Confession to K17~ A true money sucker

it has been such a long time I try not to write about emotional post ( usually I will accumulate it together, and explode once in a time, like

okay, so what are the issues recently? lets have a look one by one

  1. No more transport from K17 directly to nearby train station
    so, initially we were so happy a year ago with the service of bus to KTM station, which opposite The Mines shopping complex and brought a lot of convenience for us. Really thanks to previous MTP who did a great job on it.
    But since we change the dunno which MTP, things change. No more bus transport service, and we back to the time being isolated in the college again. Yeah, there is 3 public bus service available ( which never be punctual and we basically give it up for waiting, frequency about an hour or more once), taxi ( no more taxi now since the price increased from RM0.10 per 200m to RM0.25 per 200m. fare from RM9 to train station to at least RM15 now, almost 70% increment man)
    and the reason they gave is: student prefer to walk to IOI city mall recently which is about 15 mins walking distance from college. FUCK you, I need transport to go to train station not shopping complex! they just cant see the concept of it and they mix it up.

  2. Visitor parking transformed into staff parking, students are not allowed to park their car over uni compound anymore. and we end up parking at the side of the street
    since march or April 2015, the faculty just transform the visitor parking into staff parking without student consent, and build a gate barrier to prevent student from parking inside. While college had been implement the clamp rules for months, we cant park it inside. The back gate road was closed due to the construction of HUPM, so we have no where to park our car except on the roadside.
    the reason they gave: Staff complaint of lack of parking lot for them, and after some awesome calculation from the faculty, which they have more than 500 staff in total, with less than 500 parking box, they decided to ban student from parking. What a bravo calculation, no one will come with car pool or public transport, everyone comes in car but not motorcycle, and hence they don have enough parking. 

So it end up like this. It was 11.15am in the morning on Wednesday ( plz take note this is during office hour, not lunch time, not Friday any prayer time), and the parking lot is EMPTY! the selfish attitude from the management rather to keep their priority and sacrifice the students, to risk our life to park our cars at the roadside and cross the road.
I wonder who is paying the money and who is receiving the payment. In their point of view, they emphasise on staff more than students. They can have "jamuan makan" almost everyday ( don try to deny it, I saw it almost everyday in the faculty with different function) but they wont spend a single cent on student. Where is our right? 

The other issues: 
  •  New rules implemented: the box rules
    new rules for storage in the store room: each student have to pack the things into 2 boxes ( forgot about the measurement, but definitely smaller than a 29 inch luggage bag) . And only boxes that set by admin can be used, which student can get it at the price of RM15.

    seriously fucker, you take my money, and you provide such a lousy service and you request me to pay more for it? and come on, use your brain, you never know how much books a medical student need for our professional exam! the books and notes that I owned in my room now, adi filled up at least 4 standard boxes, so where should I put my others books then? the price of the books are even expensive than the total accommodation fees okay.

    and how about those from far away hometown like Sabah and Sarawak? where do they expect to put their things into? Stop being so ridiculous, and don use the rules from others courses, they are not us, they don need such a huge amount of books genius!
  •  entrance package costs RM50 ( compulsory) every year 
    and what we got is 2 pieces of terribly ugly college collar t-shirt ( maybe wear it once in a year) , a notepad which worth like RM2? and a merit books. the others are just like shit, but we had to pay it in anyhow to get our keys, to fulfil the criteria of procedure and most importantly, to get the bloody hell merit book.

    sometimes we tried to cheat to get it, but the consequence is we get fined.
  •  Pointless program of " ceria k17" - they rare goose, ducks, build a aviary for birds, all from our money, and they ate the goose and ducks at last.
    okay I have no idea whose genius idea is this for such a horrible program when I felt K17 is more even haunted and horrible than before. They took the money from entrance package to beautify the college ( not sure they know the definition of beautiful?)- build a aviary for birds, rare chicken and goose to make the pond lively, plant some trees. 3 months passed and :

    1. the aviary remain ugly and no maintenance at all, flooded all the time whenever showered by heavy rain
    2. The goose and chicken become roasted by the office admin. there is 2 goose in total and at least 5 chicken. They said all the animals "kena baham" oleh biawak. Pity monitor lizard, I never know you can as powerful like crocodile, to swallow a goose bigger than your size. and FYI, the monitor lizard in the college is small, not really huge one. If you wanna create a lie, plz create a logic one and stop blame on those animals who cant defend themselves.
  •  No more newspaper service in library 
    this is quite a new issues to me becoz I am not around in K17 for the past a week. But I did notice that newspaper was no longer available in the library since weeks ago, without any reason. So why do I pay for the library? 

And as a conclusion, I would like to get Kolej Tujuh Belas, UPM a honourable award, which is : 

and for the past 4 years, this is wat I was doing all the time 
and I never know where my money went to

I have really no idea why they act so stubborn on their "unshakeable" belief. They really think that they are the ruler, to dominate and control the students. Come on, we are 20+ years old students, no longer the matriculation students who scared of rules and regulation. Treat us like an adult but not children you idiot. 
after so many issues, " Hello K17" which is a direct speak to our pengetua in each semester had been cancelled for this sem. guess someone don have the guts to face the student, after the biggest lies from him ever, who promise to get us the permission to have electronic device in the house, then say no, and fined us all ( rampas our thing as well) 
forgot to say, the staff in K17 is aint friendly as well at all. They never give you a smiling face anytime, anywhere. Unless you are a handsome guy, or a pretty sexy girl, then only they will give you a good flirting response. 

someone asked if im nt so happy to stay in K17, why don I moved out? I wish so but there is no housing area around the compound. And I still need to go hospital everyday which is just next to K17. 
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