D Empire Art of Cuisine

How much you know about Western Food? 
D Empire is a restaurant served Italian and French cuisine. Not talking much, let's go and have a look inside~ 

The outlook of D Empire restaurant in Main Place Mall. the outlook design looks classical enough, and personally I love it. It is spacious, with good lightning in the day, and cozy. With some soft music in the restaurant, we really enjoyed our food here
the restaurant can occupy up to 80 people at a time. They do provide booking service to throw a party too~ In usual days, just walk in and wait to be served =)

London style corner
I have no idea why im so obsessed with sofa corner. But Im not dining over here, guess where am I?

With some greenish plant in the restaurant, it looks so lively. Just feel like home isnt it? 

The VIP room
Te Deng! this is the place we had our dinner, the specially designed and decorated VIP room at the corner of the restuarant. Dinner, sunset and mocktail made a perfect combination for the day. What is so special other than that? Privacy! It comes with curtain at the entrance 
This VIP room can have occupancy up to 10 people, 
to have a dine in this VIP room, just need an extra charge of RM88, or opened up a wine

Forgot to mention, D Empire is a pork free restaurant. They do serve wine, but it is in a different storage container and special glasses are used, so Muslim friends still can dine over here

the counter~ 

while waiting for the food review to start, let's enjoy the sunset first
well, it is beautiful, but it is not as beautiful as the beach sunset

and soon,

First, different colours of mocktails and cocktail were served for beverage to start the food review. can you guess which one of them is the cocktail that contain alcohol? yea, the rest of three are actually alcohol free~
from the left: Tropical Breeze, Blue Lagoon,  Shirley Temple and Virgin Colada

okay here it goes
Virgin Colada RM 12
love coconut and pineapple but cant get both? why don mix it up? This is a mixture of pineapple and coconut, taste refreshing

Blue Lagoon RM 30 
well, look at its expensive price guess you know this is the cocktail. 
It is the signature of the D Empire, comes with vodka, gin, tequila, triple sac topped with lime juice and pepsi
Let's cheer with the sunset!

Shirley Temple RM 12
looks in red, I thought it was berries at first, but it is a mocktail of lemonade and grenadie ( made from promegranate juice, characterized by a flavor that is both tart and sweet) 
Not too sweet to me, and I really like it. 

Tropical Breeze RM 12
it is a mocktail of sour mix, pineapple and soda. It is not listed in the menu, but comes with the set meal. Kind of a surprise for the customers.

Apple and Avocado salad RM 25
it served with Italian Gorgonzola cheese ( a bit sour to me), with homemade dressing that should not be missed out. Quite a nice appetiser of the day 

the salad and Tropical Breeze
the salad looks tempting in appearance isnt it

Classic Margherita Pizza RM19
at first when it was served, I felt like it was quite thin in size. Then the Chef explained that he aimed to let us have the taste of the pizza, instead get full with it. From dough to sauce, everything is homemade. The pizza was very crunchy, and it does not as taste too much like flour as some of the pizza does. Not much topping that distract us from the original taste of a pizza

Chicken Whole Leg comes with Lemon cream sauce and Black pepper sauce~ RM28
It was a grilled chicken served with potatoes and grilled seasonal vegetables. A bit greasy and the chicken tasted a bit overcooked. Then we were explained that it was baked under high temperature oven, hence then oily texture is from the chicken itself than the cooking oil. 
BTW, nice decoration with the herbs
Not to mention, the chef used fresh spice for all the dishes instead of additional seasoning and flavoring, emphasise of healthy dishes. 

Salmon Trout with Rocket salad RM38
I ate salmon quite frequently, especially in Japanese restaurant ( sushi lover wat), but I never heard about Salmon Trout until that night. I was informed that salmon trout is actually the first grade salmon, imported from Norway, which is some kind of hybrid from salmon and trout. No wonder the salmon tasted so smooth and it was thicker than the usual one. 
Highly recommended to grab a bite of this salmon trout although it is a bit pricey as compared to the normal salmon. 

half a dozen of Stuff Escargot Bourguignon RM25
never had a french style snail before, and this is the first time I had it. at first, I was not really into it, as it reminds me of it stickiness. Out of my surprise, it taste really good, full of garlic taste. Most amazed part is we can get it at a much cheaper price here. 

Risotto RM 28
made of aborio rice, risotto is a north italian rice dish. We were guessing the round object on top of the risotto while taking pictures, and it is actually a big button mushroom! Risotto is an expensive yet healthy rice, originally it should be cooked with some resistance on bite ( 90% cooked), but the Chef made it into 100% cooked due to Malaysian culture. No wonder it taste a bit undercooked as compared to the normal rice when I ate it. Still, taste fantastic with melted parmesan cheese in the rice. I think I ate quarter of it ( oppps) 
a kind reminder: this dish need about 30 minutes cooking time, so be patient for it hehe

Aglio mussel and prawn RM28
comes with fresh sea prawns, New Zealand mussels and fresh chilli, cooked with olive oil. as you can see from the picture, the portion of seafood is generous from the Chef. To blend into Malaysian culture, fresh chilli is used as the herbs

A closer look of aglio
From now on I officially announced that Aglio had replace carbonara as my top favorite spaghetti ever haha. Although a bit greasy, but in overall it really worth for recommendation. The portion of food is generous and big, and we can enjoy the taste of chilli in it. Not to mention, their seafood are really fresh enough. There is no fishy smell from mussels, and I really like it. ( I once got mussels with heavy fishy smell and since then I don really like it if it is not served with cheese. but here, I changed my mind hehe) 

Purposely.... put more aglio picture, and make people hungry in the midnight haha

Blueberry Cheesecake RM16
it is not listed in the menu as well, as it comes with " dessert of the day on set menu". More surprise, they don have a fixed menu on dessert of the day! 

topped with strawberry ice cream, and with the base of biscuits, I wonder which girls would have the resistance to it. Especially when the strawberry ice cream made a perfect combination with blueberry cheesecake when melted in the mouth. I really wish to have more! 

Chocolate Garnesh RM 16
same as the blueberry cheesecake, it comes under the dessert of the day. however, it was not my preference as the chocolate was too sticky and viscous to me. It would be much better if it wasnt too "chocolate". 

And here, I would like to thanks the Chef of D Empire for his generous sharing of his cooking experience for more than 10 years, and give me a proper picture on how to appreciate a good western meal. yup, he is particular in it as this is his job and passion. 

And last but not least, the open rice Apps which enable us to have a easy and understandable food navigation. btw, what is Open Snap? 
It is an online dining directory when people really out of idea of what to eat on the day ( just like me, I really hate to make decision on what to eat everyday haha). It is also a user friendly platform where we can share our foods and review easily in the apps. Open Snap is available from Android and IOS. Here is some of the sneak peak: 

this is how the main page look like in android. Just pick the location and it will pop out in categories such as new restaurant or offers ( everyone loves offer huh). The best thing, we can bookmark the restaurant that we wish to visit someday in Open snap

so this is how my profile looks like. Just create an account, share the food and waddaaa! we can give rating and comments as well in this apps. so convenient. 

And this is the basic information of D Empire Art of Cuisine. As you can see here, all the basic information is stated clearly in the apps 

And this are the pictures of D Empire. 

we can just upload our pictures, and a short review of the food together with the rating so easily just with the apps in the phone. No need to write such a lengthy one like what I am doing now LOL

Last but not least, make some new friends here with " find foodies". 
Don forget to get this cute and convenient apps when you are headache most of the day on " what to eat"~ a nightmare to me whenever I go out lo

And here I end my post. Thanks for reading ^^ 

D Empire art of Cuisine
Lot F1.16, The Main Place, Jalan USJ 21/10, Persiaran Kewajipan, 47630, Subang Jaya, Selangor
+603-8021 5796
10am-10pm everyday

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