss it to have a pic v it??
one of the interior view of the restaurant, it is a garden-style restaurant where u can really relax urself to enjoy the environment in the restaurant. special right? n tis is one of the reason y i like tis restaurant so much hehe. n the workers there r very friendly, most of them r thai i think? coz their english n malay sounds a bit weird keke ><
here comes the main focus point~ the dishes!!! of coz v ate spicy tomyam seafood soup tat day, v prawns, sotong, fish n lots of mushroom! yummy. n the 鸡肉炒腰豆taste not bad too~ v also ordered 虾饼,it is different from the keropok don mix it up haha! it is sumthing like tauhu i think? but inside got the good taste of prawns~ wee love it. n v also had thai style char ho fun, erm erm i din eat tat bcoz i ate a lot of rice tat day, im a 饭桶 haha. well, how r u going to get ur balanced diet without vege? erp erp actually i forgot which kind of vege i ate tat day, but b4 tat i tried it, i prefer the 马来风光 (kangkung v sambal), hehe yummy, but still cant comparable to 乐园 hiak hiak hiak. since u decide u dine there, spicy food is a must!! so i don recommend my frens who can stand v spice to go there ><
another interior view of the restaurant, it reminds me about log terrace in Hat Yai hehe~ both r special restaurants tat serve awesome food v excellent service~erm if u really wish to taste the real thai food, hat yai Log Terrace is really a good idea for u if u travel there~ highly recommended hehe

hehe my mummy. oh yea, don forget to order a bottle of bamboo juice instead of carbonated soft drink, it is refreshing n good for ur health haha.

a lot of ppl dine there~ usually it is full house during weekend.
here is sum info about the restaurant

KhunThai Village Restaurant (BW) sdn. Bhd.
No.104, Jalan Permatang Tengah, 12300 Butterworth,
Tel : 604-332 7523
E-mail : info
fr more info, plz visit http://khunthai.com/?cpage=NzI%3D ^^
their new branch opened in penang, pasir belanda, teluk kumbar, erm im not sure where it is, will find it out sumday ^^

24th Feb 2012, a day tat i wil never forget
tis is the day, for you and me~
just want to be together with you~
from today to the endless
coz u r the one make me smile without doing anything
u r the one pampered my neck so much with ur shoulder until i found tat nothing is better than tat
i miss you, miss you a lot.....
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