Putrajaya Skyride~ The Biggest Tethered Balloon RIde

Felt so bored last weekend and decided to have a walk around. So, Flora suggested to go for the latest happening in Putrajaya~ The Putrajaya Skyride. Sounds interesting with the name isnt it? So what is Putrajaya Skyride? 

Putrajaya skyride is the latest point of attraction in Putrajaya, ride in the 13m gondola, and up to the sky at 500 feet height to enjoy a 360 degree spectacular view of Putrajaya. But what is so special about Putrajaya to get the ride? instead of a normal city, Putrajaya is the intelligent Garden city, with unique design for each of the buidlings, something that should not be missed out. 

and we arrived to the skyride park quite early in the morning around 10am ( the festivals park start at 10am) 
Skyrides Festivals Park Putrajaya is located in Percint 2, Putrajaya, the place where Hot Air Balloon festivals is held, and this event is throughout the year. To reach here, we took bus to Putrajaya Sentral, and take buses such as L02, L03, L04 or L05 to reach percint 2 station. The fare is RM 1 each person. Please kindly remind the bus driver to drop you down at Percint 2. Then just walked across the road to Millennium Monument, you will see the Big Balloon in the air

This place is beautifully decorated with colourful items

Besides skyrides balloon, this park also have Sky Warrior, skydemo with batik, skykids, sky taste, skygallery and sky cruise.  It is a nice place for family day during weekend with some picnic table available in the park. 

And this is the office and registration counter of the skyride balloon, it is air-conditioned. 
The balloon is huge isnt it. 

The ticketing counter. We need to bring our Mykad in order to get Malaysian price for the skyride. The price of the skyride balloon is as below: 

With Mykad : Adult RM 38 , Child RM30 ( below 12 years old) 
Without Mykad : Adult RM68, Child RM60 ( below 12 years old) 

Then we will get a piece of boarding ticket with barcode and number. We will get on board to the balloon according to numbers later. 
A free map will be given, and we need to go to counter in the waiting room to sign a agreement form that we will obey the rules and regulations while taking the ride, and be responsible on our safety. 

In the waiting room, there is a souvenirs counter, but the souvenirs a bit more expensive than expected so both of us did not grab it. 

The waiting room. Bright, spacious, comfortable, air-conditioned. 
There is a corner with photos on how this skyride festivals park being designed, planned and built. Effort is the most essential thing behind every success. 

So after waiting for almost 15 minutes, and we are ready to go! 

The big big balloon
different from hot air balloon, this balloon is filled up with helium, and operated by machine. This is the Malaysia first biggest tethered balloon ride in Putrajaya. I actually saw it before around February but I never know it existence until recently ( I tot it was something like advertisement LOL) 

the 13m Gondola. we will ride in the gondola, a bit shaky at the beginning but it was really fun enough!
this gondola has a maximum capacity of 30 person, but usually the staff will only accommodate up to 20 passengers per ride at each session for safety reason. The skyride will be closed if there is bad weather such as stormy rain, strong windy day. The staff told that the best time is actually night time, where we can enjoy the spectacular night view of Putrajaya, and the weather is more conducive, less windy. 

This is the cable that control the raise and descent of the balloon, so the balloon wont raise or drop too fast. safety always comes first wat hehe

and here it is, we are leaving the platform and up to the air slowly. 
the platform is a star shape platform, with label of direction of " north east south west" , so it ease us to locate the landmark during the tour guide session. 
Did I forget to say there is a tour guide session when the balloon start to raise up into the air? It took about 3-5 minutes to reach 500 feet, then we will stay up in the air for about 10 minutes and descent slowly. I don really pay attention for the talk la, as I visited Putrajaya so many times adi this year LOL

When the balloon slowly raise up in the air and we can see the Millennium Monument and also the famous mosque on the river bank. Some constructions are going on behind. this view is the left side view facing the river

The Seri Wawasan bridge on the right with a cruise passed beneath it. This view must be fantastic at night I swear. 

My selfie when the balloon raise up to 500 feet in the air. It is really windy and I love the breeze. Swipe on my face and hair so gently, unlike what I experienced in Baiyoke observation deck in Bangkok last year, which I look absolutely like someone insane that time haha

The spectacular view of Putrajaya on the left side of the Hot Air Balloon. We can actually view as far as 5km far away from the balloon, PICC is clearly seen from the gondola. I wish the balloon can reach a higher height actually haha. I always love to have an aerial view of a place, and this is the first time I see Putrajaya from height. Appreciate how beautiful this city is. 

The Millennium Monument and the cruise. From the tour, it explained that the concept of the Millennium Monument is hibiscus themed. Well, it looks beautiful. The Putrajaya Lake looked so unreal here, like it is not moving water. 
One tips over here, pick the point that face the river in the gondola, so can have better view on the left and right on the same time. In the centre, don stand over one side only. 

more happy face from me haha
Im someone adventurous, I cant sit quietly in the house for honest. 

Pictures of Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin and Seri Saujana Bridge from the balloon in the air. 

On the right side, Seri Wawasan Bridge, Putra Pink Mosque and the landmark of Putrajaya~ Prime Minister Office. 
Cant really imagine that this beautiful city is actually a piece of empty lands years ago. 

take pictures with the Seri Wawasan Bridge before the balloon start to descent
we don have much spaces to move around in the gondola, it is quite limited space actually. So pick a good spot for the whole ride is very important!

the view of the skyride festivals park from the air
what was that on the water? It is the Sky Warrior, like mini " Viper Challenge" obstacles games. We will have a look later.  

The look of the balloon in the air from the land

Next stop, let's go to have a view to the Skywarrior. Plan to challenge it someday, as I was not really good in condition for the challenge during the visit hehe. There is about 7-10 challenges? I am not really sure, It is a rainforest inspired osbtacles course. 

The look of the last station of "Sky warrior"
where challengers actually have to skip over the water, run in the curve and grab the rope to reach to the platform. Erp, I wonder can I do it?? haha

the curve and the balloon. 
The organisers actually create names for each of the obstacles, so interesting! 

There are actually more obstacles~ such as run on a log, tarzan swing and more. 
Be aware, if you failed the challenge, you will drop into the water!! and get wet totally haha. 
there is a challenger's record board, and I saw some of the challengers complete all the challenge in less than 1 minute! 
BTW, to take the challenge, the fees is only RM10. Wait for me, I will go for it someday!

Bravo claps to this lady! she was so awesome to complete this task. 
Monkey climbing is always my all time weakness T..T 

More Information about SkyWarrior
admission fee  : RM10 ( payable at sky gallery) 
Operation~ weekdays 10.30am-10pm, Friday and Saturday 10.30am to 12am, Sunday 10.30am to 11pm
Challenge record day :  Saturday 8.30pm to 9pm
Participants minimum height : 4 feet ( 150cm) 

Then we walked to a place with colourful and beautiful decorations: the Sky kids area
the floor is so beautiful with catchy colour, and it attract our attention too haha
However the admission fee did not state how much for adult ( obviously it only for kids la haha) so we did not enter the area 

Info about Sky kids
entrance fee ( maximum 3 hours) : below age of 2 - RM5;  Age 2 to 7 RM10
operation hours : Monday to Thursday 10am-10pm; Friday and Saturday 10am-12am; Sunday 10am-11pm

The flowery shelter in the sky kids area

there is 2 other zones: sky gallery which is about souvenirs, and sky demo. which is a place for interactive skill with batik, available from 3pm on Saturday with booking over the sky gallery area at price of RM30. Visitors can draw batik on their own, with colouring and drawing. 

thanks for reading and looks forward for more! 

Skyrides Festivals Park Putrajaya
Jalan P2M, Percint 2, 62100 Putrajaya
opening hours : 10am-10pm
Free admission to the Festivals Park ( attractions subject to ticket pricing) 

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