Felt so bored last weekend and decided to have a walk around. So, Flora suggested to go for the latest happening in Putrajaya~ The Putrajaya Skyride. Sounds interesting with the name isnt it? So what is Putrajaya Skyride? 

Putrajaya skyride is the latest point of attraction in Putrajaya, ride in the 13m gondola, and up to the sky at 500 feet height to enjoy a 360 degree spectacular view of Putrajaya. But what is so special about Putrajaya to get the ride? instead of a normal city, Putrajaya is the intelligent Garden city, with unique design for each of the buidlings, something that should not be missed out. 

and we arrived to the skyride park quite early in the morning around 10am ( the festivals park start at 10am) 
Skyrides Festivals Park Putrajaya is located in Percint 2, Putrajaya, the place where Hot Air Balloon festivals is held, and this event is throughout the year. To reach here, we took bus to Putrajaya Sentral, and take buses such as L02, L03, L04 or L05 to reach percint 2 station. The fare is RM 1 each person. Please kindly remind the bus driver to drop you down at Percint 2. Then just walked across the road to Millennium Monument, you will see the Big Balloon in the air

This place is beautifully decorated with colourful items

Besides skyrides balloon, this park also have Sky Warrior, skydemo with batik, skykids, sky taste, skygallery and sky cruise.  It is a nice place for family day during weekend with some picnic table available in the park. 

And this is the office and registration counter of the skyride balloon, it is air-conditioned. 
The balloon is huge isnt it. 

The ticketing counter. We need to bring our Mykad in order to get Malaysian price for the skyride. The price of the skyride balloon is as below: 

With Mykad : Adult RM 38 , Child RM30 ( below 12 years old) 
Without Mykad : Adult RM68, Child RM60 ( below 12 years old) 

Then we will get a piece of boarding ticket with barcode and number. We will get on board to the balloon according to numbers later. 
A free map will be given, and we need to go to counter in the waiting room to sign a agreement form that we will obey the rules and regulations while taking the ride, and be responsible on our safety. 

In the waiting room, there is a souvenirs counter, but the souvenirs a bit more expensive than expected so both of us did not grab it. 

The waiting room. Bright, spacious, comfortable, air-conditioned. 
There is a corner with photos on how this skyride festivals park being designed, planned and built. Effort is the most essential thing behind every success. 

So after waiting for almost 15 minutes, and we are ready to go! 

The big big balloon
different from hot air balloon, this balloon is filled up with helium, and operated by machine. This is the Malaysia first biggest tethered balloon ride in Putrajaya. I actually saw it before around February but I never know it existence until recently ( I tot it was something like advertisement LOL) 

the 13m Gondola. we will ride in the gondola, a bit shaky at the beginning but it was really fun enough!
this gondola has a maximum capacity of 30 person, but usually the staff will only accommodate up to 20 passengers per ride at each session for safety reason. The skyride will be closed if there is bad weather such as stormy rain, strong windy day. The staff told that the best time is actually night time, where we can enjoy the spectacular night view of Putrajaya, and the weather is more conducive, less windy. 

This is the cable that control the raise and descent of the balloon, so the balloon wont raise or drop too fast. safety always comes first wat hehe

and here it is, we are leaving the platform and up to the air slowly. 
the platform is a star shape platform, with label of direction of " north east south west" , so it ease us to locate the landmark during the tour guide session. 
Did I forget to say there is a tour guide session when the balloon start to raise up into the air? It took about 3-5 minutes to reach 500 feet, then we will stay up in the air for about 10 minutes and descent slowly. I don really pay attention for the talk la, as I visited Putrajaya so many times adi this year LOL

When the balloon slowly raise up in the air and we can see the Millennium Monument and also the famous mosque on the river bank. Some constructions are going on behind. this view is the left side view facing the river

The Seri Wawasan bridge on the right with a cruise passed beneath it. This view must be fantastic at night I swear. 

My selfie when the balloon raise up to 500 feet in the air. It is really windy and I love the breeze. Swipe on my face and hair so gently, unlike what I experienced in Baiyoke observation deck in Bangkok last year, which I look absolutely like someone insane that time haha

The spectacular view of Putrajaya on the left side of the Hot Air Balloon. We can actually view as far as 5km far away from the balloon, PICC is clearly seen from the gondola. I wish the balloon can reach a higher height actually haha. I always love to have an aerial view of a place, and this is the first time I see Putrajaya from height. Appreciate how beautiful this city is. 

The Millennium Monument and the cruise. From the tour, it explained that the concept of the Millennium Monument is hibiscus themed. Well, it looks beautiful. The Putrajaya Lake looked so unreal here, like it is not moving water. 
One tips over here, pick the point that face the river in the gondola, so can have better view on the left and right on the same time. In the centre, don stand over one side only. 

more happy face from me haha
Im someone adventurous, I cant sit quietly in the house for honest. 

Pictures of Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin and Seri Saujana Bridge from the balloon in the air. 

On the right side, Seri Wawasan Bridge, Putra Pink Mosque and the landmark of Putrajaya~ Prime Minister Office. 
Cant really imagine that this beautiful city is actually a piece of empty lands years ago. 

take pictures with the Seri Wawasan Bridge before the balloon start to descent
we don have much spaces to move around in the gondola, it is quite limited space actually. So pick a good spot for the whole ride is very important!

the view of the skyride festivals park from the air
what was that on the water? It is the Sky Warrior, like mini " Viper Challenge" obstacles games. We will have a look later.  

The look of the balloon in the air from the land

Next stop, let's go to have a view to the Skywarrior. Plan to challenge it someday, as I was not really good in condition for the challenge during the visit hehe. There is about 7-10 challenges? I am not really sure, It is a rainforest inspired osbtacles course. 

The look of the last station of "Sky warrior"
where challengers actually have to skip over the water, run in the curve and grab the rope to reach to the platform. Erp, I wonder can I do it?? haha

the curve and the balloon. 
The organisers actually create names for each of the obstacles, so interesting! 

There are actually more obstacles~ such as run on a log, tarzan swing and more. 
Be aware, if you failed the challenge, you will drop into the water!! and get wet totally haha. 
there is a challenger's record board, and I saw some of the challengers complete all the challenge in less than 1 minute! 
BTW, to take the challenge, the fees is only RM10. Wait for me, I will go for it someday!

Bravo claps to this lady! she was so awesome to complete this task. 
Monkey climbing is always my all time weakness T..T 

More Information about SkyWarrior
admission fee  : RM10 ( payable at sky gallery) 
Operation~ weekdays 10.30am-10pm, Friday and Saturday 10.30am to 12am, Sunday 10.30am to 11pm
Challenge record day :  Saturday 8.30pm to 9pm
Participants minimum height : 4 feet ( 150cm) 

Then we walked to a place with colourful and beautiful decorations: the Sky kids area
the floor is so beautiful with catchy colour, and it attract our attention too haha
However the admission fee did not state how much for adult ( obviously it only for kids la haha) so we did not enter the area 

Info about Sky kids
entrance fee ( maximum 3 hours) : below age of 2 - RM5;  Age 2 to 7 RM10
operation hours : Monday to Thursday 10am-10pm; Friday and Saturday 10am-12am; Sunday 10am-11pm

The flowery shelter in the sky kids area

there is 2 other zones: sky gallery which is about souvenirs, and sky demo. which is a place for interactive skill with batik, available from 3pm on Saturday with booking over the sky gallery area at price of RM30. Visitors can draw batik on their own, with colouring and drawing. 

thanks for reading and looks forward for more! 

Skyrides Festivals Park Putrajaya
Jalan P2M, Percint 2, 62100 Putrajaya
opening hours : 10am-10pm
Free admission to the Festivals Park ( attractions subject to ticket pricing) 

So currently Im in Kuala Pilah, a place that is so hulu, yet popular of Dengue Fever just like Serdang do. Kuala Pilah is one of the dengue fever hotspot of Negeri Sembilan, and since it is remote enough =..=, and UPM think that we enjoy too much of easy life in the city, so they decided to throw us to Kuala Pilah for a 6 week posting
and thanks GOD I survive for 3 weeks and 3 more weeks to go before I go into the freezer muahaha

This posting is an easy one, not much study to do, just blank and blur everyday ( guess Im the only one doing this?). It is a posting under Public Health posting, and if you read my previous post, I HATE this posting so much, especially when we need to conduct a research project here in 6 weeks time. Ya 6 months become 6 weeks, luckily we work in a team. 

OK enough of the grandma story. Will talk about my research project after this, now let's talk about something interesting about dengue fever. Do you ever know how dengue fever is transmitted? 
basically it is vector-borne, which means they need a live media to be the bridge to spread the disease. So we know that dengue fever  is transmitted by mosquitoes, to be more accurate, Aedes mosquitoes, which loves stagnant, clear and shady water area so much. 

this is the life cycle of Aedes mosquitoes. This little tiny creature will breed eggs on the surface of stagnant water, well this bloody eggs can survive for 6 months without water as long as it is not exposed to sunlight. Then, it will develop into larva, which is more famous to be named as " jejentik" in our society, then become Pupa. Pupa can transform into an adult mosquitoes in 12 hours time. Sounds scary isnt it? 

this is how the closer look of Larva is
But, not every larva belongs to Aedes mosquitoes. The normal mosquitoes species- Culex got larva too. hwo to differentiate them? 

they can be differentiated from Pupa. this is how pupa looks like, with bigger head
Basically, pupae of Aedes moves faster in the water as compared to Culex. 
once pupa or larva of any kind of mosquitoes is detected in the house, the authority person in charge will collect some sample and the owner need to eradicate all the pooled water immediately, and clean out all the possible breeding site

and this is how the adult mosquitoes look like. it is black colour with white spots, while Culex mosquitoes is brown in colour. However, not all aedes mosquitoes will bring Dengue fever, but who knows if they were not infected? 

So, maybe you will be curious? why is Dengue fever so important in Malaysia?

FYI, Dengue fever is one of the most common communicable disease in Malaysia, and brings a number of fatality rate. In Kuala Pilah, there were 2 fatal case so far until mid of May. The most significant symptoms that one will experience is high grade fever, then accompanied by chill and rigors, muscle ache, retroorbital pain, occasionally rashes that we named as "white island in the sea of red" ; or small and multiple dots especially over the trunk and limbs area, which we named as "petechiae", a sign of low platelet count that may lead to bleeding easily. 
forgot to mention, the most common cause of death for Dengue Fever is bleeding from internal organs, lead to shock and died. So now, do you see how scary a dengue fever is? 

In the morning time, we followed person in charge from Jabatan Kesihatan Daerah for the elimination of breeding sites project in a housing area. Funny fact was, as the previous policy is " caught and fined", many residents dare not to open up the door for the officer to check their house. The new policy dont really aimed to fine anyone, but provide larvaciding to eradicate the pupae, eggs and larvae before they transform into adult mosquitoes, and cleared up all the possible breeding sites especially flower pots. We were surprised that mosquitoes can even breed in the small area at the margin of the flower pot. 

Then in the late evening, we went to another residential area for fogging activities, and we were asked to bring mask on our own. Fogging activity usually done at early morning 4am, or late evening after 6pm. Fogging is aimed to kill the adult Aedes mosquitoes. The health authorities will perform fogging in area with Dengue cases reported ( dengue fever is a notifiable disease) 

The officer demonstrate to us on how to carry a fogging machine. the fogging criteria is as below: 
  • 1 case - household fogging radius 200m
  • more than 1 case - wabak. household fogging and ultra-low volume cold fogging ( which is the machine that we used on the day) 
  • more than 15 cases- declare as a hotspot area, fogging will be performed in the residential area. 
okay, so why radius of 200m? the range of flight for Aedes mosquitoes is about 200m. Besides Dengue Fever, Aedes mosquitoes can also cause Yellow fever and Chikungunya, however, rare in Malaysia. If there is presence of any of these diseases can be considered as an outbreak in Malaysia. 

Before the fogging started, health authorities will make a public announcement so the residents will get out from their house during the fogging session. And anyone with allergies or asthma should leave the area as far as possible to prevent from any exacerbation. 
Neh, no more hiding and closing up the windows during fogging session. 

The respirator during fogging session. As it is somekind of pesticide poison, it is important to make sure tat we do not get poisoned like the adult mosquitoes too. 
However, we don get the chance to wear it. Erm, I don think I would like to wear it a well, it is fulled of bad breath smell from someone else

the ear muff
This is important to protect our ears as the fogging machine will produce a very loud sound when operated. It was quite unbearable, we can hardly hear conversation with our frens when the fogging was going on. 
these are the personal protective equipment for fogging session and too bad we don even get any of this. What we had is just a small piece of 50 cents mask lol
other PPE that required are goggles, vest reflector, gloves and safety boot

And, here the fogging session begin!!

we were split into a group of 3 each, and we followed the person in charge to learn on how to fogging. Well, don ask me do Doctors need to perform fogging or not in future. who knows? But according to my doctor in charge of public health, she never involved in any fogging activities before

looks at the smoke. Well it actually is poison to adult mosquitoes instead of normal smoke. Looks like it is easy to carry the machine right? It is actually damn heavy, I really had a hard time to carry it and perform my task of the day
Oh ya forgot to mention, fogging activities will be cancelled if heavy rain. Luckily, we just met with drizzle rain that day, so the activity was still carry on ( it seems like we are having fun more than learning process LOL) 

what are the target area of fogging?
basically is the possible breeding sites of Aedes mosquitoes, which are : shady and protected stagnant water. gardens, pots, garbage site, Longkang especially, these are the sites that should not be missed out. After the fogging session, they will have larvaciding session on the next morning to eradicate the mosquitoes, before the next waves of Dengue fever comes. 

im in the middle of mist !, shut up, im just in the middle of the fogging. Thought that fogging is safe? not when you overdose ( like me on the next day) 
those who got allergies to fogging will present with asthma, red watery eyes, shortness of breath and rashes. How about overdose? well I inhale too much of fogging smoke, and I presented with horrible and terrible diarrhoea the next day ( no vomiting or fever). And usually it just present for a day duration, and recovered on the next day. Pity WL had the same condition as me also LOL

Then, it is our showtime! we were directed to perform fogging on a certain area under supervision of the health authority person in charge. So exciting huh hehe

My fren, as if she was holding a machine gun instead of fogging machine.
we were told to be cautious all the time as this machine might get into fire when overheated X..x 
it weight about 5kg after filled up with diesel and pesticides. 

Then it is my time to have the fogging show!! 

The person in charge instruct me the proper way to hold the fogging machine and how to start it. Okay im too clumsy to perform the task haha. 
I was instructed to carry the fogging process in the backlane of the houses hehe
He told me that he fogged about 3 houses on his own. Okay he is much better than me

I will kill you Aedes mosquitoes! Leave me aside!

after I complete my fogging task. 
it was quite exhausting, as the machine was quite heavy, and i had some difficulty in breathing LOL

the fogging machine
the whole machine is imported from German. Clean weight of 3.5kg, add in diesel and poison for the fogging, then it may weight up to 5kg. The machine could heat up to 3000 degree celcius when operate. Hence, a layer of insulator is covered up to prevent us from heat injury

Last but not least, our selfie together ^^ 
After fogging, we were directed to wash our own clothes as poison will stick on it. 
Here is my experience on fogging, hope you enjoy it! more to go

是不是很好奇为什么我会跑到森美兰州去?没什么,纯粹是因为我被丢到了这个“鸟不生蛋”的 kuala Pilah进行我的 community posting. 稍后会开文说一下我在这里的故事。kuala pilah 虽然落后,可是靠近一个大名鼎鼎的皇城~ 神安池皇宫。


使用的是森美兰州“米南加保”族建筑风格。建于20世纪初,是为了取代被焚毁的旧皇宫而建的,工程大约花了6年的时间。只是为什么说是“米南加保”,却没有典型的“翘牛角”风格呢? 原来,这个皇宫是由两个印尼工匠所设计,所以后人看到的,是印尼的米南加保风格


从 Juasseh 出发到皇宫大约需要半个小时的时间,一路上我们看到很多动物在路上“横行霸道”,这对我们这些城市的小孩子来说很是新鲜。就像这群羊儿,去的时候我们看到它们在路上,回的时候,我们居然看到....
这群羊儿聚集在巴士站! 难道是在等巴士或者罗里把它们载回去吗?嘻嘻




在新皇宫外的一个交通圈,第二个出口就是前往神安池皇宫,第三个出口时前往Seri Menanti Resort, 而第四个出口就是前往新皇宫了。其实新皇宫和旧皇宫很靠近的说
星期一至星期日 :早上10点至下午6点
星期五:早上10点至中午12.45, 中午2.45 至下午6点







帮 gracie 拍照的幕后花絮



让我想起了华欣的“爱与希望之宫', 那座皇宫保存的更美更漂亮,可是外观上神安池皇宫比较富有文化的特色。不同的是,经过岁月的洗礼,爱与希望之宫越来越美,可是神安池皇宫....









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